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With the affluence of Isekai anime on the market today some may feel that these shows have outstayed their reception. It’s true that the Devil Is A Part-Timer gave viewers an amazing new spin on the formula making many want to watch more. Its focus was on humor, romance, as well as character growth, the Devil Is A Part Timer created an engaging story that is worth the time.

The show follows Satan’s escape from a hero character named Emilia due to her defiance of the plans to take the continent. He is stranded in Tokyo and adopts the appearance of a fast food employee known as Sadao. Despite his previous failures, Satan aims to take over the world one hamburger at a time.

Don’t worry If you’re struggling to find the same kind of anime as The Devil Is A Part-Timer! We’ve found 10 other shows that will give you similar experiences to The Devil Is A Part-Timer.

In addition, for every show we’ve reviewed we’ve added an online link that lets you read our entire review about the show to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Without further delay, We present 10 TV shows that will make you hungry after you’re done watching The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Similarities – Comedy & Reverse Isekai

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a heartwarming story about family and friendship. Similar to The Devil Is A Part-Timer This is an enjoyable and relaxing show to enjoy if you’re in need of an escape from more action-oriented shows. Additionally, you can anticipate characters to have fun and take part in routine things like going to the beach or purchasing snacks in supermarkets.

The show offers a remarkable level of fan service that may be uncomfortable or uncomfortable for certain fanatics. If you’re able to overlook its sexually satirical humor Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid promises you’ll walk off feeling entertained. In addition, the anime does examine the home of the maid dragons slightly, which allows viewers to experience the dragon ladies lived through in their imagined home.

Although there are just a few episodes where these kinds of events take place Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid crafts a worthwhile emotional story around these concepts. If you’re looking for an enjoyable, relaxing show to share with your loved ones that are not overly complicated or excessive, you should take a look at Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.


Similarities – Action & Comedy

Noragami is another excellent supernatural comedy that has amazing action scenes and interesting characters. Similar to The Devil Is A Part-Timer This anime is a daily vignette of its male protagonist who is godlike. Sadao along with Noragami’s Yato has also been working part-time jobs to try and gain power. They are both funny jokes, and they can also be serious when the show demands it.

The secondary characters in both shows provide relevance to the story’s plot. While some are used to fill comic relief roles Others get the chance to be the center of attention. Every character is brimming with sufficient traits, goals, and skills to allow viewers to identify them. Noragami as well as The Devil Is A Part-Timer provide stunning visuals, accompanied by enjoyable music.

The stunning visuals of these shows will captivate you and make you want more details about the worlds the characters travel through. The music used in these scenes enhances the emotions that are felt in every scenario which allows you to feel the emotions that these characters display on the screen.

Blood Lad

Similarities – Demons & Humor

Blood Lad is a surprisingly underrated comedy that features demons fighting with human society. Blood Lad and The Devil Is A Part-Timer amazingly conceal their darker undertones under the colorful and vibrant worlds that their characters travel through. From its humorous characters to its endless gags, Blood Lad promises fans will be happy.

Blood Lad is a vampire with a strong personality known as Staz Charlie Blood. Blood controls Blood Lad’s territory, the Demon World’s Eastern district. There are rumors that he’s an icy killer, but in actuality, the truth is that he’s a gentleman who loves Japanese culture. Instead of pinning individuals to get blood, Staz enjoys slacking off and enjoying manga, anime, and video games.

Things get better for Staz when an uninvolved Japanese girl named Fuyumi goes on her way into the Demon World through a nearby portal. Fuyumi is tragically killed and turns into an unidentified spirit after Staz’s territory gets targeted by unknown creatures. Staz suggests that she be revived in order for him to enter the world of humans.

The anime will follow Staz and Fuyumi’s journey to find a particular form of magic that could bring back human souls. Similar to The Devil Is A Part-Timer Fans will be entertained by Staz and Fuyumi’s hilarious mistakes. Although Blood Lad has the romantic subplot of Staz and Fuyumi however, it’s never addressed in detail.

If you are a fan of anime with humorous jokes, hilarious parodies, and gags with visuals, you’ll be at the right place to Blood Lad.

Blue Exorcist

Similarities – Supernatural

Blue Exorcist is a serious supernatural anime that is enthralling in its storyline. Sadao, as well as Blue Exorcist’s main character Rin, share similar characters and demon backgrounds. The main goal of Rin in Blue Exorcist is to kill the demons of the father Satan. It’s a bit ironic, Blue Exorcist is jam-packed with amazing supernatural characters and elements which will have you hooked.

The characters in this series are well-rounded and provide charming personalities. The series does a great job of exploring the secondary characters’ relationship of battles with demons as well as building on their relationships with Rin. The skills Rin and his companions demonstrate are both imaginative and visually captivating. You’ll be cheering for our heroes in their fights against brutal and terrifying adversaries.

Although it has a much more serious storyline, Blue Exorcist features a bit of humor with humorous jokes and gags. The humor isn’t up to the same level as what you’d see on The Devil Is A Part-Timer However, it’s enough to let the viewers have a break after the dark and intense scenes.

Konosuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

Similarities – Hilarious Isekai & Slice of Life

Konosuba God’s Blessing on The Wonderful World is a refreshing show, even though it follows the same pattern of isekai set in other series. Similar to The Devil Is A Part-Timer is full of never-ending funny gags, visual gags, and sensual humor that will make you laugh in hysterics. Although comedy is one of the most enjoyable features, Konosuba would be nothing without its incredible actors.

From its humorous masculine protagonist Kazuma to its wannabe magician Megumin, there are numerous characters to pick from in this series. Kazuma’s friend group can be distinguished from the other characters he invites. Each character brings something unique in the group from Darkness’s regal status to Aqua’s smart-mouthed persona. However, there is a lot of humor that makes this group fascinating to follow.

Konosuba isn’t just a comedy, however. The show tackles serious issues occasionally and has our characters battling fierce creatures in this world of fantasy. Although some episodes are characterized by our characters losing their heads Some fights reach a brutal and satisfying end. If you’re in search of another amazing isekai series with outstanding characters and hilarious humor look no further than Konosuba.


Similarities – Restaurant Culture & Comedy

Working is a show that doesn’t have the most complicated plot. The anime is based on humorous characters and likable characters to keep viewers entertained. The series will live up to the expectations of its fans with humor, hilarious visual gags, and funny characters’ interactions.

Working follows Souta who is hired to work at the family-owned restaurant Wagnaria. In Wagnaria, Souta meets many individuals including the floor chief with a katana Yachiyo to the savage room, the sous chef. The story centers around Souta’s struggle to keep an effective work relationship with his fellow employees.

Souta and Waganaria’s team interaction is fantastic and fun to observe. The coworkers are fun and have sufficient screen time to be noticed. Much like The Devil Is A Part-Timer Working doesn’t slack in its gags, jokes, and other types of humor.


Similarities – Supreme Overlords & Endless Humor

The formula of the anime isekai is evident in Overlord. In the film, there is a gamer who is male known as Momonga who finds himself trapped in an engaging RPG-based fantasy game known as Yggdrasil. Momonga is trying to get help from other players for help but is shocked to discover that their avatars have their own minds. With no choice, Momonga decides to accept his fate and decides to control this new reality.

As Satou Momonga, Momonga is a bit hostile towards the people he encounters. Many NPCs will play with him and treat him as if he were an emperor. Momonga is never one to doubt his character’s status as a king and prefers to go with the flow.

But Momonga’s power doesn’t mean he’s an invincible being. Momonga will be involved in numerous funny and crazy situations which will make him appear like an idiot to his audience. Momonga is a great actor who plays off his of characters’ personalities and humorous actions with aplomb. If you’re looking for a show with intriguing gameplay aesthetics and entertaining characters look no further than Overlord.

Gabriel Dropout

Similarities – Slice of Life

Imagine being born with a particular objective, but being able of ignoring that goal to have a good time. Gabriel Dropout is the kind of show that explores the concept like this. Gabriel Dropout is a show with cute characters that get caught in funny and bizarre situations that make their lives more exciting and more interesting.

Gabriel Dropout and The Devil Is A Part-Timer are two shows that put their devilish or angelic-themed characters to take part in slice-of-life-style situations. But the show doesn’t have any of the emotions that are on the same level as what you’d see within The Devil Is A Part-Timer.

Gabriel Dropout’s goal is to entertain its viewers by flipping the script around on the ways that viewers depict angels and demons. For instance, the main character of the show is an easy-going angel who prefers to play games instead of attending to her duties as an angel.

On the other hand, the villains show class and take their roles seriously. This switch in roles is what creates Gabriel Dropout a fun show to enjoy.

Outbreak Company

Similarities – Characters, Comedy, Themes

Outbreak Company is a fast-paced animated series that is fantasy-themed. The series is able to balance its comedy and dramatic moments with a lot of levity through its final episodes. The final few episodes might seem rushed for some viewers However, the earlier episodes prior to them are well-balanced and have enough nuances to keep you engaged.

The plot follows a nerd called Shinichi who loves manga, video games, and anime. When he applies for a job Shinichi is abducted and transported into an Eldant Empire. The empire is located in an imaginary world populated by dragons, elves, and other amazing creatures.

To keep things interesting, to make things interesting, the Japanese Government gives the order to Shinichi to disseminate his otaku cultural knowledge in this world. Alongside Shinichi along his journey the Princess of the Eldant Empire Petralka and an elf-half-maid named Myucel.

With their assistance, Shinichi must conquer numerous challenges involving politics and class, and discrimination based on ethnicity to spread his passion for geeky entertainment. The Devil Is Part-Timer and Outbreak Company revolve around protagonists who are in a world that is foreign to them. They also feature a constant flow of comedy that keeps viewers entertained.

Squid Girl

Similarities – Fantasy & Comedy

A humanoid squid-like creature named Ika Musume emerges from the depths of the ocean to exact revenge on humans who polluted the home she lives in Squid Girl. Ika is at a Lemon Beach House and declares that she is at war with two restaurant managers who are named Eiko as well as Chizuru Aizawa. Ika smashes one of the walls of the beach house which forces her to be a waitress in the restaurant in order to pay the cost.

Ika is trying to harm the sisters, but she gets involved in a “fish out of water” scenario. So, she isn’t able to hurt them, which forces Ika to stop her efforts at world dominance in a halt. As the story progresses, Ika develops a fondness for her new house and her family living at Lemon Beach House. As with Satou, Ika obtains a more appealing persona as the story continues.

The hilarious scheming that Ika and her friends go through is hilarious. There are a variety of subplots within this series that are sure to keep you laughing incessantly. For instance, certain episodes feature a government group that wants Ika to be a spy because they think Ika is an alien. Another subplot involves a girl who is deranged and plots to kidnap Ika since she is in love with her.

If you liked the bizarre and humorous events Satou and his pals went through on The Devil Is A Part-Timer and Squid Girl, you’ll definitely be entertained by the accidents Ika and her companions get into when they are in Squid Girl.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Do you have a view of our selections? Do you think we’re right? Are there any notable errors? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!


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