8 Games Like Resident Evil

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The Resident Evil series gave rise to a variety of spooky titles following the initial game’s release. The series had shrewd tank controls that slowed players’ movement and increased their terror. The series experienced its fair share of downs and highs in some games but was able to rise from the ground once more.

If you’ve completed playing Resident Evil and are looking for alternatives, don’t fret! We’ve gone through the archives and eliminated the headache with our top 8 recommendations.

Naturally, to all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a useful hyperlink, so you can read our thoughts on the game and decide if it’s something you’d like to invest your time into.

In conclusion, we’ve got eight games worth checking out If you’re looking for a game similar to Resident Evil.

The Evil Within

Silent Hill (Series)

Resident Evil, as well as Silent Hill, were thrilling horror experiences. The games trigger strong emotions and create dread and anxiety for players across the globe. Although Silent Hill has its finest moments, many have found the sequel impressive and memorable.

Silent Hill 2 follows a widower, James who travels to Silent Hill to visit the city of Silent Hill because of a mysterious letter that he received from his wife Mary. When James goes about exploring Silent Hill, he learns that the town isn’t exactly pleasant. The game explores issues concerning depression and suicide.

James is slowly engulfed by the dreadful atmosphere of Silent Hill. This game is a masterpiece in audio design as well as unsettling visuals. It makes use of simple sound effects, such as the footsteps of enemies and animals to enhance the suspense. If you’re looking for a more frightening experience after having completed one or all of the Resident Evil games, check out Silent Hill and its sequel.

8 Games Like Resident Evil

Outlast (Series)

Outlast I and II are fantastic horror games that use their found-footage style effectively. As with the later Resident Evil games, this is a one-person experience that fans won’t forget. It is filled with terrifying elements such as creepy music as well as invisible health bars and darkened lighting that will take players into the world.

Both Outlast entries contain similar premises. They are about reporters who investigate terrifying locations that are filled with darkness and mystery. With the aid of a camcorder, they can film the events unfolding through their visions as they struggle to escape and make it through. Similar to Resident Evil, Outlast forces players to control their equipment in a way that is efficient.

The battery of your camcorder may not always be 100% when you be thrown into dark environments. Darkened settings can cause fear and anxiety in the participant. The enemies range from terrifying humans to terrifying beasts. In the absence of defensive capabilities and a lack of defensive ability, the Outlast franchise is designed to create a feeling of uneasiness and worry.

8 Games Like Resident Evil

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is one of the video games based on movies that surpassed the expectations of fans. With its captivating stealth-style gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and stunning sound design, this game has captured the excitement and awe that the fans loved about Ridley Scott’s popular franchise.

The game is set 15 years after the debut Alien film. The story is about Amanda Ripley, who wants to know what happened to her mother on the spooky space station. The only issue lies in the fact that an unidentified xenomorph entered the station.

Amanda has to find resources, flee and escape from the monster in order to stop it from killing her. As Resident Evil, Alien Isolation is able to make players feel stressed and anxious while they explore their surroundings. There are occasions when players are provided with a powerful weapon however, these instances are rare and far between.

The game’s visual design evokes the same old-fashioned style of the source material. From the awkward keyboards to the writhing screens, the game appears appropriate for the period. With its amazing cautionary gameplay and gruesome designs, Alien Isolation is worth a look for Resident Evil fans.

8 Games Like Resident Evil

Dead Island

Dead Island is a 4-player zombie shooter that’ll keep you at the edge of your chair. This game is played on the gorgeous island of Banoi in Vietnam, where a group of friends organizes a party in a hotel. Then, a group of zombies with an infectious disease crash the party.

In the role of a survivor, you’ll need to blast your way through numerous zombie hordes in order to survive. This game is a simple area for players to explore and kill zombies along with their friends. It has elements of an RPG including skill trees and a character advancement system.

The characters will see a variety of weapons with diverse effects. This makes the zombie-slaying experience to be cool and refreshing. If you’re seeking a thrilling experience to share with your friends go to Dead Island.

8 Games Like Resident Evil

Dino Crisis (Series)

Dino Crisis is one of Capcom’s stale franchises. It is a game that offers the same environment that is based on survival as Resident Evil. Instead of zombies that are mindless, players are battling hordes of flesh-eating dinosaurs. Each Dino Crisis entry offers something unique for players to explore and fight.

Many find the third installment and its spin-off to be mediocre when compared to the first as well as the second. In any case, the games provide an array of fun puzzles to work through and put in tighter spaces that can result in memorable encounters with the game’s prehistoric creatures.

Although some of the scenarios featuring dinosaurs don’t sound particularly terrifying they will leave an impression on the players. The first game is more intimate The second game is more heavily on the action. If you loved the small inventory and tightness of the first Resident Evil titles, then take a look at Dino Crisis 1 and 2.

8 Games Like Resident Evil

Days Passed

This is among those titles which aren’t suitable for all despite its intriguing apocalyptic theme. It’s a slow game and a myriad of fetch missions that can be boring. If you’re able to take the time to get rid of all the stuffing it is certain to make you leave the game feeling enthused.

Days Gone takes place in post-pandemic America and is centered on a bounty hunter called Deacon St. John. As Deacon is your mission, you’ll need to discover various abandoned settlements. Within these settlements, you’ll discover equipment that you can use to make weapons and other useful objects.

The world isn’t a pleasant one because it’s full of strange creatures that can be able to attack you. It’s unfortunate that the majority of battles with horde are near the end of the game. Although it’s lacking in enjoyable activities it makes up for the lack of fun with a captivating story. The story is filled with interesting themes, such as deceit, regret, and separation.

If you’re able to sit through the game’s mediocre moments, you’ll come away with a smile.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within (Series)

Resident Evil and The Evil Within share a lot of the same. Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami also developed The Evil Within. The Evil Within games have incredible plots, as well as terrifying images, and create tension. They revolve around a detective protagonist who is named Sebastian Castellanos.

Sebastian is tasked with navigating an unforgiving world filled with sorrow and fear. Every game has amazing creature designs that will send chills through your spine. The games contain several scares that are sure to leave you shivering in your seat. The various locales included in these games evoke frustration and endurance.

Every time you go out You’ll feel that something or someone could be watching over you. Similar to Resident Evil, this game makes players think about the best time to utilize their guns. The game doesn’t offer a massive weapon or ammo in The Evil Within series. It’s more about fleeing enemies rather than engaging in combat.

If you’re in search of a third-person shooter game that has innovative scares, challenges, and twists, you should check for The Evil Within 1 and 2.

The Last of Us (Remastered)

The Last of Us is an important series that was created by the people who brought you classic shows like Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted. The game is filled with fun platforms and shooter-style third-person gameplay. But, The Last of Us is most well-known for its engaging story and its likable cast.

The single-player game is focused on Joel who is a savage man who is haunted by the ghosts from his past. Joel, along with many other players is afflicted by a virulent outbreak that transforms people into infected creatures known as “Runners.” These creatures can transform into dangerous creatures known as Clickers in the event that their wounds remain untreated.

Joel is caught in a world of chaos which is becoming more hostile as resources decrease. Additionally, he has to take a girl called Ellie across the vast, overgrown desert of America to join a rebel group called The Fireflies. It is an emotional and narrative-driven game featuring characters who are afflicted by massive trauma and are forced to come up with strategies to combat the thoughts.



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