9 Must-Watch BLs To Enjoy This November

Young Royals

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: 1st November

The romance between Swedish prince Wilhelm Simon and the Swedish Prince Wilhelm Simon is continuing in season 2. Edvin who is the character Prince Wilhelm has said the possibility that Season 2 would bring the Prince to a dark path following his breakup with Simon. The fans of the show have waited for more than a whole year for the return of season 2 and are eager to discover how the story unfolds.

Love Of Secrets

Network: Channel 3

Premiere Date: November 5th

It is a girl-love story about Panpan as well as Aim. Panpan hopes to be an idol, even a medical student. Her father, Phuri would like her to follow in his footsteps as a well-known surgeon. Panpan does not want to be a burden on her dad, so she’s attending medical school while concealing her true ambition and relationship with Aim. How does she expect to keep secrets from her family?

Between Us

Network: GMM One, iQiyi

Premiere Date: 6th November

The show is promoted by the famous onscreen duo BounPrem which tells the tale of Team. The protagonist is a professional swimmer whose traumatized past has impacted his performance in the water. Win provides assistance to the Team and friendship is beginning to grow between the two. It is recommended to go through Between Us and Until We Meet Again to understand Team. Between Us special and Until We Meet Again to get a better understanding of the Team and win better.

I Will Knock on You

Network: Channel 3

Premiere Date: November 18th

This is another adorable love story for college boys from Thailand. The story centers on the love story of Thi as well as Noei. This is tutoring part-time and was introduced to Noei as he was trying to protect one of his students against a band. Noei is a high school group leader who is intimidating his students. In the beginning, Thi has no interest in him until he is one of his students and begins flirting with him.

Love In The Air Special Episode

Network: GMM, iQiyi

Premiere Date: 26th November

The fans are disappointed to hear that the tale of Phayu, Rain, Prapai, and Sky will soon come to an end. However, there will be a special episode made available. The show was about two best buddies Rain and Sky getting married and finding happiness.

The first chapter focused on the connection that exists between Phayu as well as Rain. The second chapter was about Prapai Sky and Prapai Sky. The sky is recovering from her past relationships, however, Prapai will show his love for Sky regardless of what it takes. You can read the complete episode recap here.

Eternal Yesterday

Network: MBS

Premiere Date: Ongoing

This is a recurring Japanese BL that has a bizarre but enjoyable storyline. It tells the story of Koichi who is known as a well-known student and Mitsuru who is an introvert. They are both attracted to one another however tragedy occurs when Koichi is struck by a truck just in the direction of Mitsuru. To Mitsuru’s relief Koichi appears healthy and unharmed however soon, their peers begin to forget their existence of Koichi. Is he living or is Mitsuru hiding something?

Choco Milk Shake

Network: YouTube

Premiere Date: Ongoing

It’s a Korean fantasy comedy that tells the tale of a pet and a cat who return to humankind. They decide to live with their former owner, Jung Woo who is an orphan living alone. They show up randomly at his house and insist they are his previous animals Choco as well as Milk. What will happen when the three of them be together, and how will their romance begin?

Roommates of Poongduck 304

Network: Viki

Premiere Date: Ongoing

The Korean romantic series follows the account of Ji Ho Jun, a 29-year-old chaebol who is in a difficult spot when his father issues an ultimatum. The father exiles him from the home and tells him to put in the hours to become an employee leader in the brand new Guemman Group business team. He moves to an apartment owned by Seo Jae Yoon. Ho Jun treats Jae Yoon with prejudice, but this changes when they go to the office together as colleagues. How do they coexist at work when they are unable to get along at home?

Till The World Ends

Network: Tencent Video

Premiere Date: Ongoing

This is among the most anticipated BL series of the year. It is produced in Thailand and features a distinct storyline that differs from the standard secondary school or college/university love stories we’ve seen. It tells the story of Art who suffers from amnesia, and Golf while they live together for the final 13 days of the universe.

Here are our top choices for the top upcoming BL series to see this November.

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