8 Games Like Stardew Valley

8 More Simulation & RPG Titles To Get Lost In!

Stardew Valley is an amazing farming simulation game. The game’s fans love its unique gameplay, as well as the straightforward narrative it tells. It’s one of the games that you’ll want to come back to many times to try new things. From fighting wild animals to exploring fun caves, Stardew Valley provides gamers with plenty of things to do.

If you’ve completed Stardew Valley, and you’re searching for other games, don’t worry! We’ve gone through the archives and spared us the trouble with our top 8 choices.

For all of the games we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that we’ve included a hyperlink, so you can go through our thoughts on the game and determine if it’s a game you’d like to invest your time and effort in.

In conclusion, we’ve got 8 games to play in case you’re looking for a game similar to Stardew Valley.

Harvest Moon (Series)

8 Games Like Stardew Valley

Harvest Moon is one of the most popular farming games ever. Although it is dubbed under a brand new name, Story of Seasons, this series has some interesting details about the advantages and disadvantages of farm life.

The main focus of this series is the young protagonist trying to bring prosperity and life to a small-scale farm. In order to achieve this it is necessary to take on every aspect of the job, including clearing land growing and selling your crops and creating relationships with the people close by.

This game keeps you on your toes just like Stardew Valley. It’s not without punishments for players. For example, if you choose to stop watering your plants, they may cease producing. The inability to care for animals could result in their becoming sick or worse.

These small issues allow players to remain absorbed in the various games of Harvest Moon. If you love the social and agricultural aspects of Stardew Valley, then you’ll be awed by is offered by the Harvest Moon series delivers.


8 Games Like Stardew Valley

Terraria is an amazing 2D worldwide survival adventure in which you are able to allow your imagination to run wild. The game gives you access to an expansive and lush world and lets you enjoy your life as you want. You can battle nearby enemies or search for unique objects or design amazing tools.

Terraria offers a 2D world that you can explore and inspires imagination. If you’re looking to create an entire village of impressive and likable soldiers then go ahead. If you’re looking to go in a quest to battle random enemies and search for treasures that are priceless No one can stop you. This is the place to take on and build.

This game has a great community of players who are kind and caring. The game’s creators provide numerous updates to the content that enhance the game with every release. Stardew Valley fans that are seeking a similar two-dimensional experience, but with more freedom and frequent content updates ought to consider giving Terraria the chance.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

8 Games Like Stardew Valley

At the time of writing this article, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the second-highest-rated first-party title on Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch. The game has beaten similar games The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Super Mario Odyssey.

It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have the same amount of content as Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game featured more Nintendo-themed merchandise and held the attention of fans for a considerable time. However, the game has an abundance of content to explore and play with their fellow players.

Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons You must build the dream island you’ve always wanted to live on. However, it doesn’t cost a lot. It is necessary to complete a number of tasks for the rich Raccoon dog Tom Nook if you hope to build an entire island to match the name.

The less important missions involve simple tasks, from collecting seashells and digging pits in the sand, or the grass. Then, you can sell them in the shop to earn Bells (Animal Crossing’s game’s currency). The bells can be used to purchase things for your home, island your residents’ homes as well as your own household. It’s a game of fun that encourages people to get together and provides valuable information regarding the world of finance.

My Time At Portia

8 Games Like Stardew Valley

How do you combine Studio Ghibli with simulations of farming? It’s going to be something similar to My Time at Portia. The game tells a captivating story of a brand new workshop owner. The owner of the workshop happens to be a skilled craftsman’s son, who acquired it from his father.

As the son of his father, you are required to create and mine your way to own the most prestigious workshops in the town of Portia. Your journey will involve taking part in numerous activities. This includes engaging with the locals, visiting dark dungeons, and having the chance to get married and/or

While you’re charged with this responsibility, however, you don’t have to get into the process of creating the perfect worship now. The game demands that players play the game at their individual paces. The game can cause anxiety in players due to the variety of difficulties. But, if you’re able to conquer these challenges with a high degree of integrity and perseverance, you will leave the game happy.

Slime Rancher (Series)

8 Games Like Stardew Valley

Do you need something enjoyable and relaxing? Slime Rancher is a perfect choice. The Slime Rancher series wishes to delight you with its adorable characters, gorgeously lavish settings, and delightful gameplay. This game brings to mind the sensation of a classic adventure and isn’t planning to provide anything less than that.

The game follows a fiery young rancher called Beatrix and her journey to an adventure that is away from Earth. Her goal is to live her new lifestyle at a ranch given to her by an eminent rancher named Hobson. She’s required to collect slime-like creatures by using her vacuum. Beatrix’s day is never boring because you’ll be able to help her conquer numerous obstacles that don’t have anything in common with her daily job.

Certain activities involve growing crops, harvesting resources, and exploring wild lands that are uncultivated. These activities all aid in your overall aim of restoring Hobson’s ranch that you love so much. A game of adventure wouldn’t be complete without its plethora of hidden areas and markets. With its numerous simulation aesthetics as well as daily missions and great sources, Slime Rancher is an excellent adventure game to try the next time around.

Graveyard Keeper

8 Games Like Stardew Valley

Graveyard Keeper happens when you combine medieval fantasy and life simulation. The players create and oversee the medieval graveyard while suffering ethical challenges and making questionable decisions. Even though it’s a mess of errors but it offers thrilling and addicting gameplay, just like Stardew Valley.

The game is a re-enactment of capitalism to the 10th degree. You’ll be expanding into new ventures and thinking of ideas to cut costs. Making the most of your resources and seeking ways to get greater equipment is the attitude you’ll experience while playing this game.

And not only that, Graveyard Keeper contains a romantic storyline that will appeal to those who are fans of dating simulations. This game features some dark undertones, however. On your journey, you’ll come across dead corpses of dead organisms. It is possible to grind the flesh to sell them to a local butcher shop or continue with your normal routine.

This is a great but intimidating title that features mature themes. If you’re a huge fan of Stardew Valley but are looking for something grittier, look into Graveyard Keeper.

Doraemon: Story of Seasons

Doraemon is among those iconic anime series that reveal its rear end into the mainstream at any time it wants. Through new films or merchandise or games, The legacy of Doraemon is always growing. Doraemon: Story of Seasons is a good example of the franchise holder’s concept in order to maintain Doraemon at the forefront of attention.

This game lets players be Noby, the main character of the show. Noby. Noby, Doraemon, and their friends are transported to the technology-deficient town of Natura. As players, you have to aid Noby to restore an old and neglected farm, and then become a respected citizen of the town.

This game is characterized by a visual style that’s captivating. As with Stardew Valley players are given many tasks to complete and are free to explore Natura according to their own preferences. If you’d like to have a chat with the inhabitants of Natura or even plant crops, it’s yours to decide.

This game allows players to be free and is among its best features. Making a game of it can be a tedious task If you’re interested in playing games over long-term enjoyment, then Doraemon The Story of Seasons is worth playing.


Moonlight is a pixel-packed action RPG featuring rogue-lite-like elements that are amazing. Players control Will an entrepreneur who hopes to become a hero. You’ll help Will throughout his various dungeon explorations fighting, battles, and theft actions.

The action in this game is more hack-and-slash-oriented. This makes it quicker than Stardew Valleys. The game has a variety of enemies and bosses that provide enough challenge and challenging enough to merit players to spend their time. The fans of Stardew Valley’s crafting and managing gameplay will appreciate similar gameplay mechanics in Moonlighter.

You’ll make a lot of useful tools that you can sell in Will’s shop, and use for battle. Consider it as Minecraft in a way, with its weapons, enchantments, and economics on servers that are public. Players can explore a variety of locations with people who are worthy of meeting, with some vibrant personalities.

Try Moonlighter an opportunity in case you’re looking to play an action-oriented title. gameplay.


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