8 Games Like Pac-Man

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Pac-Man is a well-known game character and a franchise. With its basic gameplay and the child-friendly designs of its characters, the franchise is one that anyone can appreciate. Pac-Man is akin to Mario in that he has explored a variety of situations in games. But, some prefer to go back to Pac-Man’s maze-chasing adventures.

If you’ve had enough of Pac-Man and are searching for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve searched through the archives to save us the trouble with our top 8 choices.

For every one of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a link where you can go through our thoughts on the game and decide if it’s something you’d like to invest your time and effort in.

In this article, we’ve got eight games worth checking out in case you’re looking for a similar game to Pac-Man.

8 Games Like Pac-Man

Monaco How’s Yours Mine

Monaco’s How to Win Yours is Mine is a game of heist in which you form a team of thieves in order to carry out an amazing steal. This game has local and online co-op play however, you are able to play on your own. The game is among the games in which you can play several characters.

In addition to completing heists as the game’s main objective mission, there are also missions in which you have to save people or just escape an area. The game is populated with characters with different strengths and weaknesses. Its OST is great to listen to and will get your adrenaline up.

This isn’t all it has to offer. This game has an interactive mode in which you can alter your personal levels. This can increase the game’s replay potential and encourages players to create levels that they would like to play. The graphics of this game are cartoony and pixelated similar to Pac-Man. But, beneath its kid-friendly appearance lies a game filled with tension as well as plot twists and a lot of foreshadowing.

8 Games Like Pac-Man

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe is a top-down shooter that you can play with your computer. It lets you be the blue protagonist, who has to control his environment by shooting at enemies and avoiding bullets that are coming at him. The victory over the opponent grants you access to a gun’s power-up and it affects your opponent’s speed.

The difficulty of this game can vary. Its most difficult difficulty is a bit of a challenge and is designed for those with good cognitive abilities. The game has seven levels that are more difficult over time. The game’s mechanics are superb, and its gameplay creates intense and enjoyable gameplay.

While the game doesn’t have stunning images, the gameplay is sure to draw players to play.

8 Games Like Pac-Man

Forget Me Not

It’s a one- or two-player action game which mixes roguelike style with Pac-Man’s legendary maze-like gameplay. Players must traverse a never-ending series of levels that be like the mazes you explore in Pac-Man. While players are able to attack their opponents with bullets and reflect at their opponents.

This is the reason it’s the role of the player to find one key in each level to prevent the shots. Every level has a variety of flowers that resemble the pellets that you’d see in Pac-Man. When you have collected each flower, an exit port is created and spawns into the level. A terrifying and frightening ghost appears on the screen if a player remains for too long on one level.

The enemies are varied in size and power. The challenge of taking on certain enemies could result in massive explosions that can alter the geometry of levels on many maps. They can also inflict harm on another opponent. After they’ve been defeated, they’ll leave behind an abundance of fruits, and the collection of 100 pieces gives players an additional life. The game also comes with several different options for players to test out.

If you’re searching for a Pac-Man imitation that’ll be awe-inspiring about what you’re looking for, look no further than Forget Me Not.

8 Games Like Pac-Man


The game, which is based on squirrels, is a different Pac-Man replica worth the time. As the game’s squirrel character you’ll need to traverse various levels and gather Acorns. Each level has wicked ninjas that patrol their surroundings to locate you.

If you’re concerned about the vulnerability of your character don’t worry! This game gives you numerous ninja-themed items like smoke bombs, and flame clothes to help you defeat your adversaries. The game will make new levels accessible to players as they improve their skills.

The game comes with five difficulty choices as well as 25 ranks. This game features a nice 3D style and is accompanied by fascinating game mechanics as well as a fantastic sound design. Although it might appear to be an imitation of Pac-Man the game has distinct features that make to make it make a mark.

8 Games Like Pac-Man

Lode Runner Legacy

Lode Runner Legacy serves as the new version of Doug Smith’s popular 2D action-patchwork hybrid. This game has stunning 3D animation and incredibly rich gameplay which is enhanced by its fantastic graphics. The mission of this game is identical to Pac-Man’s.

You have to traverse single-screen areas and collect the loot that each level has to offer to get rid of. While you can make you across the blocks it’s only able to take out blocks close to the bottom left and right edges of your display. This creates an additional burden on the player because it is possible to become trapped and forced that you restart your game.

There’s more than one thing to worry about in this game. Each level is filled with distinct enemies that want to destroy your life. You’re either constantly followed or performed according to a predetermined pattern, and getting them to think differently can be rewarding. While you aren’t able to harm your opponents physically, it is possible to could put them in holes and make them into step-stones. Consider games like Dig Dug.

Although it has its strengths, however, it is lacking in certain areas. The game’s levels may feel a bit repetitive and the game’s retro-themed mechanics are dated and annoying for those who are new to the game. If you’re able to overlook these issues, you’ll be in for an enjoyable experience with this faithful rendition.

Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor is another arcade game that features mazes and other creatures. This game permits up to two players to take part in the game’s activities. The goal is to kill all creatures in the maze. The first player has a yellow character, while the second one controls blue ones.

This game has a wide range of monsters for you and your partner to eliminate. They differ in their strength, power as well as death animation. The boss in this game shares an identical name to the title of the game. It will scream and engage your troops by using its magical powers.

This game is a great game for competitive appeal and will keep players interested. If you’re looking to play a fun co-op arcade game that has an acceptable life system and the ability to compete, you should check out the game Wizard of Wor.

Ms. Pac-Man

The game is called Ms. Pac-Man and can be described as a straight copy of Pac-Man completely. It doesn’t just offer the same gameplay as Pac-Man however, it has the same enemies, fruits, and power pellets as the original. But the game’s protagonist, Ms. Pac-Man is different in comparison to Namco’s iconic yellow superhero.

For example, it has four mazes that have distinct color schemes and features. The first, second, and fourth mazes each have two warp tunnels, in contrast to Pac-Man’s single warp tunnel. The mazes are named after Ms. The ghostly Pac-Man enemies function differently from one another.

This allows the game to avoid monotony and also adds a sense of challenge. The fruits show more activity than those in Pac-Man. When playing the case of Ms. Pac-Man the fruit move around, and occasionally go to warp tunnels, and then disappear forever. Ms. Pac-Man’s death animation looks much more elegant than Pac-Man’s death animation as she spins and splats.

The intermission sequences illustrate Ms. Pac-Man’s relationship with Pac-Man at the beginning. The film has visually compelling elements which many appreciate. If you’ve not had the pleasure of playing Ms. Pac-Man, I’d suggest giving it a go.

 the Cat

8 Games Like Pac-Man

Imagine taking the old game Snake and mixing it up with Pac-Man You’d end up with something that resembles Pix the Cat. The game blends both concepts perfectly. This game allows you to play as the robotic cat, who has to navigate through a maze reminiscent of Pac-Man to find eggs.

It is important to stay away from being attacked by other players, and then deliver eggs to the players they want. The game’s difficulty grows as you advance. This is a game in which you’re always moving around the grid, with no opportunity to stop.

This requires the player to stay focused as they continue to deliver eggs and stay clear of troublesome foes. This game is played in multiple games that are focused on having to play or solve puzzles. It’s a simple pick-up-and-play kind of game that takes approximately 5 minutes for each match. If you’re searching for a game that is sure to get your heart pumping like Pac-Man look no further than Pix the Cat.


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