8 Games Like Guitar Hero

8 More Games to Play!

The Guitar Hero franchise may have been gone for a while but the memories it left for those who love rhythm are still alive. From its plastic peripherals to amazing music options it allowed players to express their inner rock star with their family and friends.

If you’ve had enough of Guitar Hero and are looking for alternatives, don’t fret! We’ve gone through the archive and eliminated the stress by presenting our top 8 choices.

For every one of the games we’ve examined, we’ve included a useful link so that you can read our thoughts on the game and decide if it’s something you’d like to spend your time into.

Without further delay here are 8 games to play in case you’re looking for a similar game to Guitar Hero.


Loud is an arcade-style rhythm game that was developed by HyperStrange and released by QubicGames. It lets players follow a girl in bed who hopes to become a famous guitarist. This game has twelve levels, each featuring an original rock track to master.

Similar to Guitar Hero, Loud forces its players to make precise button presses according to the song’s beat. While playing the game, you’ll be able to gain a new outfit as well as a guitar for the player. However, Loud’s collection of music isn’t as extensive as Guitar Hero’s.

The majority of tracks in the game seem repetitive in terms of the way they are constructed and in their style. While the game’s gameplay is quick-paced and rhythmic, however, there are instances that the game does not respond to your press and you are not able to play certain notes, which can affect your score. In spite of this, it’s an enjoyable indie game that has a simple narrative and enjoyable gameplay mechanics.

Rock Band

8 Games Like Guitar Hero

Rock Band was EA’s answer to Activision’s Guitar Hero. Rock Band featured licensed music games, game modes, and other peripherals that players could test. The game let players play the role of a singer, guitarist or drummer, keyboardist, and many more.

In addition to singers, players had to press buttons in a precise manner that corresponded to the notes displayed on the screen. Music notes would float across a screen similar to Guitar Hero and have colored indicators that would inform players of the button to push. Additionally, the game had bonus notes, which allowed players to earn more points. Rock bands became popular enough to require special collaborations with famous bands.

These collaborations featured classic songs from these groups and also helped to push the release forward the release of more units. However, Rock Band and Guitar Hero aren’t getting new entries within their popular series for quite a while. If you own a PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360 in your possession, I’d suggest purchasing a copy of Rock Band. Rock Band games along with their respective accessories.

Donkey Konga (Series)

Like Dance Dance Revolution, Nintendo decided to dip its toes into the rhythm gaming trend that grew out of titles such as this along with Guitar Hero. The result was Donkey Konga, a rhythm game that was developed by Namco and released by Nintendo. Much like Guitar Hero, this game included a set of bongos for players to use.

Like Donkey Kong, players must be able to match the beats on their screens. The first game includes thirty or more musical numbers. The second game included 30 brand-new tracks, while the final game featured 20 brand-new tracks, on top of the ones that were available prior. Each game is an improvement in visuals from the previous, yet performs similarly.

The bongos caused a lot of people to be confused. While it was fun to play the bongos to beats, some people were a bit irritated and mediocre in their music selection. This is due to the fact that much of the music included in the game was real-life anthems as well as nursery rhymes. It has very little Nintendo-themed music.

But, if you’ve got an old Nintendo Game Cube lying around and would like to get some bongos, you should check the game Donkey Konga and its sequels.

Dance Dance Revolution (Series)

8 Games Like Guitar Hero

Dance Dance Revolution is a popular rhythm game created by Konami which revolutionized the genre. The game featured many famous songs by famous artists and has the most famous gameplay mechanic that saw everyone from ballroom dancers and gamers to move their bodies.

It is among the games that enabled people to comprehend and appreciate music. The game involves choosing an album and watching the process unfold before you. The screen with four arrows that point up and down, left and right. Arrows appear from the bottom and then work toward high up on the screen.

When the arrows are connected to each other, you need to press the appropriate symbol on your dance pad in order to earn points. When the track is over you’ll receive a score. It’s clear that many rhythm games owe a significant portion of their success in part to Dance Dance Revolution. This game promoted physical activity and demonstrated that players could be active when engaging in video games.

There are a lot of machines that mimic the appearance and feel of Dance Dance Revolution in restaurants and bars. If you find an item, you should definitely take a look.

Beat Saber

8 Games Like Guitar Hero

Even though games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band aren’t getting a brand new versions There are numerous games released in the present that aim to provide the same thrill and excitement. Beat Saber feels like a modern version of this classic Guitar Hero series. It’s an incredible VR game that has an incredible quality of play, smooth controls, and a game that will cause you to sweat.

In this game, players cut their way through various music notes to their screens. It is a game that will require you to use your body to its maximum. Contrary to Guitar Hero, fans will be able to get an amazing workout taking part in the game. If you don’t want to shed oxygen The game has different difficulty levels to ease the burden on your muscles.

This game has created an incredible community since its launch in the year 2018. People who like games that incorporate mods will definitely appreciate Beat Saber. It gives players many options to modify the game to suit their preferences in terms of gameplay or graphics. If you’ve missed the glorious times in Guitar Hero and DDR and own a VR headset, I would recommend taking a spin in Beat Saber.

PaRappa The Rapper

8 Games Like Guitar Hero

PaRappa The rapper is among PlayStation’s most loved characters. He’s not just an amazing musician and his games have gained an international fan base. The game tells an engaging story and features a colorful cast of characters. Fans are still asking for PlayStation to make a sequel to 2001’s PaRappa The Rapper 2.

In the game, players are PaRappa who has to go through six levels by performing raps. The game provides players with an area that displays the symbols. The players must rap PaRappa in the direction of their teacher’s rap using buttons that match the teacher’s line of the delivery.

Similar to Guitar Hero, players receive various ranks based on how they perform within PaRappa the Rapper. The scores range from awful to Cool. A player must maintain at least a Good rank in order to complete a level. They also can play again in the event that they fall below their rating.

It’s one game that offers certain challenges but is rewarding when you finish it. If you’re interested to know the other treasures PlayStation came up with in the late 90s and the early 2000s gaming era Check out PaRappa the rapper.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum and Fun functions similarly to the Donkey Konga series. Instead of using your hands, you get two drumsticks for the plastic drum accessory. As you can see that this is a game that demands a high level of control and good timing.

As with previous entries, the music notes will be moved along a timeline from left to right. Music notes are comprised of Red and blue notes. The former is the face of the drum and the other is its edge. The correct note played as each time the timeline reaches its end will build up the Soul Gauge. This stage will be cleared once the gauge is at a certain threshold.

The game can be played using a controller or the joy-cons on the Nintendo Switch. However, many players argue that it’s best played using the provided accessories for more immersive reasons. The game allows for competition in which you can play against players on the internet. The tracklist is varied because many of the tracks are from well-known Nintendo and independent games.

If you’re in search of a fun drum-based rhythm game that your family and friends to play, take a look at Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum and Fun.

Rocksmith Remastered 2014 Edition

Rocksmith Remastered (2014) was Ubisoft’s reaction to fans who have missed the days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Ubisoft has made it clear that they declare that the 2014 edition of Rocksmith is a replacement for the 2011 version. The game is based on the same plan, but with a different name. The players can play with any electric or base guitar in this game.

But, you’ll require one that has a play-through USB adapter cable. The game has 60tracks available to play and includes the additional tracks included in the DLC package. The gameplay of Rocksmith has more educational value than Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Instead of strumming notes in a timely manner, it is imperative to play the frets and string combinations with precision.

Although it might sound intimidating to some musicians, Rocksmith offers some excellent activities and solutions that can aid you in your progress. For instance, you can remove notes from songs that can be overwhelming or show you the importance of each string by color-coding. Rocksmith Remastered is an amazing rhythm game that will transform you into a better guitarist after a few weeks or months of practicing.



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