10 Best Thai shows to watch on Netflix

Nearly in the same vein as the hugely popular K-dramas genre and Japanese dramas are Thai dramas, which are gradually becoming popular through the streaming giant Netflix. Thai Dramas often called lakorns are a popular type of fiction on Thai television.

The majority of Thai shows are variations of previously published comics and novels. But these days, with Netflix unveiling newer titles such as Thai Cave Rescue, School Tales as well as Hurts Like Hell among others viewers have been flocking to the site for more content to watch.

Below are 10 movies that use the Thai language that viewers can delight in while they discover their favorite genres on Netflix.

Unlucky Ploy

The film is based on K-drama Miss Oh Unlucky Ploy is the story of Ms. Ploy who is an administrative assistant for the largest catering business.

There is a second Ploy within her that frequently causes identity confusion and problems for Ms. Ploy. Fortunately, the Ploy that is the other Ploy works for the same firm as Ms. Ploy because she is her supervisor.

Plead: Bangkok Love Stories

The show ‘Bangkok Love Stories” is a show on GMM25 developed by Ekachai Uekrongtham. It consists of a variety of segments throughout the two seasons, which ran from 2017 until 2019.

With Plead as the final episode of the series’ eight parts, the show takes place in Chinatown, Bangkok, and revolves around Liu who grinds almonds for his job but also works as a fortune-teller.

The son of Liu Tee is blind. Liu is in love with a confident woman who isn’t convinced of destiny.

The Beautiful Stepmom

The new Thai production The Charming Stepmom is a family-friendly romance show which is filled with heart-warming moments, chemistry, and more. Tammy is assigned to take care of her sister Cherry’s soon-to-be stepchildren.

Cherry wants Tammy to manage the three children of her boyfriend and help them become comfortable. The idea is to ensure that Cherry has well-behaved children when she marries her partner.

Expect a usual evil stepmother plot that involves the children playing tricks on their father’s girlfriend to keep away Tammy’s affectionate dedication to helping her sister in need.

Sleepless Society Series

Similar to the Bangkok Love Stories series, the Sleepless Society series is also a Thai anthology. Four seasons of 13 episodes will air between 2019 and 2020. Sleepless Society tells horror tales that are psychologically captivating and mysterious.

Season titles include Nyctophobia, Bedtime Wishes, Insomnia, and Two Pillows The show tells amazing horror stories that revolve around reincarnation, dark magic murder mysteries, and other things.

The Judgment

The 2018 crime thriller The Judgement revolves around a student at a college known as Lookkaew who is in a relationship with Aud. After an assault on Lookkaew at a party, while she’s drunk and she is the subject of ridicule and gossip.

Photos and videos of her that were intimate have been posted on her were posted online, which added more fuel to the flame. This leak requires her to work to alter the toxic bullying culture at school.

I Need Romance

Its 2022 Thai series, I Need Romance, is about an experienced fashion marketing director in her 30s who is strict and direct at work to succeed as an employee. She’s given up on finding love following her numerous unsuccessful relationships.

It all changes as a 26-year-old musician she had only met as an infant returns. After 17 years, this man isn’t the same person she was able to remember, as trying to restore her disillusioned sense of romance.

Do You Remember Me?

Remember You is a television show. Remember You journeys is the story of a brilliant detective who teams up with a fellow detective to look into the case. The case is too close to home, and the two are caught up in a race between mice and cats.

Innocence: Bangkok Love Stories

The episode Innocence marks the 5th episode overall and the opening segment from the Season 2 Thai program, Bangkok Love Stories. The 13-episode episode is a story of several characters.

The storyline of this segment takes place in Bangkok’s crowded urban Silom district and centers on a small group of people looking for love.

2Gether The Series

While not the greatest, 2Gether is one of the most adored BL (Boy Love) series available on Netflix. It’s as predictable as you can be, featuring Tine the student at a high school, who is looking to eliminate an alleged gay stalker/admirer who is meeting Sarawat who is the most famous student at school.

Tine’s family members suggest that Tine should fake-date Sarawat so as to dissuade his admirer. Time is not a surprise to do it with Sarawat mysteriously agreeing to be with Tine. But, there must something more that can convince fans to believe in the power of destiny.

The second season follows two boys as they journey as partners, attempting to depict the struggles couples face.

girl from Nowhere

This drama is among the most fashionable Thai dramas in the past couple of years. Fans in the field have probably seen Girl From Nowhere.

The show, which ran for two seasons, tells the tale of Nanno the mysterious transfer student. She is often transferred to different privately-run schools located within Thailand and exposes the faculty’s and students’ tales of secrets, lies, and even hypocrisy.

Season two of Girl From Nowhere finds Nanno her adversary in a new adversary, Yuri, who has an alternative, more revenge-focused philosophy and is determined to assume Nanno’s responsibilities.

Here we go the Top 10 Thai dramas that are available on Netflix.

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