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Candy Crush Saga is one of those games on mobile that every member of your family has played or heard about at least at least once. The game has a similar concept to titles such as Panel De Pon or Tetris Attack. It’s a sort of puzzle game that requires players to find three or more candy pieces by switching them horizontally or vertically. It’s a basic concept and promises speed things up.

If you’ve completed playing Candy Crush Saga and are searching for alternatives – worry not! We’ve gone through the archives and spared us the trouble with our top 8 suggestions.

For every one of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a linkso that you can read our thoughts on the game and decide if it’s something you’d like to invest your time into.

Without further delay we’ve got 8 games to play If you’re searching for a similar game to Candy Crush Saga.

Zookeeper Battle

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Zookeeper Battle is a recreation of the popular Candy Crush Saga formula by using layers of tiles that match featuring adorable animals on them. This game has entertaining PVP elements that could become as addictive as any other competitive online game.

Zookeeper Battle provides players with various special attack options to use against opponents. Zookeeper Battle provides special abilities for players who choose to combine unusual elements. For instance, if match animals such as elephants and hippos, you could boost your defense score.

Although the game does have microtransactions, some players felt the cosmetics and other add-ons unneeded. The game’s designers often hold events in the game that are sure to please its fans. With its adorable animations and charming gameplay, Zookeeper Battle is a worthy mobile title.

Bejeweled Blitz

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Bejeweled is a popular tile-matching game that has captivated mobile gamers for over 10 years. The game revolutionized the genre of tile-matching with its addictive gameplay, amazing graphics, and enticing sound effects. Bejeweled Blitz takes everything that players loved about the 2001 version and updates it.

In Bejeweled Blitz players are given just one minute to match 3 or more identical colored tiles. Each gem is engulfed by a distinct fundamental property, ranging including flames, stars and explosive stars. This game comes with some enjoyable multiplayer features that allow you to test your friends, or other players around the world.

It comes with an own leaderboard, where you can assess your skills at matching tiles to other players. This can help players keep the drive to play. The game is plagued by lots of advertisements and difficult to obtain prizes however. If you are able to avoid its advertisements and obstacles and obstacles, you’re going to be playing an exciting game.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

In the end, The Pokemon Company would focus its attention on the mobile gaming market. With games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters EX attracted new players who are interested in the company, it was logical that the business would seek to share in the Candy Crush’s market.

Remember, This isn’t the Pokemon Company’s first venture in creating a game that matches tiles. One of their first attempts was their Nintendo 64 title Pokemon Puzzle League. The game let you play as various characters ranging from Ash Ketchum to Team Rocket’s Giovanni.

Although Pokemon Shuffle Mode doesn’t offer characters from the show however, it compensates the difference with its addictive gameplay. It’s a great title that brings together the things people loved from the mainline anime and blends them with Candy Crush Saga formula.

The game involves you matching with three or more identical Pokemon to unleash assaults against your opponents. If you keep playing the more Pokemon you will acquire. The game is plagued by monotonous music tracks, as well as inexplicably annoying gameplay issues, such as taking 30 minutes to replenish your heart’s points. It does however provide Pokemon gamers with enough excitement enough to warrant multiple games.

Puzzle & Dragons

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

This game mixes RPG and tile-matching mechanics very well. Puzzle and Dragons provide stunning graphics, intriguing characters, and thrilling gameplay. It’s similar to Pokemon Shuffle Mobile as you’ll be taking on monsters from all walks of the world of fantasy.

The game is completely free and comes with a few game-related purchases that can make your life much simpler. Although these rewards may be a concern for certain players, the majority of players claim that they’re not needed for enjoying the game to its fullest. This is a sport which is able to recognize the value of its players and their time.

Although there are advertisements in games, you are able to earn rewards by watching the ads. For example the act of watching four ads the course of a day could earn you a chance to win the chance to summon a character for free. The ads are not placed during the launch of the application, or in between puzzles, or at the bottom of your screens. It’s a no-cost mobile game done right. Although it’s not the greatest difficulty, it’s definitely worth the time.

Panel De Pon

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

From free-to-play games to full-blown games, we come to Panel De Pon. This game was released before many of the games listed on this list since it came out in the mid-1990s on the SNES. While it’s a dating game, it’s still a delicious one with a lot of personalities as well as addictive gameplay and good storytelling.

The game can be played on Nintendo’s newest handheld console as well as the home console system called known as the Nintendo Switch. Players must however pay for the online service in order to get access to the game. The game is based on the fairytale character Lip who must protect her home from apocalyptic threats that have taken over the other fairies within her world.

By using the power of magic and the game of matching tiles You must assist Lip to take the fairies from the control of the monsters and end their terror. This game has a gorgeous music soundtrack, a beautifully designed interface, as well as some local and online play, because of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch. Although the game isn’t able to offer anything after you’ve finished the main story, it’s an excellent game to play again whenever you’re wanting to play similar to it.

Jewel Mania

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Jewel Mania is Candy Crush Saga however, rather than smashing the candy you’re breaking glass, and digging for treasure. These two games provide thrilling tile-matching gameplay that becomes addictive and enjoyable as time passes. Jewel Mania offers over 600+ levels to enjoy and it gets more difficult as you advance.

The game’s graphics are stunning for a game on mobile. The animations look stunning while the sound effects give enough punch to keep players in the game. The more than 600 levels offer enough variety and nuance enough to warrant multiple sessions.

It’s a free game but it does come with an in-game purchase. Certain levels can be a bit daunting and you might be tempted to buy boosters or other items to advance. If you are able to ignore these issues then you’re bound to have an enjoyable time playing the game.

Cookie Jam

8 Games Like Candy Crush Saga

Are you in need of sweets to devour, Cookie Jam might be another game worth playing. The game is themed around desserts and includes everything you need to satisfy your cravings. Players must assist the baker Chef Panda crush cookies and other sweets before they fall apart.

Similar to Candy Crush Saga, you’ll be matching three of the same object in a flash. The game has stunning graphics that will appeal to all kinds of players. The sound effects provide an additional zing to the game which makes it more appealing to the ears.

The game has different and challenging levels that will keep you occupied. Like you would imagine, the online features provide an exciting and competitive game. The game promises endless fun since it is constantly updated which add new levels for players to play. Additionally, players can expect events with a limited time frame, where players have an opportunity to win cash and prizes.

Farm Heroes Saga

Cute animals and beautiful crops await you in this fun match-three game. The game lets you have to match three or more objects to earn points. The game has more than 5000 levels, each one surpassing one level higher in terms of difficulty and layout.

This game provides players with powerful power-ups that will help players in their pursuits. The challenge is accompanied by great sacrifice. Many levels seem to be a bit difficult and will entice you to spend money or look at advertisements to obtain the improvements needed to conquer them.

The game is updated with a leaderboard system that encourages players to play even more. Additionally, it’s an app that is regularly updated with updates on new levels. If you’re looking for an alternative mobile game similar to Candy Crush Saga that delivers adorable graphics and an addictive game look into Farm Heroes Saga.


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