12 Most Followed Korean Actors on Instagram

12 of the Most Popular Korean actors on Instagram

Instagram is another tool on social media that lets actors establish connections and strengthen their relationships with their followers. They can also interact with other actors in the industry, which can create more business opportunities.

It’s always fascinating to observe the various styles actors portray as well as the behind-the-scenes as well as everyday life that actors live with the world. Here is an overview of the most followed Korean actors, are you still not following?

Kim Taehyung (52.3M)


Kim Taehyung popularly known as V is one of the stars of the K-pop duo BTS. His acting debut was in Hwarang (2016) and perfectly played his role as Han Sung. If you’re an Army or a fan of Jimin, you are aware that Jimin and Jimin enjoy role-playing on their BTS content, and they’re hilarious.

There’s never a dull moment when you’re with soulmates! He updates his followers on his day-to-day events on Instagram and provides visuals throughout the day. He also loves to keep his fans on their toes by taking down his posts as soon as he shares them, but Army is always quicker. This is only one reason why why we appreciate the guy.

Lee Min-ho (31.2M)


Lee Min-ho could be the most well-known South Korean actor today. Also, he is a model as well as an artist. He is also considered to be one of the most beautiful Asian famous people who has gained a huge fan base both locally and abroad.

He began acting in smaller roles during high school. He made his breakthrough after his role as Goo Joon-Pyo a rich bad boy, in the drama series Boys Over Flowers (2009).

Cha Eun-woo (30.9M)


At the age of 25 years old, Eun-woo has been able to make his name as a K-drama actor as well as a K-pop singer. He was born Lee Dong Min, and he chose to take on his character’s name after the success of his breakout part in the web-based television drama To be Continued.

As his fame grows in the K-pop world with his boy band ASTRO as does his prominence in K-drama. We’re currently looking forward for his appearance in the coming show The Villainess, the name of Marionette.

Lee Jong-suk (24.3M)


People across the world were delighted to see the iconic South Korean actor and model come back after completing his service as a military officer in the show the Big Mouse (2022) The show certainly did not disappoint. Lee Jong Suk has become an international star since his appearance in the 2012 drama series School 2013which brought him the first prize for an actor who is the most promising news. His talents and versatility have been recognized locally as well as internationally recognized.

Chan Yeol (23.9M)


Chan Yeol is not a novice to fans of K-pop since the singer is part of the well-known boy group Exo. He first made an appearance on stage with minor roles and also leading roles in various series and films. He was the lead actor in the film So I Married an Anti-Fan (2016) and is scheduled to make an appearance in the film to be announced later. Missing 9.

Oh Se- Hun (23.2M)


Another popular name in K-pop, and a member of the boy group EXO. He starred as a guest with Chan Yeol in the 2013 sitcom Royal Villa and also played lead roles in the films Catman (2021) as well as the SMTOWN series The Stage (2015), and The Pirates: The last Royal Treasure (2022). Some of the most notable roles in his dramas are Dokgo Rewind (2018) and the new show All That We Loved.

Park Seo-jun (22.9M)


The film was dubbed “the master of romantic comedy,” Seo-Jun’s fun funny, goofy, and fun characters impressed the viewers which led to his fame skyrocketing across South Korea and all over Asia and gaining a global fan base. Since his debut in the year 2012’s Korean Drama Dream High 2, he has been in romantic dramas as well as blockbusters.

Ji Chang-Wook (22M)


Chang-Wook has likely played all the characters you could imagine including the charming poor underdog from The Backstreet Rookie (2020)to the uneasy, awkward prosecutor from The Suspicious Partners (2017), the mercenary who is now a bodyguard K2 (2016), the mercenary turned bodyguard in K2 (2016), to the flamboyant emperor of Empress Ki (2013).

He has seen impressive progress in his career following his debut in the series 2010 thriller My Too Perfect Sons. Their international and local popularity has earned him a huge social media fan base.

Nam Joo-Hyuk (18.5M)


The role that pops to mind when you think of Nam Joo-hyuk is the kind and hardworking man who is struggling to get by on the set of the twenty-first century in Five Twenty-One (2022). Nam Joo-hyuk is well-known within the South Korean entertainment industry and has a huge international fan base. He started out as an actor but gained fame as an actor in his role in the 2015 show Who Are You: School 2015. He’s handsome and chic with two cute dogs to look out for on his Instagram and their matching backpacks and coats.

Lee Dong-Wook (15M)


Lee Dong-Wook is an established actor in the Korean drama world with a wide range of leading and supporting roles. He has been performing in the business for more than two decades, performing as a host, performer as well as actor, and model, in addition to other professions.

At 40 Lee Dong-Wook is never likely to age and his charisma is irresistible both on and offscreen. He is well-known for his roles as a lead actor in dramas like My Girl (2005), Loving You (2002) and A Tale of Nine-Tailed (2020), Strangers from Hell (2019), and Bad and Crazy (2021), among many more.

Hwang In-your (15M)


He has become a popular name in K-drama since his appearance in the series 2018. W.H.Y. Hwang was introduced to show business as a model following having completed his military service. He is extremely dedicated in his career as an actor, as He trains regularly to do certain stunts with no substitutes and to perform his roles with conviction.

He continues to accumulate HIYLYs (his popular fandom’s name) for his appearances in various shows like What’s Up With Her (2022), The Sound of magic (2022), True Beauty (2020), and 18 Again (2020), among others. His latest appearance on Young Actors’ Retreat has us convinced that he’s blessed by the gods of the variety show.

Song Kang (14.8M)


Song Kang made his acting debut in the year 2017 as a minor character in the comedy romantic The Liar and His Lover. He has since diversified his acting resume with most notable roles being the shows Love Alarm (2019-2021), Navillera (2021), and Sweet Home (2020). A majority of his shows were produced and broadcast by Netflix giving him the title ” Son of Netflix.”

So there we have it, the 12 most followed Korean actors on Instagram. Are you following any? Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!



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