8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem is among Nintendo’s most popular series. Although it did take Fire Emblem some time to gain a fan-base however, it has produced fascinating characters, storylines, and enjoyable gameplay elements. Fire Emblem would follow suit with series such as Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing with the release of Fire Emblem Heroes. With its exciting gameplay and gacha-based elements, Nintendo struck gold with this game for mobile devices.

If you’ve had enough of Fire Emblem Heroes and are seeking alternatives, worry not! We’ve searched through the archives and saved you from the headache by presenting our top 8 choices.

For every one of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a useful link where you can go through our complete thoughts on each game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to spend your time in.

In conclusion here are 8 games to play in case you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Puzzle & Dragons

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Puzzle and Dragons combine RPG mechanics and tile-matching gameplay in a fantastic way. This game will require some strategic and enlightened approach on the part of the player. It’s comparable to Fire Emblem Heroes with its difficulty and level of challenge.

This game lets you fight various beasts from all types of existence. If you can match tiles with precision. Your monsters will unleash energizing attacks that can shake you to the core. There’s a chaining system that is available in Puzzles or Dragons, which allows players to deal a staggering amount of damage by using their monsters on their own or in a group.

The game contains more than 2000 collectibles that you can find and acquire. Similar to Fire Emblem Heroes, your characters can transform into powerful creatures. Additionally, the game provides the same kind of dungeon-based adventure similar to Fire Emblem. However, the game does not include certain game-related purchases.

While purchasing items in the game could help you out, Puzzles & Dragons don’t make you buy it. It’s a no-cost mobile game that is done well. While it’s not the greatest difficulty, it’s definitely worth the time.

The Banner Saga


8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Banner Saga Banner Saga isn’t a free-to-play mobile game however that shouldn’t deter the desire to play. The game adds some intriguing benefits to the RPG genre through its turn-based gameplay and strategic strategy. The game takes you on an adventure that is based on your choices.

In this way, you’ll find allies and enemies from many people on your journey through this hostile landscape. Each outcome, circumstance, or choice will have an effect on the larger story. It doesn’t matter if it’s through conversation or battle, you have to choose the right option for you.

The game guarantees gamers that death will happen in these titles regardless of the route they choose. This approach to storytelling allows players to experience a journey distinct from other players. As in Fire Emblem, there is a significant risk when making poor choices.

The gameplay is similar to Fire Emblem to a tea in that you’ll move your units around the grid to take on opponents in the vicinity. Additionally, the battle music and animations are well-integrated with the game’s mythological Norse-inspired setting. If you’re seeking a Norse-influenced game that features elements of Fire Emblem take a look at The Banner Saga.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Imagine you were to take Fire Emblem and merge it with monsters of a different kind You’ll create something similar to Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena. The game shares similar gameplay elements due to its approach to turn-based as well as tactical combat in RPGs.

As in Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll be able to recruit a variety of creatures. Each beast comes with a range of skills that you can make use of to fight. They’ll be able to move across the battle grid and launch an attack when your character is within range. When you win your beasts will rise up and get more powerful.

This game comes with a decent PVP battle system as well as a variety of game modes to fight. However, the campaign mode doesn’t have a lot of recall or good story narratives. A lot of players prefer PVP games however, they often struggle to find matches due to their small number of players.

But, it’s an acceptable mobile game with excellent graphics and solid gameplay. If you’re looking for games that place more emphasis on monsters, take a look at this game.

Lost Frontier

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Lost Frontier feels like a western version of this version of the Fire Emblem franchise. The game for mobile devices is currently priced at $2.99 in the Google Play Store. For that price, this game provides fun, tactical gameplay with a cute character, an over-the-top design, as well as an entertaining story.

In this game, players take the role of cowboys as they traverse through this futuristic western setting with steampunk-inspired and supernatural elements. While it’s a game that can be completed in just a couple of hours, the game provides an interesting storyline at a reasonable price. The characters are authentic and well-written.

For difficulties, the game may become difficult for players unfamiliar with tactical gaming. If you’re an enthusiast of titles such as Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics as well as Fire Emblem, you should be able to complete the game without difficulty. If you’ve got some money, Lost Frontier is worth the money.

Final Fantasy Tactics

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

It is believed that the Fire Emblem franchise has produced numerous games, ranging from hack-and-slash spin-offs to mobile titles such as Heroes. However, every spin-off it produced has the same style and looks like The mainline game series. This is in contrast to what happens in the Final Fantasy series. It is a series Square Enix experimented on much through time.

Titles such as Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy Tactics have opened the way to future spin-offs. Yet, Final Fantasy Tactics retains an element of what has made the series so popular. It has excellent storytelling and a well-written ensemble. The thing that binds Fire Emblem Heroes and Final Fantasy strategies is their aesthetics and the tactical RPG gameplay.

Both games require players to maneuver characters around the grid. When they’re close to their adversaries, they’re able to unleash devastating attacks. After every battle, your characters will be leveled up. The characters from both games feature chibi-style art in the battleground. Fire Emblem Heroes has more anime-like aesthetics but does not feature characters from the same style all the time.

Although the original game is difficult to come across in the present day it’s possible to get the same experience by playing Square’s mobile version of Final Fantasy Tactics: WOTL available on sale for $13.99 through the Google Play Store. Whatever route you decide to go down, be prepared to finish either Tactics game with a smile and a good time.

Dragon Quest Tact

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

A lot of current RPGs owe an enormous amount in part to Dragon Quest for establishing the idea and the nature of this genre. The games have amazing storylines as well as thrilling gameplay and captivating worlds that are full of life. In the end, Dragon Quest would seep its way into various types of merchandise, spin-offs, and TV series.

Take a look at Dragon Quest Tact, a strategy game where you take on and fight loved monsters of the Dragon Quest franchise. From adorable slimes to powerful dragons, there’s a wide range of monsters to conquer and battle in this game for mobile.

As a game for mobile that is a battle game, Dragon Quest Tact has incredible graphics and sound effects. Dragon Quest Tact offers easy-to-understand controls and intricate tactical elements that will entice players. The game offers an expanding list of creatures to be collected by players and won’t need players to pay for.

With its cartoonish style of art with deep gameplay and engaging support, Dragon Quest Tact offers Fire Emblem Heroes players something fun to enjoy.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a thrilling action mobile game for puzzles developed by Akatsuki and released through Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is a free-to-play game with a jack-of-all-trades-styled experience. The gameplay has a variety of themes including bubble-popping to collecting cards.

Similar to Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll find, summon and command well-known figures of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball franchise. Starting with Goku to Jiren There are a variety of characters worth your time to acquire. Dokkan Battle’s gameplay is simpler than Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s as simple as connecting Ki spheres using an inverse match-3 pattern to inflict damage on foes.

It is possible to take down enemies in style with this game’s Dokkan Mode, allowing your character to unleash a powerful final move. This game has a number of games to play after you’ve completed the game’s simpler tasks. If you’re looking for another thrilling gacha game take a look at Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

Phantom of the Kill

8 Games Like Fire Emblem Heroes

Phantom of the Kill feels as if it’s a direct homage to Fire Emblem in many ways. It’s a strategic RPG where players move characters around the grid to engage in battle with nearby enemies. It has similar weapons triangle mechanics to Fire Emblem and offers compelling turn-based combat.

Animations and character models aren’t as polished as they could be, but. The game employs a chibi style of art for its characters whenever they are on the grid or when they engage in attacks. Phantom of the Kill doesn’t include underlying permanent death (permanent deaths) mechanics, either. When your troops die in the game, they’re unable to equip equipment.

The title is plagued by long loading times, grind, and a weak storyline. But, its cutscenes from anime are a good option for those who like animation. If you’re able to endure the game’s grindy gameplay poor plot and long loading times, then you’ll be in for a treat with this game.


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