10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

Yuichi Nakamura

Jun Fukuyama

Yuichi Nakamura is an excellent voice actor. He has appeared in a variety of well-known and popular productions. He’s most famous for his portrayal of famous characters of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Satoru Gojo and My Hero Academia’s Hawks. Yuichi is known for his voice acting of characters that require a euphoric and peaceful tone.

Apart from the anime genre, Yuichi has loaned his skills to several video games, ranging from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. And, not only that, Yuichi often uploads YouTube videos at times. One of her most notable accomplishments was receiving an award in 2016 at the third Yahoo! Search Awards.

Junichi Suwabe

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

As we follow the trend of awards-winning talent We are now looking at Junichi Sawabe. Suwabe has won numerous awards for his roles as a supporting actor in anime of the past and for his impressive vocal voice over the many years. He’s appeared in a variety of roles including Bleach’s Grimmjow and Shoto Aizawa of My Hero Academia.

Apart from singing and animation works, Sawabe has participated in Drama CDs, Live Action-Dramas as well as video games. He’s loaned his services for dubbing to a highly-acclaimed Korean Actor named Gong Yoo who appeared in smash productions such as 2021’s Squid Game and 2016’s Train to Busan.

Kenjiro Tsuda

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

From soft voices to attractive accents, we’re in Kenjiro Tsuda. Tsuda’s voice is a romantic attraction that’s distinctive compared with another regional talent. While he’s got a powerful vocal, Tsuda isn’t a slacker. He’s a committed actor who’s been acting since.

And not only that, Tsuda has appeared in numerous roles ranging from dramas on television to feature films. He’s also the voice of a radio show and has also voiced commercials and programs throughout his career. His voice is recognizable to many characters including Yugioh’s Seto Kaiba, to the character Overhaul of My Hero Academia.

As with the voice actors before him, Tsuda has won numerous prizes for himself. A notable one was when Tsuda won the “Best Lead actor” prize at the 15th Seiyu Awards.

Yuki Kaiji

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

Attack On Titan was a big hit in the animation industry. Its fans owe it to the talented actors who were involved in its production from the animation crew to its voice actors, including Yuki Kaiji. Yuki Kaiji is famous for her characters like Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger as well as My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki.

What makes him an outstanding actor is his remarkable versatility and versatility. He has been voiced by characters since the 2006 film Hellsing Ultimate and has attained a more prominent role in the productions. Similar to the other actors, Yuki Kaji is an award-winning voice actor that many studios don’t hesitate to contact when they need voice-overs.

From receiving Seiyu awards such as “Best actor in the Rookie category” and “Best Actor” Yuki Kaiji worked extremely long and hard to be one of Japan’s top voice actors.

Daisuke Ono

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an iconic series due to its humorous dialogue and raunchy fight scenes. While the majority of its episodes provide something spectacular, the series was a hit after Stardust Crusaders aired. The people who are responsible for this success are the amazing people from David Productions and incredible voice talent such as Daisuke Ono.

Daisuke Ono has been a renowned voice actress who performed numerous important roles. Some of his characters are Erwin Smith from Attack On Titan and Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Apart from winning several prizes in the Seiyu Awards Show in Japan, He’s also appeared on radio shows with his fellow Attack On Titan talent.

Takehito Koyasu

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

Takehito Koyasu is a prolific voice actor renowned for his quiet yet terrifying voice. He has voiced a variety of characters throughout the years, including JoJo’s bizarre adventure’s Dio Brando as well as Zeke Jaeger from Attack On Titan. He’s been doing voiceovers since 1987 and continues to awe and delight his fans with his amazing performance.

The year 1998 was the time that Koyasu established an agency for voice actors known as T’s Factory where he assists young talents. He’s been a source of inspiration for numerous voice actors and also influenced his son Koki to follow in the footsteps of his father. Koyasu has won recognition over his career for his talents.

Then, in 2021 Koyasu received the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Award at the 15th Seiyu Awards. When he’s not doing voice acting, he is spending his time writing novels or engaging in video gaming.

Mamoru Miyano

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

This voice actor is responsible for providing Death Note’s Light Yagami his iconic yet frightening laughter. Mamoru Miyano is known for his enchanting voice that will either bring warmth to your heart or cause chills through your body.

In addition to Light, In addition, Miyano has been credited with his roles as Rintaro Okabe from Steins Gate; Chrollo Lucifer on Hunter x Hunter in addition to Douma as Douma in Demon Slayer. He’s a renowned voice actor who has won numerous awards throughout the decades. One of them was an award for Best Lead Actor award that he won for his performance at the Newtype Awards.

While he’s a great character actor Miyano has a stunning voice. He’s had more than twenty singles and albums over time. He’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

Natsuki Hanae


If you’re the lead character of two acclaimed productions, it’s natural to be a popular figure among the fans of anime. Natsuki Hanae made his debut at the tender age of just 18. He’s a host of modern anime characters ranging from Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul to Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer.

With these roles in his repertoire, Hanae has earned himself quite a fan base. In the year 2020, he further consolidated his fame by winning the “Most popular Voice actor of the year” prize at the 42nd Anime Grand Prix. In addition to Kaneki as well as Tanjiro, Hanae loaned his voice to numerous drama CDs as well as video game projects.

In addition to acting as a voice actor, Hanae has been a host for radio shows as well as a YouTube content creator. He uploads LetsPlay-themed videos to his channel. Given the way life has treated Hanae lately and now, it’s not looking like he’ll stop working on his voice-acting goal in the near future.

Kamiya Hiroshi

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

Kamiya Hiroshi is an acclaimed name in the world of anime. He’s most famous for his character of introversion, and the character he plays is played with grace and grace. Some of the anime characters brought to life by him include The One-Person’s Trafalgar Law Yato of Noragami as well as Yuzuru Otonashi of Angel Beats.

Hiroshi is highly adaptable and charismatic in all roles that he’s given. In addition to voice acting, Hiroshi is recognized as a great voice actor and narrator for a Japanese talent agency known as Aoni Productions. Similar to Mamoru Miyano, the singer has released an array of smash singles and albums.

In addition, Hiroshi has won many awards. One of them is his Best Actor award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards and the “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2nd Seiyu Awards. He is the host of a talk show along with Daisuke Ono.

Jun Fukuyama

10 Best Anime Voice Actors From Japan

Jun Fukuyama is an incredible voice actor and singer from Japan. He’s voiced a variety of iconic characters throughout his career, like Kraft Lawrence in Spice & Wolf, Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom, and Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.

As you can see, Fukuyama has astounding versatility and aptitude. Despite his talent as a voice artist, he did not always imagine himself pursuing this profession. He credits a past lover as the reason he decided to explore a career in the field.

Although their relationship wasn’t long-lasting, however, it did have an effect on Fukuyama’s professional career. He’s won numerous awards throughout the decades. He was awarded an award for the Best Main Actor prize at the very first Seiyu Awards in 2007. He also received another award that same year at the Animage’s Anime Grand Prix.


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