1899 – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Ship” Recap & Review

The Ship

Episode 1, 1899 starts with a woman in a state of hysteria at an institution for mentally ill people, trying to recall who she is and wishing to find out what’s occurred to her father. “Wake awake.” An ear calls, and then our main character, Maura Franklin, does.

Maura is aboard a large ship that is bound for New York called the Kerberos There are however reports that are spreading about the Prometheus the ship that’s gone missing for the past four months. It’s interesting that Maura’s cabin is identical to the cabin that she took into the psychiatric ward. The counter has an email to her husband, inviting her to meet her in New York, explaining what she’s up to on the ship. She’s also a physician studying her brain’s structure for quite a time.

There’s an array of people on this ship with people from all walks of life, and with diverse nationalities. There’s the self-centered Mrs. Wilson who is a fan of everybody and the French newly married couple — Lucien and Clemence who evidently do not love each other, and some Cantonese migrants in the shape of Ling-Yi’s mother and her

Everyone is fleeing from something, but, just like that everyone is drinking out of their cup at the same all at once. A man suddenly comes to the scene, covered in scars on his face. He’s seeking a doctor but doesn’t receive one until Maura is able to chase him down and assist. The passenger is pregnant and is in great pain because the baby’s head has turned. Maura helps bring the baby back.

After she gets back on the deck, she discovers herself in front of Captain Eyk Larsen He explains it is not appropriate to be on the Third Class deck. Since Maura is First Class and is not a First Class passenger, she shouldn’t be in Third Class. However, they’re interrupted when they hear the arrival of a message, and an officer -who appears strikingly like Adam Driver I may add is able to reveal that they’ve been receiving messages for the past 20 minutes.

It’s a distress message and is believed to originate from Prometheus. The only thing it sends is coordinates. However, they seem to be in contradiction with where the ship is supposed to be since it has been drifting north and not south. The captain decides to look into the matter and urges them to alter their direction.

Maura arrives at Eyk’s house and asks him questions regarding Prometheus. He is frank and confesses that he has coordinates, but they’re unsure if they’re from the ship or not. Since it’s been four months since the incident it’s highly unlikely the crew would have survived, but you don’t will know. Larsen says they could have made it through if the crew had restricted their food intake.

It’s evident that Maura has a contact onboard, but she isn’t vocal enough to get the Captain to confess that he’s planning to inform the ship later and inform them of the situation. Did you remember the note Maura wrote? Then, Larsen has a note too that is scribbled on the back of the letter “What has been lost is going to be discovered.”

The passengers aren’t happy when they discover that the ship’s course has changed and they are skeptical about the captain’s method of operation and insist that they had to pay a good price to travel there to New York in seven days without deviations. Eyk does not have a word. In the end, Eyk turns his back and disappears.

In the meantime, Jerome and Olek end up finding themselves working in the bowels of the ship, throwing coal into the flames to rotate the ship and take it to what they believe to be the Prometheus. On top of the decks is Maura who is deciding against eating dinner and then talks with Larsen who is interested in her medical background. Maura takes a bite and reveals that Larsen is also full of secrets.

The two are interrupted when they see a vessel just ahead of them in the distance. When they get closer to the ship, they shoot the red flare. It appears as if the vessel has been abandoned. The officers, comprising the first-mate think they should inform the Company first. However, the Captain has different thoughts. He requests that a lifeboat be brought down and then decides to look into the matter. Anyone who is let off can inform headquarters.

In the cabins of 1st Class One of the guys looking a lot like Jamie Bell – suggests they take a priest with their group to Prometheus. A priest is similar to Father Ramiro. Eyk believes it’s a great idea to allow him to accompany the crew even though he doesn’t communicate in English. Eyk Larsen believes that he’ll provide an immense source of comfort for the crew.

The small lifeboat is dwarfed in comparison to the dimensions of Prometheus and, when they are positioned along the side of the boat, all of them climb onto the main deck one at one time. Someone must have broadcast the signal, however, it appears as if the vessel is totally empty. Actually, when they get inside the ship, the signal ceases to broadcast.

Eyk Larsen spots a piece of ribbon that is lying on the ground, placed in a bizarre pattern. But the enigma does not stop there. The telegraph device has been totally damaged… therefore, how could a signal be delivered? A soaking wet body could be the answer since we watch this man soaring out of the water, and appears to be snooping around the other participants at the Kerberos.

Returning to the Prometheus Our group makes their way to the dining area however they discover a bizarre cabinet that is locked with pipes. The sound of a threatening bang is heard from the other end however when Maura is able to open it the door, they discover a little boy seated behind. He slouches away and joins the group. He holds the black pyramid device and then hands it over to Maura.

In the meantime, this man – who appears like someone older than the boy from the Prometheus I might add is getting wet and employs a weird green bug to walk through the doorway of Room 1011 (Maura’s cabin) and then open it. As he enters the door, it changes to 1013.

The Episode Review

The premiere episode draws to an end and appears to be destined to combine the best elements from Dark, Ghost Ship, and Man of Medan, blending them into a delightfully terrifying and intriguing drama. The cast is all fantastic in their roles, and with certain writers joining from Dark it is easy to get the same impressions that they have from the previous works to this.

1899 could be a major mystery this year if it manages to make its point and build on the groundwork that was laid out by the previous year. There’s certainly plenty to love about this film and we’re not forced to wait a week to see what is to come in the coming days. Next week is here!


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