Abbott Elementary – Season 2 Episode 8 “Egg Drop” Recap & Review

Egg Drop

In episode 8 from Abbott Elementary Season 2 Teacher Mrs. Morton decides to do an egg drop for his students. Janine is keen to join her students, even if her teacher belief that her students in 2nd grade aren’t advanced enough.

Through the test, 8th graders didn’t break eggs. However, every single student in Janine’s class fails to create an effective mechanism to protect eggs. The result is that all of her students are angry. One of them is crying after he thought that all he had to do was be confident in himself.

Gregory is aware that Janine does not understand the scientific basis of the drop and neither do her students. He decides to assist her in understanding the science behind it. He tries to help her, she states that she will teach the students they can believe that they are strong and believe that they can achieve everything.

Gregory presses Janine in a way that he realizes it’s about something other than the fact that he’s pressing her. Janine is then able to admit that she’s familiar with not being able to get things. A positive outlook will get her through. The mother doesn’t want her children to feel that they are failures which is why she encourages them to maintain the same mindset.

It’s this mindset that helps her persevere. She asks her students to create more devices and then requests Ms. Morton to put on another egg drop-off event, but Mr. Morton isn’t willing to.

Gregory says to Janine that she’s approaching this assignment with a negative attitude. The reality is the fact that Mr. Morton’s research is way too advanced for 2nd graders. Janine must tell that they won’t be able to do whatever they set their minds to.

In the meantime, Barbara becomes upset with the mother of her student Tameika. Tameika’s mother has a graphic tattoo that reads an expletive, when asked to cover her face by Barbara she simply closes her jacket which is adorned with an expletive.

Barbara decides that she needs some “guidance,” but Tameika’s mother doesn’t want Barbara to give her advice on how to conduct her daily life.

Ava questions Barbara about what she thinks is the issue with her mom when she’s clearly taking care of Tameika and guiding her to be an excellent student. Barbara admits that she misjudged her and isn’t able to comprehend why a mature woman behaves as she does. “Do you have for it?” Ava asks her with a shrewdness that is not typical of her.

If the following time Barbara meets Tameika’s mother, she apologizes for the assumptions she made. In return, she agrees to wear PG-rated clothes with the children.

The show ends with Janine performing an age-appropriate science experiment dubbed”the Egg Lift. The students have a wonderful time, cheering on the science (even the moment a student blows up every balloon they have).

The Episode Review

Overall this episode is a great investigation into Janine’s and Barbara’s weaknesses. Both women are commonly considered to be the most moral educators at Abbott. However, both must recognize that they may be taking their own moral standards to far. The science-based project is a smart and humorous method to frame these difficult (but required) lessons.


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