Has 28 Days Haunted been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Canceled or Renewed?

28 Days Haunted, the latest reality series on Netflix, takes the idea of ghost hunting and turns it up to 100. You may be curious if the show has been canceled or renewed after you’ve seen all six episodes. Here’s what we know.

What are 28 Days Haunted about?

Three teams of investigators are sent to different locations with their main players (one “sensitive” and two paranormal investigators). They will explore haunted areas across the US. All three follow the lead of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren who were exposed as frauds more than once, including in the Amityville Horror. Anyway, I digress.

Paranormal investigators discovered that it takes 28 days to break the veil between the living & the dead. They plan to wait that long in these areas to communicate with the spirits above.

28 Day Haunted been renewed for season 2?

28 Days Haunted is currently not renewed for a second series. This could change due to the show’s nature, especially if Netflix makes good on its original promise.

Netflix usually considers many metrics before renewing a series, including the number of people who first watched it, and the drop-off rate. Some shows cancel or renew quickly, such as Bridgerton & Irregulars and Squid Game. Other shows can take several months for Netflix to make a decision about a show’s future.

Both critics and audiences have ripped 28 Days Haunted apart so far. The show is still doing an excellent job of reaching the top 10 Netflix shows in different regions around the globe.

We predict that this show will be renewed due to its unique structure and ongoing fascination with paranormal and ghostly phenomena. This show is great for binging and even more!

As soon as we learn more, we’ll update this section with exact details!

Season 2:

Netflix has not yet approved a second season, so little information is available about the first. One could argue that there is still room for another season.

There are 3 more locations that could be chosen, but we may also branch out beyond the US to include a variety of haunted hideouts around the globe.

We predict that they will be renewed, as we have already mentioned. However, we’ll make sure to keep this page updated with more information in the future.


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