13 Must-Watch Legal K-Dramas Released in 2022

13 Must-Watch Legal K-Dramas Released in 2022

Dramas about legal issues have provided excellent entertainment and viewers get absorbed in the court proceedings of diverse legal shows. The wit and quick thinking of the lawyers and the unexpected witness who alters the course of the trial at the last minute are just some of the unexpected twists that keep us the on the edge of our seats.

If you’re wondering which is the most recent legal Korean drama to watch then you’re in luck. These are the top Korean legal dramas that were released this year. Get your popcorn set and take a break!

juvenile justice

Juvenile Justice
Shim Eun-Seok who is played by Kim Hye-soo is a stern superior judge with an angry personality that is averse to juvenile offenders. She is appointed to be the judge in the Yeonhwa District Court.

The story follows Eun-Seok’s journey as she enforces her strict views regarding punishment and justice for minor offenders. She regularly violates the rules and applies the punishment she feels is appropriate for the offense.

The Law Cafe

The film tells the love story of an ex-prosecutor that is currently a property proprietor Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi), and a lawyer with a four-dimensional character Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young). Jeong-ho was a brilliant prosecutor before quitting his position due to an investigation into corruption that involved his father.

Yu-ri is a fiery and impatient, but she is a great lawyer who hates injustice. Yu-ri quits work in order to realize her long-held dream of opening a cafe in which she serves coffee and provides legal counsel to clients. Jeong-ho and Yu-ri were childhood friends and, coincidentally, Jeongho becomes her business’s owner.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The show focuses on the young attorney Woo Young-woo who is played by Park Eun-bin and is afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. Her personality is unique due to her condition and this causes her to be unable to interact and develop relationships with her colleagues and acquaintances.

But, she is blessed with a remarkable memory that can be useful in courtrooms. She’s also fierce due to her amazing ability to think, be smart, and incredible intelligence.

Why Her

The show tells a raging love story of a law professor who wants to get her life back and an undergraduate student who has an unforgiving history. Oh, Soo-Jae (Seo Hyun-jin) is a sharp and competent attorney and one of the youngest partners at TK Law Firm, considered the top law firm in America.

She is driven to be successful, yet is self-righteous and solid. She is involved in a traumatic incident that results in her being dismissed to become a professor of law. She falls in love with a man Gong Chan (Hwang In-you) who has an unpleasant experience in the justice system. He has an establishment.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

This gripping drama follows the lives of two military prosecutors from diverse backgrounds, each with their own personalities and different goals. Do Bae-man’s (Ahn Bo-Hyun’s) goal to be an effective military prosecutor and earn more money?

However, Cha Wooden (Jo Bo-ah) is avenging herself in her mind as she is a part of Batman’s team. However, both prosecutors come up with ways to collaborate and stop a tide of corruption within the military.

Big Mouth

An unpopular lawyer Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) has a poor success rate and is enlisted by a mayor to look into an important murder case, which is later framed when he discovers a conspiracy with the powerful.

He is incarcerated for being the famous con artist known as the big mouse. The incident is threatening both his personal life and his family members, and He is determined to discover the truth. He is assisted by his wife, who is a determined and determined nurse who will take any step to prove the man she is married to is innocent.

again my life

Again My Life

Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) can work hard and get through his bar exam despite having low high school marks. He becomes a dedicated prosecutor, who is determined to take down the corrupt. He mysteriously dies when he investigates the corruption of an elected official, but somehow receives an opportunity to resurrect his life when his life is saved.

The story follows the character of Hee-woo as he attempts to complete his studies in order to re-enter the classroom and find out the circumstances surrounding his death. He is reunited with Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji eun), and together they look for the truth and discover rich and influential players in the death of Hee-woo.

One-Dollar Lawyer

Cheon Ji-hun (Namkoong Min) is an outstanding lawyer who provides his clients with an annual retainer fee of one US Dollar (10,000 won). Cheon Ji-hun fights against the rich accused in the hope of evading the law with their wealth and hiring costly lawyers.

His story is interspersed and he meets Baek Mari (Kim Ji-eun) after her grandfather asks Kim Ji-eun to study with Baek Mari. She has high self-esteem and is confident. Her life has changed since meeting Ji-hun.

Bad Prosecutor

 Jin Jung (Doh Kyung-soo) is a corrupt prosecutor who will do anything to ensure justice. He is not a fan of legal law, standardization, or integrity in his pursuit to bring off the wealthy and corrupt and their criminal groups.

He is employed by his office in the Central District office, where Shin Ah-ra (Lee Se-hee) is a partner and Oh Do-hwan (Ha Joon) is an extremely powerful prosecutor who is a believer in the power of money. Shin Ah-ra is a believer in the importance of objectiveness and adhering to protocol, while Do-hwan is willing to do whatever it takes to get success and advancement within the office.


This story tells the adventures of a trainee judge Kin Yo-han (Kang Ha-neul). When he is investigating a corruption case and is subsequently undercover and held in the risky Seongju Prison. Believing he has been betrayed and unable to escape, he fights for his life as the other prisoners constantly attempt to take him down.

He is determined to take revenge on the people who betrayed him and employs his wits and extraordinary combat skills to make it through the prison that is lawless.

Doctor Lawyer

Han Yi-Han (So Ji-sub) is a top surgeon who specializes in cardiothoracic and general surgery. He achieved an excellent success rate up prior to losing one of the clients and the medical license was suspended.

After four years, Yo-han continues to work as a lawyer in medical litigation. He defends the patients and is able to punish professionals that are accused of medical negligence and medical malpractice.

May It Please the Court

Noh Chak-hee (Jung Ryeo-won) is a tough and excellent corporate attorney who has an impressive success rate and is close to becoming a partner in an eminent law firm.

A successful defense of a drug firm that manufactures unsafe birth control pills However, a problem arises, and she gets arrested for manipulating a victim in order to attempt suicide. She is suspended for a year and is then forced to serve as an official prosecutor.

The Empire

Han Hye-Sul (Kim Sun-ah) is a descendant of a family of high-end rich and powerful people who have utilized their law professions to build an empire. She is the director of the Central District Prosecutor’s Office the special investigative unit.

She is extremely meticulous and exceptional and has her eyes focused on a rise to the rank of Prosecutor General. Despite all her hard work the public sees her success because of her family, and she’s determined to get her freedom but it comes with an extremely high cost.


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