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There has been a massive increase in global interest in Korean television shows, also known as K-dramas over the past few years. With the same storyline of action, romance, comedy, melodrama, and tragedy together, the majority of K-dramas are often too much for those who just are looking to have a great time without worrying about the craziest plot twists.

The K-dramas genre which is aimed at providing viewers with exactly that is referred to as Healing K-dramas. The term”Healing K-dramas” is used to describe shows that follow the typical plot of a slice-of-life. There aren’t any high stakes and a flurry of plot twists, these are shows that are gentle and entertaining and that anyone can take pleasure in at any time of their lives. Netflix’s worldwide popularity permits viewers to stream K-dramas, and the streaming platform has an extensive collection of K-dramas available to watch.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

A film that was among the top talked about K-dramas of 2021 was Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min-a, who starred in the small-town drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. The tale is a love-story set in the seaside town of Gongjin in which an urban brat Yoon Hye-jin, falls in love with a man from a small town named Hong Du-shik.

Hye-jin was a dental practitioner in Seoul. She is a beautiful woman with brains. After her idyllic living in the metropolis gets interrupted, she is forced to move into the Gongjin village. Du-shik is a villager who is often referred to as Cheif Hong, who is a master of every trade in Gongjin. Chief Hong is there to assist all the residents of Gongjin regardless of the situation and even with her life in chaos Hye-jin really needs his assistance.

Reply 1988

The most beloved element in this Reply show is K-drama Reply 1988. It is the story of five childhood buddies who reside in the Ssangmundong neighborhood of Seoul. The five friends depend on one another to get through their turbulent teenage years while they plan their futures.

Five of the friends are Sung Deok-sun who is constantly vying for recognition as the youngest child of her family that is poor and Kim Jung-hwan, who has a singular brain for soccer. Sung Sun-woo is the ideal student. Ryu Dong-ryong is a geek that is knowledgeable about girls and the world as compared to his fellow classmates Choi Taek is a brilliant baduk player who quit school to become a professional. The group of friends is into and out of mischief in the neighborhood and hopes to bring their memories from these enjoyable moments into whatever is to come of their lives.

18 Again

Inspired by The Hollywood Movie ’17 Again’ the K-drama comedy “18 Again” is a story about Hong Dae-young’s life who is in a difficult place in his marriage to Jung Da-Jung his wife and wife two kids. 20 years after he gave his goal, he begins a family with Da-Jung who became pregnant after graduating high school.

Dae-young blames his wife for the way that his life turned out. In the belief that life is more peaceful without her husband’s involvement in her life, Dae-Jung gives up trying to save her marriage and seeks divorce. Dae-young is now regretting the mistakes made when he was just 18 years old. He wants to return to his youth and make a decision about his career over his love life.  Dae-young’s life is transformed to his former self of 18 years old as the opportunity arises to transform his life into the kind of life he wants to become. There’s only one problem: Dae-young is now seeing his life as an outsider it becomes clear what he’s been being denied all along.

Kill Me Heal Me

The emotional 20-episode drama is the story that of Cha Dohyun (played by Ji Sung). Do-Hyun was a victim of a horrific childhood trauma that resulted in him suffering from dissociation and memory loss. Because of the disorder that causes dissociation Do-Hyun has been able to create seven distinct characters in his brain. In search of a way to control the way he lives, Do Hyun enlists Oh Ri-jin (played by actor Hwang Jun-mum) whom he calls a psychiatric resident in the first year to aid him. Ri-jin unexpectedly falls in love with one of his personalities. Meanwhile, Ri-jin’s twin brother, Oh Ri On (played by Park Seo-Joon), is a writer who is determined to uncover the unscrupulous lives of the rich and starts following Do Hyun around.

Our Blues

2022’s K-drama omnibus style Our Blues tells the story of many characters that are somewhat connected in one way or another. The story revolves around the bitter and sweet lives of those in the middle of the road, at the climax, or at the beginning of their lives, set against an imposing backdrop Jeju Island in South Korea.

Lee Dong-suk is a man born on the gorgeous island of Jeju where he trades in items from the mainland through his truck. Min Sun-ah comes to visit him, a woman with a mysterious history who is in Jeju for a chance to forget her previous life. There is also Park Jung-Joon, a captain of a ship who finds the love of Lee Young-ok, an experienced diver with a lively and bubbly personality. We also have Jung Eun-hee who is a fish shop owner who reconnects with her former lover Choi Han-soo.

The Light In Your Eyes

To save her father from a tragic accident, the 26-year-old Kim Hyeja (played by Han Ji-min, an actress) utilizes a mysterious clock to reverse time in order to stop the tragedy from happening. However, she fails and desperately tries to wind the watch several times.

Hye-Ja has a mishap and transforms into her 70-year-old Self (played by the actress Kim Hyeja). She is confused and in awe of what caused her to become her current state, and embarks on a quest to bring everything back to normal. In the process, she meets her family and people who don’t recognize her, including Lee Joon-ha (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) the young man she was a fan of. Joon-ha misses Hye-Ja and is trying to figure out his situation.

As Hye-Ja, a 70-year-old, and Joon-ha’s younger brother meet to form a unique connection, a shocking and life-altering fact is revealed, which will be the most important thing about the things she went through.

One Spring Night

The romantic K-drama “One Spring Night is a story about two pharmacists and a librarian. Lee Jung-in feels stuck in a stagnant four-year relationship, and she’s hesitant to get married to someone she believes is the one she has always wanted to be with.

After meeting Yu Ji-ho in his pharmacy, where Yu Ji-ho works Jung-in begins to develop romantic feelings toward Yu Ji-ho. In the knowledge that she’s in a relationship and is planning to get married, Jung-in discovers that she was never really in love with her spouse. She is looking to get an affair with Ji-ho however Ji-ho has a past history of his own which increases the stakes for any person whom he is dating. Being aware that they can’t hope to build a lasting relationship and avoiding the possibility of a future together, they stay close to one another through an unofficial friendship as they navigate the maze of familial and social expectations until they understand the things they truly desire.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Though many don’t believe that the melodramatic psychological series is a healing show and the K-drama ‘It’s Okay To Not be Okay The show depicts the process of growth and healing for the characters.

The book It’s Okay To Not Be Okay tells the story of an unpredictable and moody writer Ko Moon-young. She has an antisocial disorder, which makes her appear extremely self-centered, arrogant, and rude. One day, she gets to meet Moon Gang-tae, a health worker working in a psychiatric hospital who is able to understand people and has the patience to confront her unstable self. Moon-young is determined to take over Gang-the’s business however, he doesn’t seem like someone who would be willing to give up on someone who is like her. They both deal with their own personal traumas, and Gang-the aids Moon-young to fight her fears. They also eventually fall in love.

Hospital Playlist

In its two seasons Hospital Playlist narrates the stories of hospital patients who believe that they’re experiencing normal, everyday moments within their daily lives.

Five physicians in their 40s Lee Ik-jun (played by Jo Jung-suk), Ahn Jeong-won (played by Yoo Yeon-Seok) Kim Jun-wan (played by Jung Kyung-ho) Yang Seok-Hyeon (played by Kim Dae-Myung) and Chae Song-Hwa (played by Jeon Mi-do) are employed in the Yulje Medical Centre after becoming close friends at medical school in 1999.

Hi Bye, Mama

The comedy, which runs for 16 episodes, tells the background of Cha Yuri (played by Kim Taehee) who has been ghostly since her death 5 years ago. She was divorced from their husband, Jo Kang Hwa (played by Lee Kyu Hyung) as well as their son. To reincarnate as a human Cha Yu-Ri undertakes the reincarnation process that lasts for 49 consecutive days. In the meantime, Kang-Hwa is an orthopedic surgeon. He was a loving husband, however, after losing his wife, he’s undergone changes in his personality. He was slow to get his life back in order after he got married three years after Yu-ri’s demise. After five years, of her death, Yu-Ri is back before him.


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