1899 – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Boy” Recap & Review

The Boy

Episode 2 from 1899 starts with Larsen experiencing a frightening vision. Larsen is looking out at his home and is shocked to see the entire home burned to the ground with his wife and three daughters still in the house.

In the end, as we learn in the show it’s actually an aspect of Larsen’s traumatic history and has been haunting him for quite a while. Fortunately, the nightmare is put to rest by the voice of Maura, who whispers to Larsen to get up.

The situation is set to get more difficult, but. The ship’s compasses are totally off, spinning out of control. Meanwhile, a message is received in two phrases: “Sink Ship. Could it be that the mysterious child is connected to all that is happening?

While the employees inside the engine room think about whether the child really is was wolf-like, Larsen intervenes to ask Olek one of the employees, about the amount of coal. He’s interested in knowing the amount they have, but it must be kept from the attention of all the other workers. He’s still hearing that odd German singing and he’s trying to keep his head together.

It turns out that the dripping-wet guy from the last episode is Daniel Solace, and when Maura observes him in the cabin She notices that he appears like a familiar face. However, she isn’t able to identify him. It’s me, your… neighbor.”He finally declares before disappearing through the hallway. It’s not that weird in the slightest.

The boy inside is awake, and he quietly hands over the pyramid to Maura. While Maura is sleeping, Angel lurks about and discovers Krester’s third Class guy from previous chapters, who requested Maura’s assistance. He hands over the tobacco container and then slips away. Kove his wife who had a baby last episode inquires about Krester while reminding him that he had promised her something.

After having some frighteningly real visions that involve his family members, Eyk Larsen snaps and immediately confronts the boy and demands to know what transpired on the Prometheus. Maura is able to slap him and finally dismisses the captain However, Larsen isn’t thinking clearly and yells in the hallway informing Maura about the telegraph that was destroyed as well as his visions.

Daniel sliding around the corner is enough to prompt Larsen to get out. Maura also does the same with a clear distrust of the stranger, yet he gives a sly look at the boy who is on the other side of the cabin.

As Mrs. Wilson continues to create tensions within the group, calling Ling-Yi the Japanese passenger an “exotic tiny bird” and trying to test the French man’s resolve Jerome (one from the crew in engines) as well as Clemence (the French newlywed woman) make a threatening greeting from the bridge, apparently having a common sense of.

Following the drama, passengers are urged to gather on the deck, which is arranged with the captain’s help. But, on the way, there are some more clues that aren’t so obvious are revealed. The carpet on the First Class deck seems to be the same symbol we’ve been seeing: the triangle that has two lines running through. It’s also possible to find this bug that is colorful and it takes one of the students from the third class to the deck in which Daniel is waiting to meet her. “I’m so sorry,” Daniel says in a threatening tone.

Larsen takes a risk and decides to change the direction of the ship and tow the Prometheus back from where they came. The passengers are angry and have no intention of participating in this and protesting against the crazy decision. “I’ve decided to take my position.” Captain Williams says clearly, and then leaves. Even Maura is averse to this idea until she gets the letter from the company with the mysterious letter about Eyk’s relatives. He’s convinced more than ever before that all of this is tied together.

In the final moments of the episode, The Third class passengers are dead. As Larsen examines the scene at the scene, we zoom out to observe the entire group of passengers sitting on monitors being monitored by someone.

The Episode Review

The mysteries keep growing however this episode does an excellent job of fleshing out secondary characters and demonstrating that everyone is hiding something. Each of the travelers has an agenda and each seems to be fleeing through their past.

Maura is evidently seeking her brother, but she’s unable to go to her family, trying to escape her own fears, while Larsen as we find out in this chapter is troubled by the tragic event which befell his family.


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