9-1-1 – Season 6 Episode 6 “Tomorrow” Recap & Review


Season 6 episode 6 begins with a jump in time to 2010, when Chimney cleverly set up Han and Karen for a date. The hen was still recovering from her split from Eva as Karen was who was focused on her work and had no time for any other thing. They immediately hit it off and, even though Hen is a bit hesitant, she cannot conceal that she has feelings about some things in love with Karen. We are grateful to Chimney for the credit for the magical experience of Karen as well as Hen.

The flashback comes to an end and we’re back to the present, in which Hen is still having questions about whether she’s in a position to officially leave the 118th. Karen is excited to begin the next chapter in their lives as Hen is about to begin her third year at medical school. She is thrilled to be taking the son of their, Denny, and her husband, who will be working alongside her. Denny is thrilled to be working in the lab and is amazed by all the ongoing projects that the lab is working on.

As the show progresses as it progresses, we’re able to see several flashbacks of Hen and Karen’s romance. The story begins by describing how they first began their relationship and how it wasn’t an easy road at the beginning. The hen was unsure whether she was ready to be in a relationship that is serious after Eva hit her in the heart.

Karen was having a difficult time coming to the idea of Eva becoming a major element of Hen’s life, particularly when Eva requested Hen to take her child. Karen did not think that it would be a good idea for the two and was worried about the possibility that Hen is still totally in love with Eva because she was unable to say no to her. The two broke apart, but Chimney did their magic, and they came together once more. Karen discovered that she was in love with Hen and came back and they became parents to Denny together. The couple has been through a lot since then, but none quite as grave as the present life-or-death situation.

At present, an explosion of a high-pressure tank occurs and causes a fire to spread through the laboratory. The 118 unit is assigned to battle the fire. The hen would like to put on her firefighter uniform and join the fight. Bobby informs her she’s no longer a firefighter and is not allowed to go in. They enter and can save Karen and then take her out. At first, it appears she has suffered minor injuries and is not in immediate danger. Then she begins to faint and Hen discovers that she has shrapnel inside her stomach.

They transport her to the hospital, and for a time in the ambulance, it’s moving and going while they attempt to bring her back. Hen isn’t willing to quit until they’re able to achieve a normal heartbeat and stabilize her. Fortunately, the shrapnel has only caused damage to her spleen, and she is expected to be able to fully recover. After she has been released from the hospital, Hen assures her she can’t quit her firefighter job.

The incident with the fire caused her to realize that she could lose Karen and she does not want her life to alter. She confesses that she’s not really considered the sacrifices she’d have to make in order to begin the new profession of a doctor. The job will separate her from her family, and she isn’t willing to make it anymore.

Episode Review Episode Review

The show focused specifically on Hen as well as Karen and I’m glad that we got to learn more about their relationship. It addressed a number of questions that viewers asked regarding their relationship.

Our hearts were a little twitchy as Karen was at her lowest in the ambulance. We believed that was it, but she came through – thank goodness!

I am also thrilled I am also ecstatic that Hen decided to remain an active firefighter and a part of the 118. It’s logical that Hen was not thinking about the things that the life of a medical student could have meant. Sometimes, we focus on the target so hard that we are unable to see any other thing.



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