8 Games Like Dark Souls

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Dark Souls is a series known for its being one of the most difficult adventure games ever created. The game was designed for those who love dark fantasy, medieval settings stories, and brutal gameplay. With its huge fan base as well as its influence on the gaming industry and fun, explorative aspects, Dark Souls remains one of the top games to be played in the history of hardcore.

If you’ve had enough of Dark Souls and are looking for something else to play, do not fret! We’ve gone through the archive and helped you avoid the trouble by presenting our top 8 choices.

Naturally, to all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve added a useful hyperlink, so you can read our thoughts on the game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to spend your time and effort in.

Without further delay We present eight games worth playing If you’re searching for a game that’s similar to Dark Souls.

Elden Ring

8 Games Like Dark Souls

A lot of people would say Dark Souls walked so Elden Ring could run. It was among 2022’s most original games due to its open-world atmosphere with challenging obstacles and an appropriate combat. Similar to Dark Souls, this game includes a variety of creatures who want to place you in their position.

The difficulty level in this game is comparable similar to what you’d encounter on games like the Dark Souls series. This is a game that’s never-ending and will challenge you for success. The players should be prepared to fail many times. But, the tough difficulties are what make Elden Ring a beloved gem in the world of fandom.

The game is awe-inspiring with its epic boss fights along with dungeons that are intricate and complex, as well as multi-layered stories, Dark Souls enthusiasts have plenty to anticipate in this game. The game has a great customisation system that’s strong and diverse. The online multiplayer elements of the game hold the weight of the world and make it seem more real. You should check this game out for yourself if you’re a Dark Souls fan.

Demon’s Souls

8 Games Like Dark Souls

Dark Souls owes a lot to Demon’s Souls. The game laid the foundation for FromSoftware and helped make it the terrifyingly beautiful studio that it is today. While some may prefer its original 2010 version over its 2020 remake, both versions offer the same experience to fans.

This game is akin to the romantic atmosphere as Dark Souls. From its characters and landscape layout to its brutal combat and challenging, Demon’s Souls is a sought-after relic that merits the same recognition as its popular successor.

The gameplay is sure to make players feel energetic and anxious, and its narrative is filled with enough intense beats that warrant an emotional response. When you’re playing against the game’s less powerful players, you’ll end up stuck in a trance.

If you’re in search of a Souls-like game that’ll make you awestruck and amazed by what it has to offer look no further than Demon’s Souls.

Nioh (Series)

8 Games Like Dark Souls

Fans of the Souls adore games that test them to the maximum level. Another fantastic game like Dark Souls that evokes a similar experience is Nioh. Nioh series. Although both are fantastic masterpieces, many players love the enhancements and the brand new battle mode that is featured in the sequel.

While everything is distinct, Nioh still retains its level of difficulty. It is true that Nioh 2 offers some fairness in its battles. For instance, enemies can have health bars, and the traversal options seem more impressive when compared to other games. The game’s settings are vastly different but has the same mood of gloom.

Nioh 2’s storyline is comparable to Nioh 2’s narrative is comparable to Dark Souls franchise, despite being lacking in depth and character as the later Souls-inspired titles. The combat abilities and battle modes that you can access with Nioh 2 make fights feel fresh and energizing. If you’re looking for a Souls-like title that has smaller scale, but with engaging game mechanics and challenging take a look at Nioh 1 and 2.


8 Games Like Dark Souls

From one Souls-like game to the next, we’re in Bloodborne. Another action-adventure game created by FromSoftware and comes with terrifying enemies, sprawling locations and thrilling gameplay mechanics. It was an excellent game that was not widely available to play due to PlayStation’s exclusivity.

The game puts you in the position of a hunter that explores the city of the Victorian age known as Yharnam. The city has a sense of despair and fear all around because its residents tend to be afflicted by the local disease. As the last hope for them it is essential to investigate this space and discover the origin.

It’s not an easy task. There are a lot of monsters and cosmic beings along their journeys. The enemies will deliver a bloody fight that could require players to repeat certain fights several times. However combat is incredibly fast and has a good risk-reward strategy. If you’re looking to journey through a dark, threatening environment of dangerous creatures, you should go to Bloodborne.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Awake

8 Games Like Dark Souls
8 Games Like Dark Souls

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is another game packed with unique creatures, medieval landscapes and endless quests. While the world of Dragon’s Dogma isn’t as enthralling as the majority games, it’s packed with enough information to appeal to those who enjoy adventures and mythological games.

Within Dragon’s Dogma, you can pick from various classes. Each class brings something new in the game, offering players the chance to explore a world that differ from colleagues. Additionally this game comes with amazing AI-powered friends that will help you on your journey.

While this might be a problem for those who like challenging games, gamers will be stunned by the NPCs fighting. Knowing your character’s strengths will help in the long run which is why practicing your skills with lower-level foes is the best option. Make sure to check out Dragon’s Dogma If you’re looking for an action-packed game that is awe-inspiring for monster-s.

Dead Cells

8 Games Like Dark Souls

Dead Cells is an indie title that has enough action and challenge enough to draw Dark Souls enthusiasts’ attention. The action-platform roguelike creates excitement and anxiety. From its hidden locations to the chilling images it’s a great game for those who are older.

Dead Cells boasts many monsters and villains that deal huge destruction. The game is designed to encourage players to continue to play regardless of its difficult difficulty. The players who can stand up to the game’s fury will be awed by the prospect that there are amazing improvements that you’ll be receiving throughout your journey.

These upgrades will improve your character’s abilities and equipment. Dead Cells offers a randomized-level design that allows the game to be distinct with less repetition. If you’re in search of an indie game that is a smack and provides a wide experience, you should check the game Dead Cells.

Salt and Sanctuary

8 Games Like Dark Souls

Are you looking for an experience that is similar to Dark Souls but offers a fantastic blend of genres? Salt and Sanctuary could be the title that you are looking for. The developer Ska Studios brings you a challenging 2D action RPG that is a gruelling battle game with deep RPG mechanics.

Dark Souls fans will admire Salt and Sanctuary’s haunted locations abandoned locations, abandoned areas, and bloody underground dungeons. There are a myriad of exciting and thrilling boss battles that will keep players on their feet. While you’ll be able to increase your level to fight them, it’ll be more satisfying to beat adversaries on equal terms.

Salt and Sanctuary boasts fast-paced combat and an amazing platforming experience. The game features more than 600 weapons and armor pieces, spells and knickknacks to gather and upgrade. If you’re looking for a difficult and gruelling world to explore, you should consider playing this game.

Severance — Blade of Darkness

Did you play an older online game way ahead of its time? The game Severance Blade of Darkness evokes a similar experience. Blade of Darkness provided fans in 2001 with an enjoyable challenge with its formidable enemies bosses, bosses, and a brutal world.

The game can be played more easily by boosting your level however, many players loved Blade of Darkness for its roughness. You’ll be satisfied after defeating the many enemies in the game, since the battles are fierce similar to Dark Souls. The controls and combat system could feel awkward, especially considering the time it was made available.

Sometimes, your character might not be able to move or attack as you’d prefer. With its hack-and-slash-style gameplay, this could be extremely difficult. Everything from the game’s ambient music to the character classes it offers is awe-inspiring.


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