8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

8 More thrilling Racers To Enjoy!

Cruis’n Blast is an outrageous package of hilariousness that every racing enthusiast should play. The game features standard arcade-style modes as well as a range of cars that can be purchased. But, it also offers some humor and entertainment that’s up with the very best of the genre. From rideable dinosaurs all the way to soaring choppers, there’s plenty of space to play with this show.

If you’ve had enough of Cruis’n Blast and are looking for alternatives, don’t fret! We’ve searched through the archives and spared you from the hassle by providing our top 8 choices.

Naturally, to every one of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a useful hyperlink, so you can go through our complete thoughts on each game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to invest your time into.

Without further delay here are eight games worth checking out If you’re searching for a game similar to Cruis’n Blast.

Midnight Club III

Midnight Club III

Midnight Club III is a fantastic arcade racing game that’s sure to make your heartbeat. The game is improved over its predecessors by offering players more options for customization and permitting them to travel through stunningly detailed locations.

As Cruis’n Blast, this game offers a variety of vehicles, as well as enthralling music. Midnight Club III offers more freedom than Cruis’n Blast, however. Instead of traditional races, this game gives you the ability to explore the city via highways, tunnels, or through the city. Imagine Grand Theft Auto, but with a touch more refined.

While the game felt more grounded, you were able to perform some extraordinary fun. For instance, Midnight Club III introduced unique abilities that could make your car feel like a super-powered vehicle. From creating shockwaves on the ground to slowing down the speed, there were plenty of humorous and breathtaking stunts you could perform in this film.

Need For Speed (Series)

8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

The Need For Speed series of games found a wonderful balance between realism as well as wackiness. Although the majority of fans love Underground 2, others find the other games deserve the same praise. However, Underground 2 features some unforgettable soundtracks and excellent personalization.

It didn’t have as many issues and had some innovative and impressive mechanics in its day. The races were tough and filled the crowd with joy. You can participate in these races from any place and anytime.

There are a variety of instances where your racers can give you suggestions regarding where you can purchase amazing upgrades as well. With its unlimited city and fantastic weather effects and a variety of game modes to help you grow as a driver, the series remains one of the best that racing video games have to provide.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

Although Hot Wheels is a commercial product that is targeted at adolescents it is a game everybody will play and enjoy. Much like Cruis’n Blast, this game offers a wide range of vehicles that are part of The Hot Wheels catalog. A few of them look as wacky and absurd as the helicopters and dinosaurs that you can access within Cruis’n Blast.

Cruis’n Blast and Hot Wheels Unleashed are pulsating, creative games that can take players back to their earlier days. It features stunning graphics incredible tracks, as well as many different ways to keep you engaged. The controls are great and each car runs differently. This gives you different experiences every moment you go racing.

The level design of the game feels like they’re made for children, but they evoke beauty. The game has a thrilling online mode in which you compete against 11 other players in a series of challenges. If, however, you prefer competing against your home, the game features a stunning split-screen mode for two players. If you’re a lover of racing games that are funny, you should take a look at Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast


Burnout Paradise Remastered contains better graphics than the original. This game has a dramatic glowing city of Paradise and offers new and old fans the chance to explore a world worth playing. Add-ons from the previous game are available and are created in 4K.

The information will convince players to travel through every highway and tunnel the city has to offer. The game has plenty of challenges in terms of events, vehicles, and events to allow you to invest a number of hours of your time into the game. Like Cruis’n Blaster, Burnout Paradise offers numerous vehicles that range from stylish retro vehicles to speedy motorbikes.

The game has some fun games like Cops and Robbers for those who love wacky game modes for racing. However, you can expect that the races will be filled with challenges and fun. Anyone looking for a semi-realistic version of arcade racing must definitely check this game out.

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

From a simple game to one that’s flat-out insane, we’re with Mario Kart 8: Deluxe the most recent installment of the Mario Kart series of games. It’s a title that most Nintendo Switch owners would say is an absolute must-buy. This game comes with a solid battle mode, brand new character and track designs, as well as better graphics.

The game has become Nintendo’s top-selling game of all time. In recognition of the huge numbers, Nintendo has launched a Mario Kart 8 Booster Course Pass which adds 48 new tracks to the existing collection of courses available. Even though it’s a purchaseable DLC but it will add more worth to the gameplay.

The DLC aside, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is based on the classic Mario Kart formula. It offers a variety of cups to fill, various games to compete with your friends in the online mode, and a way to test your skill. For the price of $60 USD, it’s an excellent title to consider adding to your library.


8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

Trailblazers are what happens after mixing Splatoon and F-Zero. The game was created by Supergonk This fast and vibrant racing game offers an innovative twist on the basic formula. It lets players paint tracks using a designated team color.

It’s a game that has the same fun and thrilling enthusiasm as Cruis’n Blast. It focuses on teamwork and planning more than Cruis’n’Blast. It’s because the painting of tracks can allow your team to experience incredible speed gains.

Trailblazers isn’t an ideal racing game. There are a variety of issues that stem from its flimsy controls, as well as its bizarre track layout. The voice acting of the game could appear uncomfortable or even irritating to your ears. If you’re able to ignore these problems, you’ll walk off happy.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

Nintendo isn’t alone with a plethora of characters. Through many years, Sega has created many entertaining and memorable games, including Sonic the Hedgehog. In recognition of their progress, they decided to develop a variety of racing and party games that include Sonic as well as other characters from the past.

One of the games that leave an impression of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Similar to Cruis’n Blast, this is an exciting racing game that will be both thrilling and hilarious. It features distinct game features that enable it to differentiate itself from other racers who race karts, such as Crash Team Racing and the highly-loved Mario Kart series.

It is packed with maps characters, missions, and maps. Each feature brings something different and enjoyable to play. The vehicles that play the game can change into boats or aircraft in certain parts of an event. There are enough shortcuts and routes that make it worth the players’ time. While the graphics can be distracting at times the game is an excellent racing game to play.


8 Games Like Cruis’n Blast

Fans of racing who are looking for a thrilling game to play take a look at Wreckfest. The racing game that is themed around demolition derby is packed with heart-pounding collisions and tracks to warrant a number of games from you.

As Cruis’n Blast, Wreckfest blends comedy and chaos in the most enjoyable ways that are possible. In this game, you’ll encounter some truly bizarre car crashes while battling with opponents to get to the final goal. The game comes with a variety of enhancements and customization options that will keep you playing it.

You can personalize your vehicle to the max. It doesn’t matter if you’re swapping the front bumpers or protecting its sides, the creators at Bugbear wish for players to be completely immersed in the world of Wreckfest. The game offers two types of racing, ranging from traditional races to demolition matches.


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