1899 – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Fog” Recap & Review

The Fog

Episode 3 from 1899 opens with the focus shifting to Ling-Yi. She also has a terrifying dream, one of her sinking onto the floor of a sea while in a box. The clothes that are set up across the room, beholding that famous triangle on top as1899 – Season 1 Episode 3 “

In the morning, Mrs. Wilson is in the kitchen and continues to weave her deceitful web insisting that every loss offers a chance – and to visit her home afterward. Ling-Yi is questioned by Wilson who is aware that she is a virgin. Wilson observes additional dollar signs in the process and orders Ling-Yi to be prepared by 8 a.m.

In the end, she flees from her mother, who says she would like a better life for her daughter but declares herself a whore which reveals that her career path is nothing more than the kind of dirt that doesn’t really rub off.

Following a brief study of the girl who died (Who is his sister), it suddenly starts to sway and then begins to shake. It’s slowing. The fog is thick and has gathered on everyone and, the visibility is so poor, Eyk Larsen gives the command to stay in place. Franz One officer views the situation as an error and believes that they must cut the Prometheus off to sink it, then get headed for the sea.

We also learn some more details concerning the ribbon Larsen discovered. It turns out it was belonging to his child. It’s not just that, Larsen also showcases a bizarre area beneath his bed, which has the triangle symbol that is all over it. Larsen decides to return to the Prometheus to locate the log book and to try to discover clues about what’s going on. Maura is on board along with Larsen.

There are more secrets to be found on the Kerberos but an officer is able to take the bizarre triangular images that come out of the Telegraph machine and then inputs the symbols into a hidden screen within the hallway. The purpose of this panel remains to be discovered.

On board, The Prometheus, Eyk, and Maura begin searching for the logbook. They quickly realize that everything isn’t all that well. It turns out that this boat also comes with a shaft that is tiled that leads deeper into the ship, as well as the same pattern is found for that triangle that has a line running through.

Eyk describes the time when three German ships were sold to an investor from the UK. British investor who was a descendant of Henry Singleton. The ships were taken to dry docks for three months, where a brand new communication system was put in place and the ships were upgraded. That iconic sign we’ve seen so much about is the logo of the company.

After escaping Ling-Yi was saved by a lonesome soul She is saved by a lone soul – Olek. Olek takes her away from the glare of the passengers, and then into the quiet waiting area. A thick fog begins to gather around her, leaving Ling-Yi facing the traumatic events of her history.

Olek helps the girl by offering some words of encouragement as she goes back to her home to wait for the arrival of her “customer.” But, this is Lucien who is a French man. However, after watching the dancing of Ling-Yi, he stops her from removing her clothes and starts taking measurements. “Don’t worry, it won’t last for long.” He declares before falling to the floor and violently shaking.

As they return to Prometheus, Eyk and Maura discover a control panel that is supposed to measure steam pressure. The panel has never been used on the Kerberos however it could have had the same effect in the Prometheus. A nearby incinerator contains more clues in the form of the passenger list of the ship, which is in perfect condition among the ash and rubble. When Eyk looks at the list, he’s frightened and scrambles to hide it away. He is lying to Maura as well, telling her that he’s discovered nothing and they must return to their ship.

Eyk is evidently hiding something significant, and when they get back to Kerberos the captain informs Maura not to reveal to anyone where they’ve gone. And, even more shockingly, three bodies are found dead, after they were discovered in the cabins of the crew with identical symptoms to the woman who was on deck. There is no blood or bruises. This is, unfortunately, the final straw in the event that an uprising rages.

Franz Franz, one of the top officers, assumes over the other officers and leads the troops into 3rd Class, urging the group to all take up the arms to fight. Franz decides they must resign against the Captain. Olek resists and tries to leave, determined to inform the Captain of all the details. The result is that he’s placed in the brig along with Jerome.

Who’s on the list of passengers? The answer is that Maua’s name is listed in an odd sequence of events. Daniel is seen approaching Maura in the cockpit and declares Eyk a maniac. Maura isn’t happy with him, describing him as a person struggling with his depression and suffering. However, the others aren’t as accepting, and they show up together with guns in the captain’s cabin, determined to take over the ship.

In the meantime, Daniel remotely controls the Prometheus with a bizarre device to turn the engines back on. And when that thick fog abruptly disappears, being sucked into this device it is when the Kerberos disappears as well.

The Episode Review

As we get closer to the halfway mark of this story, it’s becoming more apparent how the two ships are connected. However, the mention of a third ship is also bringing a small level of mystery into the fold. It might be linked to the triangle, particularly considering the three points that make up the triangle.

The attention this time shifts to Ling-Yi. The physical and metaphorical prison she’s locked in is easy to be seen and observing her past struggles helps reveal the details of her past.

There’s lots of promise in this book and the story is getting tighter slightly right now. With the ship seemingly out of sight and people on the verge of becoming violent and apoplectic, Everything here is at a risk on the edge of a knife. Is it possible that Kerberos is in danger of suffering the same fate as Prometheus? We’ll be watching and waiting to see it!



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