8 Games Like Mario Kart

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Mario has been involved on numerous occasions throughout the decades. In everything from playing ball together with Bowser to stealing sparkles from the Princess Peach in Mario Party, Nintendo’s famous plumber shines in everything that he gets up to. Mario Kart is a staple game that is a must for every home.

The Mario Kart franchise provides the perfect racer experience in arcades. It’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t know about Mario Kart. With its many things to play with, stunning race tracks and intoxicating music, this series has been hailed as one of Mario’s most memorable experiences.

If you’ve had enough of Mario Kart and are searching for alternatives, don’t fret! We’ve gone through the archives to save you from the hassle by providing our top 8 choices.

For all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a hyperlink, so you can go through our thoughts on the game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to spend your time and effort in.

In this article here are eight games worth checking out If you’re searching for a similar game to Mario Kart.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Kirby Air Ride

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is among the top racing games Sega has ever developed. The game features a variety of characters from Sega’s library and also features guest appearances by characters like Wreck-It Ralph and others characters. With its plethora of missions, a variety of maps, and an enthralling cast it’s a game anyone can appreciate.

All-Stars Racing Transformed and Mario Kart have similar gameplay. Each map is stunning in its images and follows a typical 3-lap race. Each level comes with item boxes that give you various items that you can utilize against other players. The thing that made this game distinguish itself in comparison to Mario Kart was its level and its dynamism.

At specific times during certain times, the stage undergoes dramatic changes that force your car to change into a plane or an afloat. This made tracks appear more exciting and majestic. Every level comes with a fair number of shortcuts as well as alternate routes, providing players with additional reasons to explore the maps of each region.

However, it’s possible that the graphics in the game be too distracting, leading players to stray off the track. If you’re an avid fan of arcade racing games with different styles, battle items, and missions, you’re bound for a great time playing the Sega racer.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is a remake of the iconic Crash Bandicoot racing title developed by Naughty Dog for the original PlayStation. This game has the same content as its predecessor, but a couple of brand-new characters and elements were added into the mix to make it more exciting.

The game is visually stunning and has a solid lineup that includes characters from The Crash Bandicoot universe. The game was later to receive appearances by other classic icons such as Spyro The Dragon. Although the characters received an update on their appearance their dialogue wasn’t given the same treatment. Additionally, the game’s design is geared towards heavier-weight characters over lighter ones.

With some practice sessions, players will be able to play toe-to-toe with the game’s larger cast. The game has thirty tracks packed with life and color. Some courses are poor-designed and include obstacles and hurdles that seem unnatural. The game features a wide variety of returning modes that keep their appeal and challenge.

Fans who are new may struggle with Adventure Mode though. Mario Kart fans that are seeking a more challenging challenge ought to take a look at Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled the chance.

Super Indie Karts

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Super Indie Karts is like Mario Kart but with indie darlings instead of the classic Nintendo characters. The game has many classic game modes of the series, from Time Trials to Grand Prix. The characters of this game are from the most loved hits such as Freedom Planet to Toejam & Earl.

The game is a fantastic design style in 16 bits. The tracks look stunning and are detailed enough to fully immerse the player base. You can play the game with a partner locally. It has 40 tracks, 4-speed classes, and a variety of options and levels to be pursuing.

As in Mario Kart In Mario Kart, the tracks are equipped with different weapons you can employ against fellow racers and your friends. Be aware that the game is still being released in early access. This means it’s not yet a fully-fledged product. But, the developers are planning to introduce newer models and maps that players can play. While it’s not a finished product, it has enough content to satisfy your interest.

Diddy Kong Racing

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Diddy Kong Racing is a racing series that many would like Nintendo to revive to appeal to a younger public. This game was the debut for some of Rare’s most beloved characters such as Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie and Conker of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The game is filled with content and offers an array of interesting elements not included in Mario Kart.

For instance, players loved the story mode that was included in the game. It offered players fun tasks to complete as well as a devastating opponent to take down. In addition, the vehicles featured included in this game were different. Instead of simple karts, Diddy Kong and his buddies raced one another on boats, planes hovercrafts, hovercrafts, and various other vehicles. While it might sound odd, each vehicle was a reflection of the driver’s character perfectly.

The game was able to provide things to play with and tracks that were fun It was not dependent upon RNG mechanics. The games’ items provide fairness to players, allowing Rare to require players to think about their strategy during every race. However, the game hasn’t been re-released in a long time and the Nintendo DS remake didn’t do the game any favors since it removed some of the best game content from the original N64 release.


8 Games Like Mario Kart

Have you enjoyed playing Mario Kart’s 200 CC feature? Are you a fan of racing games that are fast-paced similar to F-Zero as well as Fast RMX? Check out Trailblazers created by Supergonk. The game puts a fresh twist to the formula by requiring players to paint sections of the track in the color of their team.

It’s best to consider it as a combination of Splatoon or F-Zero. The game does have some of the same fun is found in games such as Mario Kart. Wearing your team’s colors gives your teammates speed increases if they travel along the track of your team. Be aware that enemy players may paint your tracks too.

It gives the game strategies and stresses the importance of collaboration. Although it is a different approach to racing games, Trailblazers isn’t without its flaws. A few issues that arise within the game stem from the controls and track layout. A lot of banter between its players can be grating. If you are able to overlook these problems, you’ll come away from the game satisfied.

Cruis’n Blast

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Mario Kart’s most well-known achievement is its hilarious gameplay. While other games aim to create realistic simulations but Mario Kart is designed to stimulate players. Cruis’n Blast is a great arcade racing game that has the same goal as Mario Kart. It offers players 20tracks, plus plenty of cars to pick from.

This is as ridiculous racing as one would anticipate and it is in direct competition with Mario Kart in that respect. In addition to racing with other racers in luxury cars, it also allows you to pilot helicopters and climb on top of dinosaurs from the past. The tracks of this game are stunningly detailed and breathtaking landscapes.

The Cruis’n Blaster’s Tour mode is an arcade mode. It lets you compete in various Grand Prix to earn money to purchase new cars. Each course has different types of dangers you need to avoid or jump over. These races bring the same exuberant energy that you get from games such as Mario Kart, so check this out if you’re in need of something similar to that.

ModNation Racers

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Thanks to all who have a memory of that Playstation 3 gem! ModNation Racers is a programmable racing game for karts that feels like the combination of LittleBigPlanet along with Mario Kart. With speedy tracks, tons of options for customization, and exciting accomplishments, the game featured an active community that created various crazy tracks and racers for karts.

With basic controls and a competitive career game mode, ModNation Racers really excelled by combining play much like Mario Kart. Although it’s sadly the Playstation 3 exclusive, fingers crossed that it gets an update in the near future!

Kirby Air Ride

8 Games Like Mario Kart

Kirby has had numerous adventures throughout the many years. Kirby has battled cutesy creatures to grotesque Eldritch-like monsters. Kirby is able to restore order in his realm, taking one copied power at one time. At the time Kirby’s creator Masahiro Sakurai decided to create something completely new for Kirby to take on.

It’s time to enter Kirby Air Ride, the final game Sakurai developed before departing from Hal Laboratory and becoming independent. This racing game is played by as many as four people. It includes Kirby races in several races in his famed warp star vehicle.

This game has a myriad of options to take part in aside from races. For instance, one of Kirby Air Ride’s most popular games is City Trial. When playing City Trial., you’re given a specific amount of time to get an impressive vehicle and a number of power-ups.

Participants compete in mini-competitions as time expires. This includes drag races, brawls, competitions to eliminate enemy hordes, gliding contests, and even laps around air rides. Air Ride courses. This is among Sakurai’s finest Kirby games. It’s a title that many fans would like to see revived to be released on its Nintendo Switch. If you own the Nintendo Game Cube in your household, I’d suggest looking around your local area or looking online to find this treasure.


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