12 Most Followed Korean Actresses on Instagram

12 Following Korean actresses’ Instagram

Everyone is aware that the best way to keep track of their favorite actors and idols can be to keep up with them via social media. Instagram lets fans be close to their stars and get the most up-to-date updates on their projects as well as collaborations. We also get glimpses of their lives without the glitz and glamour while they spend time with their adorable pets, vacation destinations, and more.

These are the top 12 watched Korean actors; let us know which Instagram aesthetic you’ve fallen in love with!

Kim Ji-soo (65.4M)


Jisoo of Blackpink is no stranger to anyone in Blink (Blackpink’s nickname in the fandom). She is part of a famous girl group, modeland actress. Her first acting role was on the television series Snowdrop, playing the role of a student in her first year in the Department of English and Literature at Hosu Women’s University. In 2019 she was a guest appearance in the sequel to The Arthdal Chronicles: The Sky Turning Inside Out Rising Land.

IU (28.1M)


Lee Ji-Eun, also known by the screen name IU to her fans she is a singer and actress. Her voice is incredibly gorgeous, and she has established herself as a major force in the music industry through constant top-charting albums.

Her first acting experience was when she played the lead role in the Drama series Dream High. Since then, she has been cast as the lead in several films and dramas, including Bel Ami (2013), The Producers (2015), and Persona (2019) in addition to Hotel De Luna, among others. Her success in both Kpop and Kdrama has garnered her an impressive following and made her among the top popular actors on Instagram.

Jung Ho-Yeon (22.6M)


With just one major role Ho-Yeon became an instant star after her performance on the set of 2021’s Netflix popular Kdrama drama series The Squid Game. The show’s popularity throughout the world earned her a large number of international and local fans. She also models and is a regular on the supermodels” variety program Devil’s Runaway.

Bae Suzy (18M)


Suzy continues to keep up with her nickname, “Nation’s first love,” which led to her acting debut in the film architecture 101 (2012). Suzy continues to attract a large number of international and local followers who are eager to share tiny glimpses of her daily life via pictures and selfies. She also posts photos of her behind-the-scenes for her diverse initiatives on Instagram.

She is most famous for her roles as a character in Dream High (2011), Gu Family Book (2013) and While You Were Sleeping (2017), Anna (2022), Vagabond (2019), Startup (2020), and more.

Lee Sung-Kyung (14.5M)


Lee Sung-Kyung has certainly won hearts and garnered a large audience for her extraordinary performance as Kim Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016) and Cha Eun-Jae from Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), Kang Yi Sol in Flowers of the Queen (2015) and Jo Ji-Hye in the film Miss and Mrs. Cops (2019) in which she’s received numerous awards. Also, she is a songwriter and model.

Park Soo-young /Joy (14.4M)


She is well-known by the stage name Joy as well as her alias Joy of Red Velvet Joy on Instagram Soo-young is an actor and singer from Red Velvet, a group of girls. Red Velvet. She began her acting career as the lead actress in the musical series “The Lover and the Liar” (2017).

She also appeared on the screen in Tempted (2018), Once Upon a Small Town (2022), and The one and Only (2021). Much like her stage name she has a large following for her bubbly personality, which is always bubbly and lively.

I’m Yoon-ah (14.2M)


Being part of the famous group Girl’s Generation, Yoona already has a massive Instagram fan base from her K-pop followers. Yoona is an outstanding dancer, boasts incredible vocals, and is also an outstanding actress.

She has been a part of many well-known dramas, films, and TV shows, including her role in the 2022 episode of Big Mouth, Hush (2020), The K2 (2016) The Prime Minister and me (2013), and You Are My Destiny, among others.

Park Shin Hye (13.8M)


She is a performer model, actress, and model who has been in show business for more than two decades. She is among the most well-known actresses who have played different parts since the time she debuted in 2003’s Melodrama film Stairway to Heaven.

She has been awarded for her performances as a character in The Heirs (2013), Doctors (2016), Heartstrings (2011) as well as Pinocchio (2014) just several others. She is a lover of flowers and cats, as you can see from her Instagram photos.

Song Hye-Kyo (13.4M)


Hye-Kyo is a well-known name in the South Korean acting industry as she has been an actress since her debut on the television drama First Love. With a career spanning more than twenty years, she has been featured in numerous parts, her most well-known being That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Autumn in My Heart (2000), Full House (2004), and Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021).

She has a stunning youthful look despite the fact that she is in her forties. She also has an impressive following of fans waiting to learn her secrets to keeping beautiful, young, and charming.

Kim So-hyun (12.4M)


When she first made her debut as a child actor in the year 2006 So-Hyun made incredible progress in her professional career. She is only 23 years old So-Hyun is one of the newest and most popular South Korean actresses on Instagram. She was featured in a variety of supporting roles prior to landing her first leading part in the 2013 TV show The Suspicious Housekeeper.

She was able to get the lead roles in several dramas, such as the series Useless Lies (2022), Love Alarm 1 and 2 (2019 2021), The tale of Nokdu (2019), and Radio Romance, among others. Her smile is infectious which has earned her the honor of being selected as the official representative of an honorary smile at this year’s Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games to represent Korea’s Kindness as well as Smile.

Park Min Young (10.4M)


Park Min Young made her acting debut in the comedy-drama High Kick! (2006). She has since proven herself to be an accomplished actress. Her role in dramas like What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2016), Her Private Life (2019), and Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) has earned her the title of”the “Queen of office romance.”

Her series Love In Contract is also very well-received. It doesn’t matter if she is with her pet as well as showing her stunning fashion sense, she is always adorable on camera.

Krystal Jung (10.4M)


Krystal is an acclaimed actor and singer, she began her acting career in the comedy “More Charming” (2010) as well as received one of the awards for her part in the show. Her performance as a character in The Heirs (2013) attracted more attention and praise as an actor.

Since then, she has played at least 8 roles in various dramas, including Police University (2021) and Crazy Love (2022). With her Instagram account, followers can observe her behind-the-scenes of her shoots, as well as the restaurants and places she likes. Her Instagram style is stylish and chic.

Here we go the top 12 most followed Korean actors on Instagram. Do you follow any of them? Which ones are your favorites? Tell us via the comment section below!


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