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Fall Guys became a popular indie game after its launch. A lot of players enjoyed playing the game with family or friends ones. You’re basically responsible for making sure your bean-like creature reaches the final point of a labyrinth before the time runs out. There are many other aspects in the game to spice things up. If you’ve ever seen shows like Wipeout and Wipeout, then you’re aware of what’s in store for you here.

If you’ve played Fall Guys and are looking for something else to play, don’t worry! We’ve searched through the archives and spared you from the hassle by providing our top 8 choices.

Naturally, to all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve added a useful link where you can go through our thoughts on the game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to invest your time and effort in.

In conclusion, we’ve got eight games worth checking out If you’re searching for a game similar to Fall Guys.

Boomerang Fu

8 Games Like Fall Guys

Boomerang Fu is a fun physical-based game for parties that the whole family will play together. This game has plenty of fun hilarious characters and cutesy jokes that make you feel happy from players. There are some fun power-ups you can utilize to beat your opponents and your friends. However, the game doesn’t include any online features.

It’s a game for play on the couch, and great for those who enjoy throwing social gatherings. The game is a bit of violence, as you’ll use explosive boomerangs as well as telekinetic capabilities to take on opponents. But, the characters perform these crimes in the most charming ways they can. Similar to Fall Guys, this game provides simple controls that can be learned over time.

The game has 30arenas to explore. Each arena is home to diverse traps and tools you can utilize against your rivals. Between sliding walls and massive rolling pins, there are many obstacles that you can use to hurt other players. If you’re looking to join forces with your buddies do not fret. The game has PVE aspects where you can defeat intelligent AI enemies with your comrades.

Stumble Guys

8 Games Like Fall Guys

Based on its name just by its title, Stumble Guys is an indisputable Fall Guys clone. From its level design to cute characters, everything has the same kind of charm that you’d encounter within Fall Guys. The game isn’t equipped with the top microtransactions, however.

The whole thing can feel expensive when it comes to character skins and other small knickknacks. There are some unique emoticons that cause the game to be unfair. In the end, everything you enjoyed in Fall Guys from its hilarious obstacle courses to its cute style of art, is still present within Stumble Guys.

The game has gained quite a following, despite offering the same exciting battle-royale gameplay as Fall Guys. Stumble Guys hosts tournaments and events that are likely to attract competitive players. If you loved Fall Guys’ wacky atmosphere and addictive gameplay If you like Fall Guys, then you’ll definitely be enthralled by Stumble Guys.

Pico Park

8 Games Like Fall Guys

Pico Park is a fun game that players can play with their family and friends. The rules for this game are just as simple similar to Fall Guys. You’re required to help the colorful characters find keys and get to the goalposts of each level. The game had more than 48 stages, all of which have unique gimmicks that are designed to play with multiplayer.

This game focuses on the art of collaborating and a clever approach to strategy. There are a variety of levels with challenging and thought-provoking tasks for you and your teammates to solve. This is when the game could become a real nightmare or an enjoyable time, based on you and your friends cooperating. If, however, you’re able to be able to bear the game’s cooperative challenges and you’re able to win the chance to participate in a game mode.

There are other modes that allow you to go back to earlier levels with your other players to score better scores. The online mode can be used however, the game’s developers recommend that players use platforms such as Discord, Skype, or Zoom during play. If you’re looking for a great puzzle game that’ll give you and your buddies a fun time visit Pico Park.

Human Fall Flat

8 Games Like Fall Guys

-provoking challenges for players to solve. The game’s difficulty curve is advancing at a steady speed and gives players an interesting and challenging difficulty. You’ll have to control the body of your character in order to complete the tasks.

It’s best to prepare for numerous failures in your journey through the game. It’s the failures that provide Human Fall Flat its charm and its replay worth. It comes with a fun customizable method for characters. It also gives you the chance to create puzzles for yourself as well as your fellow players to solve. It’s a worthy title that will help sharpen your thinking and give you plenty of laughter along the way.

Pummel Party

8 Games Like Fall Guys

If you’ve always wanted an action-oriented variation of Mario Party, Pummel Party would be happy to present its own. While it is a strong representation of Mario Party vibes, this game’s absurdity and wackiness are reminiscent of Fall Guys. This is a four-to-eight-player online game and local multiplayer in which you are able to smack your opponents or AI with absurd objects.

The goal of its creators was to create as much excitement and chaos in the players as possible. It features a thrilling board game where players are able to navigate through obstacles while playing amazing mini-games at specific periods. The way that the game portrays its violence is a bit unorthodox, but not a lot of fun.

Your characters will be stricken with pain to the point of a thigh. It doesn’t matter if they’re being shot by a gun or devoured by an earthworm that is carnivorous This game aims to create a sense of the madness that will make you bewilder yourself or laugh out loud.

Additionally, the various boards are designed with a distinct level design that allows them to stand out. The game’s items follow the same pattern. The mini-games of Pummel Party have diverse themes that are reminiscent of the design of the obstacle course in Fall Guys. These mini-games have diverse themes, which allows the players to steer clear of repetition.

If you’re looking for outrageous and brutal games to have fun with your friends or your family, you should check out Pummel Party.

Gang Beasts

8 Games Like Fall Guys

Who doesn’t love games at parties that focus on destroying your opponents? Gang Beasts is a simplistic game that provides hours of entertainment. Similar to Fall Guys, its characters have adorable designs, yet they play in games that can be extremely risky.

Gang Beast’s gameplay feels more focused on grapple and melee in comparison to Fall Guys. In this game, players have to fight off opponents with punches, kicks, as well as other techniques of grappling. Once they’ve reached their limits, they must take them off and throw them out of the arena.

Imagine the WWE’s Royal Rumble but with the characters fighting on top of skyscrapers and in moving vehicles. The game has the possibility of a comeback feature that allows players who have been knocked out to escape their adversaries grapples. With its bizarre gameplay, loose characters, and costumes that can be customized You’re guaranteed to have amusing fun with this game.

Rubber Bandits

8 Games Like Fall Guys

A whole lot of fun and cutesy characters are waiting for you with Rubber Bandits. This is a fourth-person party game featuring hilarious and funny characters and exciting physics-based gameplay. In this game, you’ll be controlling characters known as Rubber Bandits that must fight with, steal, and race for abundant loot.

The game is reminiscent of the exciting, but shrewd gameplay of Fall Guys. The game comes with a variety of weapons as well as skins and modes for you to play with your friends or strangers on the internet. The characters are like toys that you’d purchase for your child. Take a look in case you’re looking to play games that are that is full of quality and diversity.

Cake Bash

8 Games Like Fall Guys

Dessert is a popular food choice in the morning. Cake Bash is a 4-player party game that lets players play adorable dessert-themed characters that crave chaos and a sense of fun. As with Fall Guys, this is an adorable game for parties that will ignite any competitor’s spark.

Cake Bash allows you to control many different desserts with themes ranging from donuts, cupcakes, and cupcakes. There are unlockables that are worth collecting as well as achievements that are worthy of completing. The game provides a certain amount of personalization that will make you make yourself stand out from other players.

The biggest complaint gamers have with the game is the content. There aren’t many modes, unlockables, and achievements to provide a high replay value. Many recommend playing it in short intervals or when you want an escape from the more demanding games. If you like games for parties featuring adorable avatars as well as achievements and unlockables, give this game a try.


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