10 TV Shows like ‘Little Women’

10 more thrilling female-led Thrillers

The K-drama’s 12-episode run of Little Women finally came to the end of six months of dramatic plot twists and some plot twists! The show was filled with adrenaline-pumping action, romance, and melodrama. This isn’t your usual K-drama, with comedy and romance mixed together. It’s Kim Go-Eun’s naive acting abilities that gave fans some laughs.

There were also romance elements with Kang Hoon’s characters Jong-ho and In-Kyung respectively, as well as tension with Kim Go-Eun and Wi Ha-Joon’s characters, In-Joo and Do-il.

The fantasy-themed film was a favorite among fans of mature age who loved action-packed scenes and incredible cinematography and superb storytelling.

10 more thrilling female-led Thrillers

The K-drama’s 12-episode run of Little Women finally came to the end of six episodes of twists and turns and additional plot twists! The show was packed with adrenaline-pumping action, drama, and fantasy. This isn’t your typical K-drama that has genres of comedy and romance mingled together. But it’s Kim Go-Eun’s naive acting abilities that allowed her to provide fans with some laughter.

There were also romantic elements in the relationship between Nam Ji-Hyun and Hoon’s characters Jong-ho and In-Kyung respectively, as well as tension with Kim Go-Eun and Wi Ha-Joon’s characters in Joo and Do-il.

The fantasy-themed film was loved by fans of a certain age who loved action-packed scenes, that were accompanied by incredible cinematography and fantastic storytelling.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Similarities The Secret Society, Fantasy, Feminist fiction
The American show The Handmaid’s Tale is adapted from the novel written by Margaret Atwood of the same name. The show tells the story of the life of a dystopian society in Gilead which was a totalitarian state in the former United States.

After a staged attack killed the president of the United States, a religion-based autocracy seized control of the majority of the nation to be known as Gilead. In the country, women are considered to be treated as second-class citizens. Anybody who tries to escape is punished. One of them is June Offred who is arrested as she tries to get away with her husband as well as daughter and sentenced to become an assistant, who will be a mother to children for government officials who are not childless.

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The Devil Judge

Similarities: Mystery, Angst

This dystopian Korean drama The Devil Judge is set in a period of turmoil across the entire country. The court is transformed by a judge into reality TV and is able to punish evil people with a vengeance. Kang Yo-han (played by Ji Sung) is a judge who punishes greedy and corrupt people with power.

Jung Sun-a (played by Kim Min-jung) is the Executive Director of the Social Responsibility Foundation. She is beautiful and smart and is also Kang Yo-han’s adversary. She is able to influence the nation through her connections. Kim Ga-on (played by Park Jin-young) is a new judge who has had to endure challenging times following the loss of his parents when he was a kid. Yoon Soo Hyun (played by Park Gyu-young) is a detective. It is Kim’s friend for a long time and is chasing Kang Yo-han’s secrets.

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Who Did You Kill Sara?

Likenesses: Mystery, Melodrama, Thriller
The Mexican thriller mystery Series is based on Alex Guzman, who, after being imprisoned for 18 years for a wrong he did not commit, is determined to discover the person who was responsible for the death of his sibling Sara and retribution against the Lazcano family for wronging him.

Even though the final seasons tend to diverge a bit too far from melodrama it’s still worth watching.

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Alice In Borderland
Commonalities Fantasy or Drama The Thriller
The dreamlike Japanese film Alice In Borderland narrates the story of Ryohei Arisu, a jobless young man whose life hasn’t been a great one. One day, a strange light is visible, and then, a few hours later. Everyone disappears, with the exception of Arisu and two of his friends.

In post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Arisu and his two companions must take part in a survival contest with their lives in danger.

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Big Little Lies
Similarities Like Thriller, Mystery
This American dark comedy tells the story of murder. The show tells a tale of intrigue through the mother’s eyes of three women – Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. The narrative of the show explores myths about perfection that society has created and the romanticization of sex, marriage, parenting, and friendship.

The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley as three leading “mothers of Monterey”, Big Little Lies follows the lives and truth about doting mothers with successful husbands, gorgeous children, and gorgeous homes in a town that is built on rumors and is divided between haves and the not-so-haves, which exposes broken relationships between wives and husbands and parents as well as children.

Mad Dog
Similarities: Thriller Suspense, Mystery, Crime
The crime-thriller Mad Dog narrates the story of Choi Kang-woo who was a former police officer and head of Taeyang Insurance’s investigator group. Then, one day, he decides to form his own investigation team, dubbed Mad Dog after an airplane accident that claimed the lives of his son and wife.

A few months later, she is introduced to Kim Min-Joon, a brilliant former swindler, and his younger sister Kim Beomjoon co-pilot of the JH 801 plane, and was accused of having crashed the plane intentionally as a suicide plan.

Inside Man
Similarities Like Thriller, Mystery
In 2022, the American show tells the tale of Tucci who is a prisoner on the US execution row. Tucci seeks to atone as his execution date approaches. In a train that is in England, the journalist West is seeking an interesting story. In a peaceful community, an ordained minister called Harry Watling is picking up his son’s maths teacher, Wells, from the station. Four of them are about to become involved in a mystery that could lead one of them to commit murder.

Commonalities Fantasy, Thriller, Drama
Hellbound is a horror-thriller that is based on the story in which people are told the day they’ll end up dying. At the time an angel of death is seen before them and takes them to the grave. Jung Jin-soo, the head of the new religious system Saejinrihwe.

Ae Young-Jae is a PD for the broadcasting station. He attempts to find information about the religious group Saejinrihwe.

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Similarities: Crime Fiction, Fantasy
Abyss is a Korean drama Abyss tells the story of Ko Se-Yeon, a gorgeous prosecutor who excels at what she does. After being killed in a car crash, Se-Yeon mysteriously resurrected with a different look. The mysterious beads Abyss can revive dead people and they get an appearance that is different. Their appearance is based on the quality of their spirit.

In the meantime, Cha Min is the successor to a cosmetics company. He is humble, smart, and has a heart of gold however, he is not attractive. Cha Min gets into a fatal accident , but the beads bring him back to an attractive appearance.

The He is King. Eternal Monarch
Similarities: Fantasy, Action
Based on the existence of a parallel Universe The 2020 K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch is a story about King Lee Gon who governs the Kingdom of Corea. The years after his uncle was murdered by his father and he acquired half of Manpasikjeok, a famous flute with supernatural powers, Lee Gon is further motivated to locate Lieutenant Jeong Tae-eul from the future who saved his life.

In another universe, Jeong Tree-eul is a detective working in the Violent Crimes Division at the Seoul Police Station in the Republic of Korea. Separated into two parallel realities, Lee Gon and Tae-eul have to find Lee Gon’s uncle responsible for several murders across both universes.

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So here we are the top 10 TV show alternatives to watch after you’re done on Little Women on Netflix!

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