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A New Slices of Life and Romantic Narratives Are Waiting For You!

Romantic Killer is one of the latest series from Netflix and has attracted the attention of a lot of people who are fans. The show’s funny characters, funny dialogue, and the captivating story kept viewers intrigued. Our story is about Anzu an incoming freshman at high school who enjoys watching video games and eating chocolate and cuddling her cat Momohiki.

A few days later, the girl gets the video game she ordered and starts playing it. This isn’t the game she requested and it lets a wizard named Riri into her world. Riri clarifies that Anzu is the company’s first test subject in their plans to improve Japan’s declining population.

In order to ensure her success, Riri confiscates her three favorite items and plans to return them after she’s found the love of her life. To get rid of Riri, Anzu intends to be a Romantic Killer who can defy romantic love. She hopes that her constant absence of interest in romance will prompt Riri to end her relationship and resume her life back to normal. However, her plans get thwarted when she encounters Tsukasa who is a well-known Ikemen at her school.

Don’t worry If you’re struggling to find shows that are similar to Romantic Killer! We’ve found 10 other shows that will give you the same experience as Romantic Killer.

Furthermore, for each of the shows we’ve reviewed we’ve provided the link to read our entire review about the show to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Without further delay here are 10 TV shows that will inspire you to watch more after you’ve finished watching Romantic Killer!

Hi-Score Girl

Likenesses – Video Games, Romance, Comedy

Are you in search of a new romantic comedy from Netflix? Hi-Score Girl is the perfect choice for you. The show blends old-fashioned gaming with romance and comedy well. This Netflix show is packed with charming characters and a stunning coming-of-age story.

The story takes place in the year 1991 when arcade games became the most talked about topic. The story follows a male protagonist Haruo who is a lover of playing video games. He hopes to become an accomplished player. While a few arcades in the area are proud of him for his achievements but his standing is ruined when the girl goes by the name of Akira.

Despite her lavish lifestyle and sharp brain, Haruo loathes her for his loss. What started out as a fun rivalry turns into something that is romantic and accessible. Don’t be fooled if you think it would be a simple focus on their early years.

Although the characters in this show seem younger in comparison to Anzu and her friends, the show does delve into Akira and Haruo’s lives when they were teens. People who love the show will appreciate watching the characters who look like children grow older and experience emotional changes. If you’re looking for a captivating romance anime that incorporates video game elements, then check out Hi-Score Girl.

Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Likenesses – Romantic Comedy

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun and Romantic Killer like to poke fun at romance and delve toward comedy. If you were thinking that Romantic Killer was hilarious, they’re in for a surprise when they watch the Monthly Girls, Nozaki-Kun. The story is about Chiyo the upbeat girl who falls in love with a boy who is named Nozaki.

In the course of a day, Chiyo encounters Nozaki, who interprets her love story in a sign-in request because Nozaki is a well-known manga creator. Additionally, Chiyo ends up in many misunderstood snarky scenes with Nozaki which leads her to be one of the manga’s assistants. Thus, our story delves deep into Nozaki and Chiyo’s friendship. Chiyo assists the manga writer with his studies Chiyo hopes that Nozaki will recognize her real emotions.

As Romantic Killer, Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun follows our main character through numerous hilarious and embarrassing situations. The viewers will be thrilled to see Chiyo fight to achieve the standards set by Nozaki and her failures at confessing her love for him. The show develops Nozaki and Chiyo’s bond beautifully and viewers will appreciate the natural progression of the story.


Likenesses – Set, Romance, Comedy, Video Games

Gamers is a series that lacks any unique plot. The plot is predictable and dull. When it isn’t able to provide an original story, however, it does succeed in creating an environment that is full of laughter and chaos. With a hint of romance and friendship, as well as games, the series provides viewers with a fun time.

In the film, we follow Keita the boy who has a similar life of gaming to the one Anzu has character in Romantic Killer. In the end, Keita meets his school’s most popular woman student Karen. When Keita discovers her love for gaming, she demands to join the high school’s gamers club. A bizarre saga ensues as Keita discovers a new aspect of gaming that he’s never discovered.

Although it is filled with amazing scenes based on gaming, this show excels because of its characters. Gamers’ characters have extensive gaming experience, yet they don’t understand anything about love. As with Anzu, the viewers can count on Keita or Karen to be confused whenever they hear someone talk about the subject of love. From funny facial expressions to extreme responses, this series is sure to be entertaining.

New Game!

The Similarities – Comedy & Video Games

The New Game is an anime in which you can relax and unwind. This show gives a realistic perspective on the design of video games and programming. There aren’t any romance-related quarrels in this series. However certain of its dramatized scenes will keep viewers entertained.

The story revolves around Aoba who is a high-school graduate who is hired as a designer by Eagle Jump, a gaming company that creates her favorite games series, Fairies Story. On the first day of her employment, Aoba learns she will be working on a brand new version of the series she loves and will be under the tutelage of Kou who is the game’s main character creator.

With the assistance of a number of Others, Aoba vows to help Eagle Jump produce a worthwhile sequel to the Fairies Story series. In the absence of Aoba, the task will not be easy. The anime is a great description of the game’s ups and downs in development.

Aoba is faced with a variety of things, from creating the perfect character design, and working long hours to finish projects on time. The romantic Killer as well as New Game touch upon subjects like friendship and perfectionism. Both series tend to concentrate on the former more so than the first. If you’re looking to watch an anime that is more focused on video games but offers an excellent mixture of humor and slice-of-life elements, you should check for New Game.

Basket of Fruits Basket

Likenesses – Romance, Drama Romance, and Comedy

Fruits Basket is one of the older anime that has been revamped with improved graphics and sound effects. It’s a show that introduced viewers of a certain age to manga and anime. It’s loved for its gorgeous characters, hilarious humor, and emphasis on drama and romance.

The story is about Tooru who is a guest at the Souma home because she isn’t keen on living in the same house as her parents. As time passes, Tooru will uncover dark details concerning the Souma family, which will test her love for others. Similar to Anzu, Tooru evokes a healing aura that influences those around her to a greater extent. This anime features some supernatural elements and also touches upon similar themes like friendship.

The characters of Fruits Basket suffer from a myriad of issues both internal and external which some viewers may find relatable or sad. Fruits Basket leans more into its drama rather than Romantic Killer but offers some humorous moments that will entertain viewers. Although its 2001 version is good, it’s worth thinking about watching the remake for 2019. It’s got better graphics and animations that are as good as newly released shows such as Romantic Killer.

A Melancholy in Haruhi Suzumiya

Commonalities – Funny, characters, Slice of Life

Kyoto Animation has produced multiple successes, including Clannad as well as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. However, of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is a different product that had a significant impression when it came out. The anime features a vibrant cast that is involved in many kinds of mischief.

As Romantic Killer, this anime examines the difficulties and the positive aspects of high school life. It tackles the issues that teens are faced with in our current times, such as depression and bullies. People who’ve been members of clubs with quirky personalities will be familiar with Haruhi Suzumiya and her gang and their actions.

If you’re a fan of Anzu’s lively character, they’re going to be in for the same thrilling journey when they meet Haruhi’s personality. Haruhi’s interaction with Kyon is also a reflection of the same passion as Anzu as well as Tsukasa. As with Tsukasa Kyon’s story will be more exciting and memorable after he has met Haruhi.


Commonalities – Supernatural themes, Characters

From high school snark to a show soaked in excitement and mystery We arrive at Erased. This show gives viewers a thrilling murder mystery storyline to solve. Although the show has romance-related sub-plots, the show tends to be more on the mysterious side and doesn’t have any comedy.

But, Erased isn’t too far in comparison to Romantic Killer. While it’s a comedy series, Romantic Killer wasn’t afraid to address serious issues like stalkers and sexual violence. Despite its adorable art style, Erased is another show that doesn’t shy away from discussing adult topics. The show’s topics are child abuse, kidnap, and murder.

Erased has some entertaining moments from the past. The cast is involved in indoor and outdoor events occasionally. Additionally, if you’ve been inspired by scenes in which Anzu stood to defend Junta and Tsukasa and Tsukasa, then you’re in for an experience with the abundance of emotions in Erased If you’re looking for a show that makes you cry that is also a bit mysterious look no further than Erased.

Skip Beat!

Likenesses – Romance, Comedy, Characters

No matter what your journey in life the realization of your worth is vital. Finding people that can assist you in achieving your goals is essential. Skip Beat is an anime that tackles this issue head-on by putting the protagonist Kyouoko in a similar position.

The story is about Kyouko whose love for her best friend Shoutarou disappears when she hears him slam her. Anxious, Kyouko vows to get revenge on her former pal by stepping into the showbiz world. Kyouko’s ambitions aren’t that different from those of Anzu.

Both girls face an individual who has destroyed their lives. Kyouko will face situations that push her to step out of her comfort zone. These experiences will help her transform into an improved person and bring her to achieving her goals. She exhibits the same “never give up” attitude Anzu as well.

As with Anzu, the fans can sympathize with Kyouko’s story. Shoutarou’s ill-treatment of her can make a mess of anyone who has ever felt manipulated by a close friend. However, viewers will laugh at the many times Kyouko falls into a series of situations funny depicting her. If you’re seeking a romantic comedy that has an entertainment-related focus take a look at Skip Beat.


Similarities – Themes, Characters Romance

If there’s one thing that people can learn from Romantic Killer, love is that it can bring people down the most fun paths. The animated series Toradora utilizes these moments to tell an unforgettable story of two students who are named Ryuuji Taiga and Ryuuji. Taiga.

The two are from different lives, such as Anzu as well as Tsukasa. But, Ryuuji and Taiga vow to assist each other in establishing an intimate relationship with one another’s classmates. Although they share the same goal the two students are likely to discover that their true attraction to each other was there throughout the entire time.

The anime has comedy as well as drama and romance. Toradora slowly builds up the tension in the relationship in the relationship between Ryuuji Taiga and Ryuuji. Taiga. But, the show does not shy away from putting the characters in awkward and hilarious situations to make smile the viewers. It’s a fantastic anime that will keep fans entertained and is a must take time to.

Kaguyasama: Love Is War

Likenesses – Settings, Comedy, Romance

In Kaguya-Sama Love Is War We follow Miyuki Shirogane as well as Kaguya Shinomiya who are part of the top students of their school body. Even though they already have feelings for one another, Miyuki and Kaguya can’t be in a position to agree on an affair. In their minds, others in the class would look at them with disdain when they openly confessed their feelings for one another.

As Anzu, Kaguya and Miyuki have an enmity against romance despite their initial feelings. Romantic Killer lovers will be fascinated by this same feeling of secrecy that is present in Kaguya’s Sama Love is War. Additionally, the series explores difficult-to-get-to-know topics such as grief.

Fans who enjoyed watching Tsukasa as well as Anzu’s interaction with each other will be enthralled by the rivalry between Miyuki as well as Kaguya. They also have hilarious situations both inside and outside their school. If you’re in search of a hilarious and heartwarming series about love, with a little more drama, you should check out Kaguya-same. Love is War.

So here we are the top 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch after you’ve finished Romantic Killer!

Are you a fan of our selections? Do you think we’re right? Do you think there are any noteworthy omissions? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!


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