November 2022 - SCIENCEIUM

May I Help You Episode Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

It is an intriguing drama. I Help You is a captivating drama that blends romance, action, and excitement into a beautiful mix. The May I Help You Ep 4 The heart of this is Baek Do-Ju who is the funeral director. She is a gifted person that allows her to observe and communicate with the… read more »

Will there be a Slumberland 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Francis Lawrence’s newest movie Slumberland will be streaming through Netflix right now and is worth watching If you’re looking for an exciting fantasy film to watch with your loved ones. If you’ve watched and loved Slumberland and enjoyed it, you might be looking for another sequel. Slumberland 2 However, will there be a Slumberland 2?… read more »

Elite Season 6 Review – A blasé, perfunctory misfire

In my previous post in my last review, Elite is running low on trying to revive the things that made the first seasons attractive. Season 4 seemed like the first slip in the ladder, and the previous season’s performance fell several steps, offering an uninteresting and ultimately boring piece of soapy drama. Season 6 will… read more »

The Calling – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Hand of Diligent”

Danny has a vision that he believes is real. Elisabeth visited Danny and told him that she was finally heading back to her home. Danny contacts Paul to discuss it. Paul tells him the story when he comes back. The Hand of Diligent Paul isn’t convinced that he is actually telling his children that she… read more »

Has Dead to Me been renewed for Season 4?

After a long wait and a long time, we finally got the dark comedy Netflix that was worthy of its name. Dead to Me came with real-life laughter and genuinely emotional moments to provide us with the Thelma & Louise sort of female duo who had everything. Here’s what we know Jen and Judy are… read more »