1899 – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Fight” Recap & Review

The Fight

Episode 4 from 1899 kicks off with the attention shifting to Jerome. The war is brutal and ugly and for Jerome, the war is not a chance to show his respect to his countrymen. It’s interesting to note that he’s together with Lucien who has nothing to be ashamed of in his manner of speaking. He’s attempting to appear as a soldier, and then leave the scene.

Jerome is then awoken by the familiar yell from Maura to “wake up” and prompts Franz to lead Jerome from the brig and move him closer to the mob. Eyk remains in the brig however his pleas for his release and logic do not go unheeded. Jerome Olek and Jerome Olek must both toss dead bodies – that are gathering on the deck – into the water.

In the meantime, further mysteries are present on the vessel. The bow is facing west instead of east, and the ship itself is now in the same position it was in three days before the change of course. The ship’s destination is West and so Franz dismisses the strangeness and decides to go on.

Word is spreading about the mysterious boy taken aboard as the officers held under gunpoint by the Third Class passengers divulge the details. They also share information details of the ship’s Company asking that the ship be sunk. In the aftermath, the mob turns their attention toward the child, trying to understand the reason why so many deaths.

Lucien tells Clemence that he’s about to die but he doesn’t bother to tell her since this marriage is just a business transaction instead of genuine affection towards one another. While Clemence is stunned, Maura too is shocked to be subjected to being searched as the mob arrives at her door to her cabin, determined to locate the boy. After opening the door, they discover… the empty space. In the aftermath, the crowd turns towards the remainder of the boat, determined to locate the child.

And, in the background, Daniel continues to operate in a shady manner, playing with the breaker box again and sparks flying. Did you remember the strange green bug? It appears that the boy is the owner of it and is in his cabin, Maura. Even though the door is locked from the outside, he is able to open it the same manner as we watched Daniel do it earlier and then put it under the door that is made of wood. the two men rush through the hallway.

After a quick escape from the deck, Jerome is able to escape his captors and manages to get to the cabin Clemence in the cabin, where he hides until the guards leave. She lets him remain until she’s no more being pursued, but Jerome remains determined. He’s determined to free the captain and Clemence will aid in the process.

The problem is that both the Priest and Captain are already free by breaking free of their chains thanks to inventiveness and escape from the vents. Together with Jerome and Clemence with them and a plot in place, they come up with a way to escape from the boat and make their way to the Prometheus in a bid to make a call for assistance. They’re with the kid and Maura just as they prepare to go down… and then the crowd.

With guns in the air and tensions about to get heated, the boy willfully goes off however there’s an issue. Jerome takes the initiative and is killed for his actions and flashbacks show what transpired in the past between Lucien as well as Jerome. When Jerome refuses to join in the former friend beat him out and put him into a cage thereby betraying Jerome and escaping from the cage dressed as the soldier.

Lucien plans to go towards the closest outpost in order to inform the soldiers that there’s a deserter among them. group, who has resigned Jerome to the prison system and, in the end, works to secure the Kerberos.

Based on Jerome’s horrific backstory, Jerome wakes up and is taken to Third Class to inform them that he’s willing to die on the ship and that they must fight back and fight to keep the ship in check. This is inevitably the cause of an intense fight on the deck, especially when they are told to throw the boy into the water. Unfortunately, it’s Krester’s mom who grabs him and throws him down to the bottom of the pool.

The plan doesn’t work out and the gang of Eyk decides to go down and gather. In the midst, Maura runs over what was happening to the child and how he humbly accepted his fate, without trying to fight it. But, she’s jolted from her thoughts by Eyk who pulls Maura off her feet and asks her about the list of passengers to the Prometheus.

He’s interested in knowing what she’s hiding, and also the reason for her actions. But, they’re snatched out by the child who appears in the bar cabinet beneath the cabinet and, clutching this bizarre pyramid, he is silently walking towards Maura and wraps his arms in her direction. It’s an incredibly shocking scene and one that leaves everyone in the crowd shocked into silence.

The Episode Review

The mystery and strangeness on this ship go on and it appears that everything is linked between the two ships. The watery man could be the more mature version of the boy, and the pyramid is something that allows one to travel to other places.

My current theory is that this is a big therapy session, and Maura is in fact the therapist, who is hypnotizing every one of her passengers. This could be the reason for that “wake awake” whispering and the continuous switching between flashbacks and current-day drama. However, again, take it with a grain of salt dear readers. I’m writing this post without watching the remainder of the season, so it might be a bit out of the question!

Whatever the case the entire plot is set for an interesting second part of this series of mysteries, which is just beginning to reveal its face and unravel little pieces of the events. Let’s see what happens next!


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