8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

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The Dragon Ball franchise has taken the world by storm throughout the 90s. It led to the development of a variety of works ranging from video games and feature films. As with all success stories, Dragon Ball eventually made its way into the market of mobile gaming with Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. The game lets you invite iconic characters as well as villains from the series to help you fight for your cause.

If you’ve played Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and are searching for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve searched through the archives and spared you from the hassle by providing our top 8 recommendations.

For all of the games we’ve examined, we’ve included a link so that you can go through our thoughts on the game and decide if it’s something you’d like to invest your time and effort in.

In conclusion, we’ve got eight games to play If you’re searching for a game similar to Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

One Piece: Treasure Cruise

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

One Piece: Treasure Cruise is the One Piece version of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. The game lets you select a variety of characters from The One Piece universe from heroes like Monkey D. Luffy to villains such as Blackbeard as well as Big Mom.

The game offers an exciting turn-based battle game that lets players relive unforgettable scenes from One Piece anime and manga. Even though there are a few problems you’ll face with the summons you receive and your units The game’s support staff is friendly and easy to connect with.

The battle mechanics and character development system of this mobile game are fantastic. The game might not have the action of a real-time combat game however, it makes up for this with exciting battles that require players to plan their attacks carefully. In addition, finding the ingredients necessary to make allies be difficult sometimes.

If you’re able to overlook these tiny annoyances, you’re set for a great time playing this game on mobile.

Azur Lane

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

Azur Lane is a game for mobile devices which tackles a myriad of genres. The naval warfare game provides players with a game that encompasses RPG, 2D Shooter, and tactical elements within the world of gorgeously drawn anime characters. The game’s gameplay is simple and shouldn’t cause many difficulties.

You’ll be interacting with manga girls who are the embodiments of real battleships. You’ll be able to form a group of six ships and take on the army of guns-wielding villains. The game gives players the chance to fight the battles on their own or with AI help.

The graphics of the game’s character models as well as the background are perfect for a mobile game. The chibi illustrations for certain characters create a sense of adorableness. The game has a few in-game purchases but doesn’t cost them at a high price. From the season passes to the gacha mechanism, all within this game feel reasonably priced and fair.

If you’re seeking a game similar to Dokkan Battle with more of an atmosphere of war look no further than Azur Lane.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

There have been numerous versions of mobile games from the popular Yu-Gi-Oh franchise. From Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links to Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Each one of them offered an array of activities, characters, and cards to entice players. Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel is another title created by Konami which aims to draw the attention of fans.

The game is based on the same card game you’ve always loved however it offers some visual improvements. From its sleek interface to the breathtaking 3D models of the monsters it features, Cross Duel is designed to give players an enjoyable and challenging Yu-Gi-Oh experience. It’s true that it’s the improvements in graphics that led some gamers to stay clear of this game.

Although the 3D graphics are stunning, a lot of players have reported experiencing minor issues with frame drop, glitches and game crash when playing the game. Additionally, the characters and cards might be more difficult to collect in this game in comparison with Duel Links and Dokkan Battle.

If you own a robust mobile device that is able to deal with graphically demanding games I would suggest checking out Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel!

Dragon Ball Legends

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Legends is a visually demanding mobile game that is comparable to Dokkan Battle. It features a brand new story, protagonist, and numerous visual enhancements the game is worth playing on an excellent device. The game has more than 400 players that are part of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball universe.

The game is centered around Shallot the new Saiyan developed by Akira Toriyama. You have to help Shallot to regain his memory and protect the world from numerous enemies. Based on the promotional picture that you can see above, this app aims to offer Dragon Ball players a remarkable mobile gaming experience.

The art of the character is amazing and evokes punk Graffiti impressions. The PVP combats are no longer based on 2D anime designs since the fights now have the 3D feel of those of the Dragon Ball console games. As we said previously, the game’s visual improvements could lead to some players going off the rails.

A lot of players have reported that the game crashes and drop frames or even crash due to it being too demanding for their devices to cope with. Additionally, the tasks it asks players to complete could be somewhat too overwhelming. The game does however include several PVP elements as well as stunning attacks and capabilities to keep players engaged. If you enjoyed Dokkan Battle, you’ll most likely enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Fire Emblem series has spawned many remakes and entries over the decades. It was once considered to be a dying series and eventually became one of Nintendo’s top properties. Although not at the same level as Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem is slowly climbing the ranks.

To push the series to the next level, Nintendo created Fire Emblem Heroes to continue the series, an Fire Emblem mobile game. The game has a compelling storyline that features both returning and new characters, and classic gameplay based on tactics, and gacha mechanics.

As with Dokkan Battle, players will require in-game currency to summon characters. The summoning system allows players to acquire low- to high-ranked characters using special banners. The banners used in this game can be swapped out and won’t last for as long as you’d like.

They could feature characters from the upcoming Nintendo Switch games or include diverse thematic versions of already-existing fans’ favorites. The story is engaging enough to keep your attention and the levels of this game provide a bit of difficulty. There are PVP aspects that will draw you into playing more.

Pokemon Masters EX

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

While the show has critics, it’s hard to deny its popularity throughout the decades. The franchise has produced a variety of games, TV shows, films, and merchandise. After the huge popularity that was Pokemon Go in 2016, it was only natural for The Pokemon Company to dish out an entirely new mobile game.

Join Pokemon Masters is a game that is a turn-based RPG mobile game in which you invite famous trainers in the Pokemon franchise with the aim to become Pasio Island’s Champion. The game has an amazing roster of characters from that Pokemon franchise. Starting from Pokemon Red as well as Blue’s trainer Red and Blue’s Trainer Red to Ash Ketchum from the anime there are numerous characters to discover and meet.

In contrast to the Mainline Pokemon game, Pokemon Masters EX features voice-acting for all characters. This increases the level of immersion for players and lets players look at familiar faces from a different perspective. The battle scenes and subplots that are included in the game seem like a stage. As with Dokkan Battle, this game includes in-game purchases which could be a source of irritation for some. If you can get past those problems, you’ll have fun playing this game.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a spiritual sequel to South Park’s earlier hits. Players take home cards of characters they love such as Eric Cartman to obscure beings such as Starvin’ Marvin. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Its gameplay blends the beat-em-up formula with tactical strategies. You’ll summon a certain number of characters in order to battle enemies in a side-scrolling style of combat. The difficulty grows as you progress and you’ll encounter more powerful enemies in your squadron.

Phone Destroyer features in-game purchases such as Dokkan Battle, where you can purchase the currency required to obtain rare and powerful versions of the cast. The game features some fantastic PVP features that can attract an avid crowd. You can also create or join factions within this game.

They’re great when you’re seeking to trade characters or require assistance. Take a look at South Park: Phone Destroyer in case you’re looking for another mobile game that has a fun community.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

8 Games Like Dragon Ball Z

The last decade has provided anime fans with a variety of exciting and new shows to enjoy on a regular basis. The shows range from Attack On Titan to Chainsaw Man the seasonal anime keeps making a mark on the media’s radar. Another notable anime that created a huge impression included Sword Art Online.

In spite of what others might claim, Sword Art Online still has a loyal following of fans who love the world of anime and the characters. Then, Sword Art Online received many sequels, films, and games, all designed to please fans who were loyal to its story.

Join Sword Art Online: Integral Factor It’s one of the best MMORPG mobile games with solid plotlines, amazing graphics, and a fun game. Similar to the show, players must overcome the 100 floors of Aincrad by advancing their character’s strength and capabilities. This game lets you play with Sword Art Online’s well-known cast members such as Asuna or Kirito.

But that’s not the only thing Integral Factor delivers. As you would imagine, you can join other players from around the globe to take on boss-based raids. By defeating these bosses, you access Aincrad’s most challenging floors. If you’re looking to play another amazing anime game that will make you feel part of the show that it’s based upon look no further than Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.


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