10 Most Courageous Action Scenes

What’s the common thread among the most popular and most popular films? In addition to that, they all have action scenes that can send chills down your spine. These are the unique sequences that blend emotion, aggression, and actions in the highest ratios.

Through the years the action scenes have taken on an entirely new meaning thanks to the advances in CGI. This is why we are able to see a range of action scenes in a variety of films.

We searched through the huge film archives to compile a list of our top action scenes. Like always, if you believe we’ve missed one of your favorites, tell us in our comments section:

Saving Lives While High – Flight (2014)

The film’s scene is set in the cockpit of the plane where Denzel Washington plays an alcohol-fueled pilot who is looking to change how he was treated by his nose-diving aircraft. Despite the intense stress, his resiliency is unshaken. Still and determined, he can save the lives of the majority of passengers.

The film is so well-constructed that viewers can experience the life of a pilot controlling the plane during the event of a crash, and it is an essential watch.

Mufasa’s Sacrifice – The Lion King (1994)

The incredible scene in The Lion King ticks all the boxes: 1.) emotions that are awe-inspiring,) incredible shows of bravery and three) the ultimate sacrifice for life. To help his child, Mufasa is thrown into the direction of a dangerous stampede.

In spite of everything, He saves Simba. However, his own story is ruined when his shrewd brother is betrayed by his trust. The intense scene might be an emotional experience for some viewers, as the whole thing is a love story.

Casino Royale Stairway Fight – Casino Royale (2006)

The most adored Bond film, Casino Royale features several excellent scenes, including gunfights and fistfights, to an action-packed parkour chase. And one of those amazing scenes is the gruesome fight that takes place on the stairs.

Bond is cautious as Bond is aware that his opponent is tough and is aware of the ropes. The majority of the action is set on the stairway which is where Bond has to put all of his combat skills to work to take on the enemy.

Equalizer Settlement Gone Wrong – Equalizer (2014)

The equalizer was praised in everything, from the story to its direction. However, it’s the wild action that sticks out the most.

A good Samaritan wants to free one of the sex workers from the dangers of the sexual mafia. There is chaos when the money that he is offering as a settlement is rejected by the group. The bloody fight stretches beyond the limit and leaves the beautiful bar nothing more than a pile of rubble.

Baby Driver Pro Behind The Wheel – Baby Driver (2018)

The high bar of car chases set by Baby Driver isn’t easy to overcome, not even for movies that are purely focused on vehicles and races. The film features a variety of scenes in which Baby manages to pull off impossible escapes and saves his crew.

The real beauty of the chase scenes in the film is the fact that. The inside commentary of his crew makes the car scenes more enjoyable to enjoy.

The Revenant Bear Attack – The Revenant (2015)

Everyone will never underestimate the danger of being attacked by the top actors after watching this scene of The Revenant. A massive grizzly bear pounces on Hugh Glass played by Leonardo DiCaprio who is then obliged to resort to the old trick of being motionless to fight against the bear.

Just as he believed that the bear had got enough of it, the beast comes back to attack him again. The vicious attack puts the victim in a state that is close to death.

Saving Private Ryan Omaha BeachBattle – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Extremely realistic, intense, and horribly bloody. The battle scene on Omaha beach is among the most well-crafted action scenes to present. It’s not a standard action sequence from a normal film, but instead, it has a profound significance that is encased. Tom Hanks in the role of Captain Miller is at a loss for words end after seeing the horrific image.

It is powerful it is so appealing we are left wondering whether fighting is really an alternative.

Thieves’ Woes – Home Alone (1990)

It’s not technically an action film however, we must acknowledge that the fight between thieves is real just as the earth is round. Macaulay Culkin’s character Kevin is doing the things he is best at (creating dangerous innovations) when a group of criminals breaks into his home.

This game of cat and mouse transforms the film into a hilarious riot. Every slip, fall, and blow is the result of clever thinking. It’s fun to see the way that events unfold.

Troy Achilles vs. Hector – Troy (2004)

The fight that took place between Achilles and Hector will serve as an example of how real warriors fight differently and are most likely superior. One mistake and the game is ended. The video gives the possibility of seeing two rivals equally and evenly and doing their best.

It’s one of the most amazing action scenes in the film; there are numerous others. Another great one from the film is Achilles Boagrius vs. Boagrius.

Top Gun: MaverickBattle in the Sky – Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

The way the film combines CGI with actual stunts will be a great model for action films in the near future. The sky is home to jets, shuttles, and different kinds of weapons.

The image seems to take us to the battles of the future – as when it’s actually 2050. And we want to give kudos to the camerawork who takes the whole experience of watching to a new level.


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