1899 – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Calling” Recap & Review

The Calling

Episode 5 in 1899 opens with Maura awakening from an unreal dream. She raced towards an unmarked grave and finds the phrase “Wake Up” written on the wood. Her hands drag her back to the shadows, and then into an area where she’s tied down and infused… then pushed in the direction of the boat.

When Maura wakes up, she is shocked to discover everyone else has placed the boy inside the cabinet, which has a steel pipe that runs across the front. This is akin to Prometheus in the first episode, does it not?

As Maura takes a step forward to shield the boy, wishing to rescue him There’s a twist that happens. The time freezes which allows Maura to bend reality to her own will. She snatches a bullet from the sky and gazes around in a state of confusion. The only person who can go along with her is the boy who strays off the cabinet after Maura liberates him.

While, Iben continues to snub her son’s needs while Krester’s sexuality is weighing heavy as a shackle on her heart, which prevents her from being able to talk about and be able to accept her son. For Tove, she talks with Krester about this, before finally shooting the gun and walking off with purpose.

Clemence discovers the truth regarding Lucien also, which includes the lies he’s heard in order to arrive at this point. “You constantly remind me of what I am unable to possess,” Lucien says sadly and tears dripping down his cheeks. Lucien knows that his life is a total sham since the time he lied to be an officer in the rank of lieutenant.

When it comes to the marching off, a bizarre ticking sound prompts a crowd of crew members to start marches toward the deck. The sound echoes through the cabins, like the siren’s song, and splits the crew in two with the who are lucid and those who are completely absorbed.

With her mother in charge her, she casually plunges herself into the water, accompanied by the rest of the participants – including Kester. If Maura inquires about what’s going on, he writes down “They are watching” and then continues saying she must talk to God for any kind of response. This is in the form of the strange hatch, which is hidden under the cabin.

As Maura is able to walk down an unsettling gap, she is in the same bizarre vision that was captured at the beginning of this book. The details are very identical, all the way to the church and the house located in the distance.

When Daniel discovers that the hatch is open when he sees the hatch open, he presses the button on his computer to reveal a secret compartment that happened to be an access point. The boy who was there, “It knows we’re here this moment” Daniel says to the boy. There’s a cryptic conversation here about God the Creator, “not making it this long before” and another dialogue that appears to suggest the real nature of the situation, however, it’s difficult to comprehend at the moment!

Incredibly, a telegram goes through the ship which contains two sentences “Sink Ship” and Daniel goes to the engine area, where he tries to figure out what’s wrong. However, someone from the engineering team is on top of him and begins screaming at him, calling him the Wolf. Daniel is able to press some more buttons and then the man becomes limp and calm.

While this is happening, Maura heads deeper into her own reality and comes across a home with”Mental Health” and “Mental Health” printed on the front. The room is very still and she goes on until she comes across Room 1011. Room 1011 is the same room that she used for her cabin.

After opening the door, she sees that familiar chair we saw in flashes in the beginning in the first chapter. The man who is in the hallway turns out to be her father. He emerges from the shadows. Maura is sitting down and infused with something that causes her to look up and be on the ship asleep in the bed.

Eyk is soon caught up with her and asks for answers. We do find some. It is discovered that Franklin is the maiden name of Maura’s mother. The name she was given was Maura Singleton and her mother was Henry Singleton, the owner of these vessels. She believes that everything is an experiment because of her father’s interest in the field of behavioral sciences. He wasn’t interested in ships.

Today, Maura never got on with her brother, but he was keen to meet her and had set a time and date in the Southampton docks. She waited to wait for him, but he didn’t show up. Then she discovered that one day before, the Prometheus one of the ships that her father bought, was taken off that same dock. Since her brother was missing for over four months, it’s reasonable to believe that he was aboard the vessel.

After capturing the green beetle earlier, Maura sets it down in the Captain’s hatch by using it to break the passageway that leads to the opposite side. It opens up an odd area, and Eyk is able to hear the familiar melody that his daughter sang in his dreams in episode 2. This time, they discover the Captain’s home instead of the mental institution. It could be that there’s one under every cabin.

Uncovering the truth, Eyk Larsen reveals even shocking facts. His signature appears on the passenger list for Prometheus which could suggest that he was the captain of the vessel. When they find this out when they get to the deck, they discover the sound of ticking has stopped (presumably due to Daniel’s fiddling) and the hordes of survivors congregating in a group.

The Captain receives a second message, reiterating the well-known “sink ship” however, as Daniel appears it is possible that they are referring to the Kerberos and not the Prometheus.

But this isn’t all. Do you remember the bizarre arrow symbol? Do you remember the strange arrow symbols? Henry Singleton, sitting in an office with nice decor, gets these in connection with “Project Kerberos” and promptly informs his coworkers that they’ve not been given enough time. He is in need of the boy to be a part of his team for a reason. While he sits up and stares outside the pyramid is atop the skyline. What’s happening?

The Episode Review

This suggests it’s possible that Project Kerberos is actually one huge experiment and they’re using it for an ulterior motive against the users. It’s not clear what the ultimate goal is, however it could appear to be a research study on behavior.

The way that Maura is a part of all this, and not forgetting the vast mystery surrounding her father, who is a major part of the research it’s a wonderful surprise and unlikely to anticipate. The fate of these travelers appears to be tied to the fate of Prometheus however, I’d expect that we’ll begin to discover more about this in time and hopefully know how everything is interconnected.


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