28 Days Haunted Season 1 Review – Netflix’s hilarious reality show is comedy gold

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Day One: Get Out!
I’m done
The Awakening
Troubles Can Cause…
Perforating the Veil

In a month that has brought us sad endings to The She-Hulk Show as well as Rings of Power, 28 Days Haunted could actually be the most hilarious show this season… however, because of all the incorrect reasons. The show is billed as a scary reality TV show (which will immediately set off the alarms going) Netflix’s hilarious ghost-hunting team is determined to hunt down ghosts on the screen and are prepared to do anything to get there.

Three teams of different types travel to three different locations each team consists of three principal members (1 “sensitive” and 2 paranormal investigators) to investigate haunted locations throughout the US. They all follow the path that was done by Ed as well as Lorraine Warren, who have been exposed as frauds many a time, and that includes the notorious Amityville Horror. Anyway, I digress.

The investigators of paranormal investigations have figured the fact that it requires around 28 days for them to penetrate the line between living things and the dead. They plan to stay for the same amount of time in these locations, hoping that it will help them connect with spirits that are not.

All the typical signs are available to help you hunt for ghosts, but right away – almost time these women and men enter the building they begin to be haunted by ghosts. Lights flickering, a creepy radio, the feeling that the victims have received a “punched in the gut” You name it the ghosts are there on the first day. It’s possible that this is true however, one of the locations is actually a museum that is accessible to people of all ages.

Naturally, it’s not a coincidence to keep you intrigued to see what’s coming up for the remainder of the program, considering that they were in their homes for 28 days at three various locations. It’s evident that they were able to gather enough footage for six 30-minute-long episodes.

The editing in this episode leaves many things to be left to be. The show goes from one area to the next using a zoom-out-zoom using all cameras. However, it utilizes a map to traverse segments. Additionally, there are also talk heads-on interviews with all the investigators and explain the things they’ve discovered or encountered during the time of their interview.

In all honesty, it’s amusing to watch. The question of whether you believe in the supernatural or not is irrelevant, but this show goes beyond creating its own agenda, regardless of the facts.

In the very first episode, two paranormal investigators talk to spirits who communicate via an older radio. “We need some names!” One of them yells. The unintelligible reply is more like: “#@sdjh!” and completely obscured. A short gap. “Was that Liam?” I was lost. Then I laughed.

These sorts of moments are aplenty throughout the show in episode 4. for instance, showing the group at Captain Grant’s inn discovering an engraved star in a grave… that they instantly believe is an octagram, and also is said to have a “lot of energy” attached to it. Since it is.

However, that’s also part of the attraction. It’s not a great show and you should not be taking it seriously. It is, however, comedy gold.

There are some hilarious funny segments here that are more enjoyable than anything else that was released of She-Hulk in April This is car crash television at its best and is definitely worth being extended for 10 more seasons as of now. It’s time to make this happen Netflix.


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