10 Best Netflix Original K-dramas

With the rise of Netflix all over the world and the latest surge that K-dramas are receiving on the platform, viewers can watch Korean series they love from any place around the globe. It’s no longer the case that viewers waited for days to obtain English subtitles for their favorite shows.

With Netflix providing subtitles to K-dramas that are not just available in English but in various other languages in the country, the number of viewers who watch Korean series on its platform has increased tenfold over the last couple of years.

We are aware that the K-drama genre has become an effective source of income due to the increase in Korean Entertainment received during the epidemic, Netflix has started producing original Korean programming for viewers to enjoy.

Whatever the genre, whether dramas, variety shows dating shows, or even original films, Netflix has dived into everything that fans are fond of. Recent shows have been popular with fans across the globe however, while shows such as Narco-Saints as well as Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area are both Netflix originals, they’ve been left out of this list because they only just launched.

Juvenile Justice

The courtroom drama with 10 episodes Juvenile Justice sends the message that society is also accountable for the juvenile crimes that are committed. The Netflix original tells the story of a well-known judge Shim Eun-seok.

She has a cold, distant persona and is known for her dislike of juvenile criminals. She is a newly appointed judge in a juvenile court in the Yeon-hwa District where she breaks the established customs and begins applying her own methods of punishment for juvenile offenders.

Eun-seok is required to reconcile her fear of juvenile criminals as well as her firm convictions in justice. Through the episodes, she takes on complex cases, with many more complicated suspects.

The Sound of Magic

The mini-series of six episodes Sound of Magic starring Ji Chang-wook and Choi Sung-eun and Hwang In-yeop is a musical drama that is centered on the lives of Yoon Ah-yi. Ah-yi is a mediocre school student, who’s losing confidence in magic, in contrast to her younger self who was passionate about being a magician.

She hopes to be a grown-up in the near future so that she can avoid the many problems that life brings. She encounters Ri-eul, a magician who holds a different set of views from hers. After attending lessons in magic with Ri-eul, Ah-yi’s lifestyle slowly changes, and she begins believing in magic once more.

Loving Alarm

The 2019 romantic drama that stars the ‘it’ girl’ on Netflix Song Kang is the first Korean show to be selected from the giant streaming service. The series Love Alarm has a total of 14 episodes spread across its two seasons. The show centers around the technologically advanced world where users can meet their soulmates via an app.

This Love Alarm app informs anyone that the person they love is within a 10-meter range of turning off.

Kim Jo-jo is a youthful girl who lives life as Cinderella under the tutelage of her aunty. She meets Hwang Sun-oh, who loves her, and is from a wealthy family. Jo-jo decides to break up with Sun-oh following an accident that was tragically fatal. Following her accident, she discovers Sun-oh’s childhood friend, and domestic worker Lee Hye Yeong also is romantically interested in her. She’s torn between Hye-yeong or Sun-oh as the application is undergoing a reboot.


Extracurricular revolves around four high school students who begin committing crimes to make money. The drama, which consists of 10 episodes, is a story of four students as well as the unforeseen dangers they encounter due to their deeds.

A model high schooler is pulled into the criminal world and he discovers that his cover is set to fall when a fellow friend becomes intrigued by his hidden. The series follows the students in high school who become caught up in a variety of conflicts that question the morality and values of the human race.

The show stars Kim Dong-hee as a model student who is turned Ji-soo into a criminal, as well as Jung Da-bin, who plays Min-hee the school bully implicated in Ji-soo’s heinous crime.

Silent Sea Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is set in the near future. When Earth suffers from severe desertification. A team of space explorationists embarks in danger for 24 hours towards the Moon. The objective is to recover samples from a research facility that has been abandoned.

Captain Yun-jae works in the agency space. He is along with Lieutenant Ryu Tae-seok, along with a group of soldiers. The group is attacked by a ruthless superhuman girl who is on the space station. This girl has an incredibly strong immunity to lunar extremes.

In addition, the team is confronted with the possibility that certain members could have ulterior motives that could lead to the enmity of others.


When a calm, calm and determined soldier named Jun-ho is recognized by Sergeant Beomgu, Jun-ho is transferred into the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) team. The goal of this team is to nab deserters, and Jun-ho is a part of Beom-gu along with Corporal Han Ho Ho-yeol in the team. The show also tells an account of one new private soldier’s mission that reveals the traumatic reality faced by every enlisted soldier during his compulsory military service. The show is preparing to air a second season that will be released shortly.

Sweet home

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Sweet Home tells the story of Cha Hyunsoo who has been left an orphan following an unimaginable family tragedy. Hyun-soo relocates to a brand new apartment but within a short time, there’s an invasion of aliens within the town. Monsters begin to take over the world and kill the inhabitants.

As with the zombie, apocalypse monsters can transform people into monsters as well. The residents of the complex now have only one purpose and that is to keep the monsters who are lurking around on the outside from getting inside. Sweet Home was also announced to be a sequel which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

My Name

My Name, the brief Netflix Original My Name, tells the story of Ji-woo who becomes abandoned after her father was killed in front of her home. Her sole goal is to take revenge on her deceased father Ji-woo tries to get into the police force by becoming an officer.

She seeks help from Choi Mu-jin who is a drug lord. In her role as a police officer, Ji-woo came to the bottom of the story about her father’s death. She is now seeking a new direction in her life following another loss in her life.

The Rest Of Us Are Dead

Against the backdrop of an educational institution, All of Us Are Dead depicts the aftermath of a disastrous experiment in science. The school’s campus is infested with zombies and the students trapped in the school must fight to survive.

Without water or food and their communication shut off by the government, students need to utilize the equipment at the school to stay safe during an arena of battle or be one of the affected.

Netflix recently revealed a sequel to the show that will shortly be available.

Squid Game

The show, which became an international phenomenon, Squid Game is also returning for a new season in which Sung Gi-hun a gambler in debt is living with his ailing mother. Due to his dire need for cash Gi-hun is enticed to participate in a game show which promises the gambler the sum of 45 billion as a prize.

Gi-hun will join 455 other contestants in a series of games for kids for the chance to win a huge cash prize. The other contestants have the same financial position as Gi-hun, there’s a huge stake for them every one.

Things quickly turn ugly after the first game and it is revealed that the kids’ games are unique to the games.


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