10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown’

A Royally Enthralling Drama To Watch

The wildly popular historical drama on Netflix, The Crown, was developed by Peter Morgan and is based on Stephen Frears’s acclaimed drama-fused historical film titled “The Queen” The Queen was inspired by actual events. The Crown depicts the reign of Queen Elizabeth as well as the way the dynamics of the throne as well as her family’s issues influence her decisions.

The heartbreaking, gripping and informative program has been captivating since it premiered in the year 2016. Many films have been created in the last few years showing Queen Elizabeth II’s life and duties as the monarch with the longest reign.

This program, however, reveals the Monarch with all her flaws. She likely concealed behind closed doors. F

If you’ve been binge-watching The Crown’s current season of drama and are waiting for the next season’s premiere This list contains television shows that are like The Crown to keep you entertained until the next season airs.

White Queen

10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

White Queen is based on the book by Phillip Gregory with the same title. It is a chronicle of all of the Wars of the Roses, which ran from 1455 to 1487, and ended with the creation of the house of Tudors.

The series of 10 episodes is told by three distinct and extremely determined women, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort as well as Anne Neville, who depict two branches of one family dynasty, both the House of Lancaster and the House of York – who are fighting for the top spot in the present.

The White Queen an enthralling account of possibly one of the most violent and turbulent periods in English history. If the story’s twists and turns intrigued you about British historical events, then take a look at this amazing representation of the first phase of the notorious Tudor’s reign.

The Tudors Tudors

10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

King Henry VIII, a controversial English monarch famous for beheading his wives, ruled for a long time before the story of the “Woods” began. The show is centered around the reign of the monarch as the second ruler of the Tudors and his controversial alliances with historical female figures, such as Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. In contrast the story of The Crown, the show is based upon a man-ruled ruler, and it is set a few centuries before The Crown.

It is a must-watch series for those who enjoy historical dramas that are presented in a grandiose, captivating way like The Crown. Although many critics and viewers have complained that the show does not provide accurate information, Meyers’ incredible performance makes it worth the time to watch.

The Virgin Queen

10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

If you thought that Queen Elizabeth II’s story was fascinating but wait until you hear the story of Elizabeth I’s rule. It is often referred to by the names “Virgin queen” or “Gloriana” because of her vow to protect her innocence. This TV show portrays the legendary Monarch’s Elizabethan golden time.

Through her childhood as a beautiful princess being feared by her voluptuous half-sister and her deep and tragic relationship with Robert Dudley, the show does not just present queen Elizabeth I, but in a brand new way, but it also shows the fact that it manages to punch you into the chest.

In addition, the drama series employs modern music that has an old and Celtic flavoring. In addition, the scenes are extremely modern and don’t feel odd with respect to the Elizabethan period.

Anne-Marie Duff is terrific as Elizabeth I. Tom Hardy is outstanding as Dudley. The show was nominated for the best show during the 2007 BAFTA Awards, and Duff was awarded the award for best actress.


10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

Many women were sentenced to execution during the Tudor period, with the most notable being two Queens who became famous wives Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Howard, who’ve been Henry VIII’s second and fifth wives respectively. Another decapitation was carried out by Boleyn’s sole daughter Queen Elizabeth I. It is a relic of Mary the Queen of Scots who is her close cousin.

Mary is the main character of the sitcom drama. As she ascends to the top, Mary must navigate political and personal hurdles while trying to strike a delicate balance between matters of her kingdom as well as her love.

The show has a lot of royal intrigues as well as a spectacle even though it’s not a factual show. It’s a great choice for “The Crown” fans looking for an authentic historical drama to enjoy.


10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

In this epic historical tale set in the 15th century of Florence There appears to be a lot of what one could imagine, including deceit, treachery, and bloodshed, much as in The Crown.

The historical drama is centered around an heir to an upper-class family that seeks to promote the interests of his family. Additionally, there is the fact that the Medici family was not just two queen regents from France and eventually became the inheritors of the titles, namely the Duke of Florence and Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

They have performed great across all three seasons, even when the actors change and new generation members are added. The show also includes stunning Italian landscapes and a piece of music that is fantastic from Skin as well as Paolo Buonvino.


10 TV Shows like ‘The Crown

This three-part tale focuses on the Gunpowder conspiracy of 1605 which was conceived by Guy Fawkes and Robert Gatsby to take down King James VI. King James was Mary King of Scots the sole lineal heir.

Because of the brutal treatment of Catholics Internal conflicts are at their peak in the year 1603, while Britain is at the war with Spain. An angry young Catholic nobleman knew as Robert Catesby, who’s previously had both his wife and father and is planning an explosive plan to assassinate James I, King of England. James, I while seated inside the House of Parliament.

Through a string of events that are still to be remembered in contemporary Britain, Catesby teams up with a number of equally angry men, including the famous Guy Fawkes. The show sheds illumination on an important event in British history, even though it’s not an actual royal drama.


No doubt, Queen Victoria is one of the most well-known monarchs and queens who have ruled within the British Empire and Ireland. After the death of King William IV in 1837 and the emergence of Queen Victoria began her reign. Victoria inherited her position as a monarch at a relatively young age, just like her great-great-granddaughter, the resilient Queen Elizabeth ll.

The series follows one of England’s most famous rulers throughout her life as well as the major ways in which she shaped British society.

In the course of the show, Jenna Coleman takes center stage for the British monarch in the beginning period of her reign, as she tries to find the right balance between her personal responsibilities and her royal obligations.

The Emmy-nominated historical drama has an impressive cast and highlights historical details from the perspective of the woman who supervised them. It includes a female character who was just like Queen Elizabeth and was able to begin taking on responsibility in the area of her administrative duties as a young woman.


The show tells the stories and debates of the French monarchy. It focuses on a young monarch, King Louis XIV of France’s choice to move his Royal Court outside Paris towards the outside of Versailles despite the fact that he had a modest budget, which evokes the fury of his nobles and triggers the political catastrophe.

The series was nominated for Two Canadian Screen Awards in 2017 and 2018 and also a Saturn Award in 2017. The series premiered in 2015 and ran for three seasons until it concluded in 2018.

In the wake of The Crown, the series is filled with romance and power, as well as duplicity and conflict, which makes it a fascinating watch.

Catherine the Great

The mini-series follows Queen Catherine II who is Russia’s longest-ruling female monarch, similar to Queen Elizabeth ll in England. The series follows her reign and the struggles from her accession in 1764 to her death in 1796.

Helen Mirren plays the chaotic politician and ruler who ran Russia and altered its position within the world during the 1800s. The drama series, which runs for four seasons, explores Catherine’s personal issues and her relationship and romance with Russian soldier Grigory Potemkin. This contributed to the shaping of Russian history following the.

Like The Crown, which illustrates Queen Elizabeth’s struggles, Catherine the Great exemplifies Empress Catherine II’s political, emotional, and societal struggles as Russia’s king.

The Royal House of Windsor

We suggest you watch this film if adaptations of theatrical films don’t appeal to you. It documents a decade of the monarchy, beginning with the resignation of King Edward VIII until Princess Diana’s shocking and unexpected death.

Like The Crown, which centers on the lively and unconventional personality the docuseries explores how he laid the groundwork to allow his Royal Family to become more known to Westerners. The show offers viewers an array of savage drama, political turmoil, and shocking revelations which Royals have been apprehensive about for decades.


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