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Chainsaw Man has been one of the most anticipated series of the fall 2022 season of anime. With its constantly bloodshed charming characters and beautiful animation, there’s no reason to wonder why viewers can’t stop watching the show. The story of this anime centers around Denji, a young boy who is repaying the debt of his father with his beloved companion Pochita.

To reach their goal They complete a variety of tasks that include slaying demons. The only thing Denji desires is peace. But his life is cut short abruptly after the yakuza snatches Denji in exchange for power. Denji’s fate is a tragic death, snatching his hopes and desires. Poche signs an agreement with Denji.

He grants him devil-like powers and allows Denji to transform into Chainsaw Man and another shot at life. At some point, Denji meets Makima, a top devil hunter who gives them the opportunity to work as well as other amenities to exchange his help. Once she has accepted her invitation Denji is a part of a group of devil hunters in order to protect their city from the devils.

Do not worry If you’re struggling to find an anime that is like Chainsaw Man! We’ve found 10 alternative shows that will give you the same experience as Chainsaw Man.

Furthermore, for each of the shows we’ve reviewed we’ve added the link to read our entire review on the show to determine whether or not it’s worth your time.

In conclusion here are 10 TV shows that will inspire you to watch more after you’ve watched Chainsaw Man!

Attack On Titan

Likenesses – Dark Worlds & Themes

It’s difficult not to be aware of the show’s enormous popularity. While it was produced with Wit Studio, the anime is currently being produced by the studio which created Chainsaw Man back to life: Studio Mappa. The anime is filled with fantastic plot twists, a compelling story, and stunning animation.

Chainsaw Man, as well as Attack On Titan, offer gritty worlds that revolve around a beast and half-human protagonist. While it’s not taking Denji as long to master his talents as Eren the characters use their abilities in a way that is entertaining. The battles that take place in Attack On Titan are on the same level as those you’d see in Chainsaw Man.

Expect to see plenty of violent situations that will be featured in this show. Although Chainsaw Man offers more variety of monster designs in comparison to Attack On Titan, the Titans in Attack On Titan evoke a similar fear and anger. If you’re looking to have an entertaining time, you should check for Attack On Titan.

Devilman Crybaby

Similarities – Themes, Action, and Characters

The Devilman series has continued to influence famous works due to its captivating story, fascinating characters, and a gritty world. The fans should not overlook this Netflix remake of Go Nagai’s acclaimed work. The reimagining is just as brutal as the original material and offers fans an exciting perspective on Devilman.

As Denji, Devilman Crybaby’s Akira can transform into the famous Devilman. He is a demon hunter with different designs and goals that are similar to his own. The viewers are likely to see similar violence in this series from beheadings to the characters breaking vital bones.

In spite of the violence, Devilman Crybaby offers some beautiful dialogue and poignant images. A lot of times throughout the series, viewers will sympathize with Akira’s struggles. In addition to fighting demons, viewers will be able to watch Akira struggling to reconcile his normal life and his criminal-fighting life. Despite the fact that its protagonist has powers, you’ll be able to see Akira struggle to reconcile his new lifestyle with his everyday one.

Parasyte The Maxim

Similarities – Action, Story, Characters

As a continuation of the trend of reviving older source material to appeal to the modern age and we are here with Parasyte: The Maxim (Parasyte). Much like Chainsaw Man Parasyte’s Shinichi is a fighter against aliens in order to defend his fellow characters. To accomplish this mission, Shinichi teams up with Migi who’s part of the alien race. Shinichi has to stop.

As the show continues, Shinichi and Migi undergo massive personal development. Fans will be amazed to witness the changes that Migi develops into at the end of the series. The anime is excellent at developing the characters both as individuals and as a team. In addition to fighting aliens, the show also features intriguing characters to in pushing Shinichi forward.

The fight scenes in Parasyte are intense, however, they’re not as exciting as the fight scenes you’d encounter In Chainsaw Man. They’re nevertheless well animated enough to keep your adrenaline up and running. Parasyte is a fascinating story about the battle against supernatural beings Fans shouldn’t miss it.

Tokyo Ghoul

Similarities – Characters’ Stories, Violence, Characters

As we continue our series of crossover heroes, today we continue to follow Kaneki who is from Tokyo Ghoul. Similar to Denji, Kaneki experienced a near-death experience when was rescued by the creatures who he would end up fighting. This is another show with a good plot a thrilling setting and bloody combat scenes.

Tokyo Ghoul is a great treat for action and horror lovers thanks to its gothic aesthetic and stupefying action scenes. Those who don’t like neck-snapping or bone-cracking may be advised to steer clear of the show. Kaneki is faced with problems outside of fighting other ghouls as well as aggressive police officers.

Kaneki is confronted with issues from his daily life as a human that he has to overcome. The series does an excellent job of examining Kaneki’s inner psyche in these instances. A few unexpected plot twists and revelations are sure to surprise and delight the fans. Anyone looking for a thrilling and a little bit psychological story ought to consider giving Tokyo Ghoul a shot.

Blue Exorcist

Likenesses – characters & Action

A lot of fans enjoy Blue Exorcist due to its dark setting as well as its likable characters and amazing supernatural battles. Denji and Rin bring a sense of heroic status and try to protect any person from danger. The fights they wage with their adversaries are intense. Chainsaw Man tends to be more interested in violence than Blue Exorcist.

Whatever, Blue Exorcist contains enough elements to keep viewers glued to their televisions. Our story is centered around Rin who is snatched by two demons. Then, his life is destroyed when he discovers he is the adopted child from Satan in addition to the fact that his father has plans to raise him from Hell.

In the midst of Satan’s wrath Rin’s heart doesn’t seem to be filled with hate. The show follows Rin’s journey to be the best at the studies of exorcist while also discovering how to use his demon powers to take down his father. The story revolves around the development of Rin as a fighter and person however, the other characters also get some attention. It’s a demon-slaying action that should not be missed by anyone.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Likenesses – Supernatural, Action, Characters

From one series to the next, Jujutsu Kaisen took the anime community by storm thanks to stunning animation, unforgettable characters, and supernatural elements. Jujutsu Kaisen’s Yuuji and Gojou show a more attractive relationship between the student and master as compared to Denji and Maxima. These pairs offer a bit of intrigue that is worth keeping track of.

Studio Mappa is responsible for Jujutsu Kaisen’s fluid animation as well as amazing images. The entire show appears amazing and will keep viewers from wanting to watch other series. But Jujutsu Kaisen’s slow pace may be a problem for those who are looking to get into the action fast.

But, once the show begins to get going, it’s not planning to end. This show has an innovative and complicated battle system that is reminiscent of Hunter the Naruto’s Nen or Naruto’s chakra structure. This minor addition makes the show stand out while offering fans something fresh.

Deadman Wonderland

Similarities – Characters & Violence Characters

When Deadman Wonderland fans saw Power use her blood-like powers, they immediately thought of Ganta along with his powerful allies’ abilities. Deadman Wonderland and Chainsaw Man have many things they share, besides the slight connection. Ganta as well as Denji is a character who gets his powers from an ethereal entity.

Santa will be put in prison, where he has to battle foes who have powers that are similar that of his. The battles within Deadman Wonderland are gruesome and provide decent animation to keep the viewers completely immersed. The fans can anticipate that many of our characters sustain terrible injuries which make them scream.

Unfortunately, Deadman Wonderland is one of the anime that did not get a full adaptation. There are many thrilling episodes and future arcs of the manga that provide more than the one offered in the animated. If viewers can put aside the mediocre ending and enjoy the show, they’re sure to have an enjoyable time with the show.

Hellsing Ultimate

Similarities – Themes & Violence

If you’re a fanatic of supernatural stopping organizations and bloodshed, then you’ll be at ease in Hellsing Ultimate. Integra Hellsing’s Hellsing Organization offers a similar style of operation to the Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety and is backed by one of the best vampires in the world.

The vampire that is in the story is Alucard who is a vampire with guns who will kill anyone who gets into his master’s path. Alucard then recruits an officer from the police force known as Seras Victoria, who’s worthy of being taken lightly. But, Seras adds a layer of humor to the show that fans might find entertaining and hilarious.

Chainsaw Man’s and Hellsing Ultimate’s thrilling sequences are a must-see. Fans will love watching Alucard use his vampire skills and weapons to kill his enemies. The villains in this story include human priests as well as normal vampires. The story provides shocking and heartbreaking backstories to some members of the characters.

Blood +

The Similarities – Supernatural & Violence

Do you want to live your life so that there is no trace of the past year? Saya The main character in Blood +, is forced to confront this dilemma and gains vampire-like abilities that accompany her exceptional swordsmanship. She learns about her abilities when she meets a stranger who assists her in defeating an evil blood-hungry creature.

This man tells Saya of Red Shield and its goals. This causes Saya to join Red Shield by exterminating every threat to the creature. Blood + doesn’t offer the most complicated story, however the creatures she faces help to develop Saya into a powerful individual and warrior.

While it’s an older piece The setting of the show has the same grimy impressions as the settings of Chainsaw Man. In the show’s title viewers are likely to see Saya fight in a violent battle with a variety of creatures. They are spooky creatures and can be great foes for Saya.


Likenesses – Characters & Gore

Are you in search of a show that features a character who combats monsters with their own medication? You should look no further than Claymore who is described as the female counterpart of Berserk. Similar to Chainsaw Man, Clare tackles many threats that will provide her with an awe-inspiring, but challenging task.

Clare’s goals are similar to Denji’s previous goals until being manipulated by the Yakuza. Clare’s choice to become a Claymore is driven by her need to kill the person who killed her master’s existence. But, Clare isn’t selfless as she seeks to shield those who are less fortunate from various species of beasts.

Every enemy is a stunningly horrible design that can send you into a frenzy. They’re heartless with their characters that mirror their looks. Clare’s experience is similar to Denji’s. Clare will make friends with many people who change her perspective on life and aid her in becoming an outstanding fighter. If you’ve enjoyed Chainsaw Man’s shocking graphic images and brutality, then I’d recommend giving Claymore an opportunity.


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