8 Games Like Angry Birds

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Angry Birds can be described as one of those games on phones that have survived up to today. With its cute animals, simple gameplay formula, and various versions, Angry Birds doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear from the market of mobile games anytime very soon.

If you’ve had enough of Angry Birds and are looking for alternatives, don’t fret! We’ve gone through the archives to save you from the hassle by providing our top 8 choices.

Naturally, to all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a link where you can read our thoughts on the game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to spend your time and effort in.

Without further delay, we’ve got eight games worth checking out in case you’re looking for a game similar to Angry Birds.

Crush The Castle

8 Games Like Angry Birds

Angry Birds owes its success to Crush The Castle. Crush The Castle was a game that was a major influence on Angry Birds including its catapult-flinging gameplay, which everyone knows and enjoys. But, Crush The Castle is somewhat darker in style when compared with Angry Birds.

The game will have to throw huge rocks and bombs into nearby castles. The castles are home to a variety of inhabitants including royals and civilians. It’s like killing them by shooting them with projectiles. In addition, the game also gives players the possibility to construct and destroy their own castles through the game.

The game isn’t able to provide the most impressive graphics or visuals. The game’s visuals are jarring and not polished in comparison to the likes of Angry Birds. The sequel Crush the Castle 2 offers some improvements and tweaks to the level creator, however. If you’re trying to discover how Angry Birds got its roots I’d suggest trying Crush the Castle 2.

Ninja Dogs

8 Games Like Angry Birds

With the huge popularity, Angry Birds has attained since its debut in 2009 It makes sense that other developers jump onto the bandwagon and create something similar to the game. Ninja Dogs not only copies Angry Birds’ formula but, also has an identical concept.

Instead of pigs and birds fighting, Ninja Dogs features a group of well-trained dogs fighting aggressive cats. When their ninja dog sensei is taken by a cat clan His loyal students get together and begin an adventure to rescue their teacher. It is your responsibility to assist the ninja dog fight the cat clan’s evil and save their mentor.

The game is it’s an obvious Angry Birds remake. Although it has some subtle changes in map layout it also has the same features that you’d think of seeing in Angry Birds. There’s nothing else that’s different except for its design and character because the forts of cats are similar to the structures animals would shelter behind to hide behind in Angry Birds. If you’re looking to play a great Angry Birds clone with a decent story and world, you should check out the game Ninja Dogs.

Stupid Zombies

8 Games Like Angry Birds

Stupid Zombies is a fun and challenging puzzle-motion mobile. You’ll act as a man looking for zombies. Your goal is to eliminate all of them before they get to your home. To accomplish this the game will provide you with weapons such as bazookas and grenades among other weapons.

Similar to Angry Birds This is a game in which precision is essential. The zombies are put in the correct positions, however, when you advance through the game the difficulty gets harder. Although they’ll be on the streets in the initial levels, they’ll get smarter and begin hiding behind walls of defense and wooden boxes.

Furthermore, you’re allowed a limited number of shots before the game is ended. It’s similar to how you’re restricted to just a few bird species in Angry Birds. In addition, the game offers more than 900 levels for you to complete. This allows the game to have an impressive replay value. In addition, this series comes with many sequels that you can try out.

Siege Hero Wizards

8 Games Like Angry Birds

This is among the most refined Angry Birds clones. It’s another addictive physics-based puzzle game that has thousands of gamers. The game uses magical abilities and powerful powers to smash their way through a variety of amazing creatures, from orcs to Trolls.

The boss at the end of the game is a powerful wizard with a formidable task. Similar to Angry Birds, fans shouldn’t play this game believing they’ll use any magic spell to take down opponents. This game rewards you on the basis of your ability to think quickly and with a sharp mind and strategy.

The game has some stunningly animated graphics and animations. It’s a lot of fun until you encounter the game’s major problems. The problems stem from the abundance of advertisements and an absence of activities after the game is over. Ads can hinder your gameplay and the absence of levels after defeating the wizard isn’t helping with replayability.

If you can get past those lost opportunities and inconveniences and annoyances, you’ll enjoy a great time playing this game on mobile.

Bunny Shooter Christmas

8 Games Like Angry Birds

Bunny Shooter Christmas is to be a thrilling and familiar adventure for Angry Birds players. The game lets you use an arrow-filled bow with a few bows. Your goal is to use the bows in order to eliminate every angry bunny in each level includes.

This game requires precise planning and attention to detail, just like Angry Birds. Bunnies are placed in extremely inconvenient locations as the game moves on. But the levels are created in a way that is fair enough to justify the amount of time it takes to develop strategies to overcome the challenges.

Bunny Shooter Christmas boasts a number of levels to play. Many players have been able to play the game with ease, while others believe that it is challenging enough. From its funny cartoons to its tough and addictive play, Bunny Shooter Christmas is a worthy mobile game to try after Angry Birds.

Angry Farm

8 Games Like Angry Birds

Angry Farm evokes a similar feeling similar to Angry Birds. In the game, players have to develop their farms and protect them against enemies who want to destroy their farms. It has a simple story, challenging gameplay, and good graphics.

Similar to Angry Birds, this game includes slingshot-based gameplay in which you can shoot animals at enemies. The only difference is that you launch animals to keep enemies from damaging your territory. The game depicts animals angry as they strike you with no hesitation.

The game has some clever power-ups to make players seem less intimidating and more enjoyable. Angry Farm has multiple puzzles to solve, which require some thinking power to master. If you’re looking to play a fun game that provides some subtle challenges, try Angry Farm.

Catapult King

Catapult King contains similar slingshot gameplay that is similar to Angry Birds. It lets players launch different types of cannonballs into enemy castles and forts in the hopes of taking them down. This game features over 100 complex levels that players can be able to conquer and play.

The game’s design will bring back memories of Angry Birds’ latest augmented virtual reality game Isle of Pigs. It’s about shooting cannonballs into castles that are in front of you, not from a reversed perspective. Once you’ve completed the level, you’ll be rewarded with magical powers that you can utilize to enhance your catapult.

These capabilities will allow you to destroy enemy bases more quicker. The game demands a lot of preciseness and a carefully executed strategy. However, the title is a source of wackiness. Its characters react and their actions are hilarious.

Catapult Wars

8 Games Like Angry Birds

Catapult Wars is an artillery shooter game that combines RPG mechanics with the classic Angry Birds strategy. Your objective is to destroy the catapults of your adversaries before they destroy your castle. The game provides players with an enormous catapult stuffed with bombs and stones that they can make use of to take on enemies.

The game offers a good variety of enemies to fight from trolls to orcs. They’ll not be lenient as they constantly throw projectiles at you from the ground. Catapult Wars’s gameplay is simple to master and follow. It has a variety of levels that players can complete and each one increases difficulty with getting better at it.

This game is well-designed with decent graphics and effects that keep players engaged in the game. It does not require internet access to play. There’s a wide array of prizes for players to be awarded through completing Catapult Wars’ levels with outstanding performance.

The awards are made up of coins which are used to buy upgrades and other equipment for your hero as well as their catapult. If you’re an avid Angry Birds fan and need an exciting new game to satisfy your itch take a look at Catapult Wars.

So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Angry Birds. Do you have a view about our choices? Do you like them? Are there any significant mistakes? Please let us know via the comment section below!


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