After Ever Happy (2022) Ending Explained – Do Tessa and Hardin have a happy ending?

Following Always Happy Plot Synopsis

Tessa along with Hardin is currently in London and Hardin discovers his mother is betraying her soon-to-be husband just hours before her wedding day – the event he has been flying into London in the United Kingdom to attend.

The person Trish is cheating on is Christian who is the closest friend of Ken Hardin’s father. Following the wedding ceremony, Christian and Hardin have a conversation and the latter admits that he’s Hardin’s father. Kimberly Christian’s wife has also revealed the details to Tessa.

Tessa is aware Hardin will require her, however, he sets fire to his mother’s home. Christian helps however Hardin begins drowning himself in alcohol and begging Tessa to stay away from him.

What is the location of Hardin as well as Tessa at the start of After Ever Happy?

After Hardin is able to push Tessa out of the way, she travels on a return trip to the USA from London and returns to their house to get rid of her belongings. She is stunned to find the corpse of her father who was a victim of a drug overdose. Landon informs Hardin about what happened, and she returns back to the States to care for Tessa. When she tries to drive the man away, the two discuss the fact that they’re not suitable for each other.

Tessa’s mother also let Hardin aware that the most effective thing Hardin could offer Tessa was to let her go to her own devices and leave her life. Hardin is still there to comfort Tessa and, following the funeral of her father she tells him that he

While this is happening, Tessa is visiting the doctor who advises her that due to her health condition odds of her having a baby are not likely.

Tessa is stunned to discover that she’ll never be pregnant to full-term. She returns to Christian’s house and is clearly upset when she begins drinking. Hardin phoned her back and is able to sense her discontent. He spots her drinking by the pool and takes her to her bed.

The next day, Tessa breaks the news about her pregnancy. Hardin is able to make this seem like himself, and Tessa is angry because Hardin doesn’t feel he’s got her back. He apologizes for his actions to Tessa and they come to a compromise.

Is Tessa going from New York? New York?

At Ken’s home, The family is hosting Landon an end-of-year party prior to their departure to New York. Later in the night, Tessa says to Hardin that she has also made up her mind that she is moving out to New York too. She says she’s in need of some time to be away from Hardin because they fight when they’re in a relationship.

Hardin loses his focus and is furious with Landon who lied to Landon about lying. Landon is furious and Hardin is thrown out of the house screaming until he is in complete the void. Hardin informs Tessa that he’s nothing without her, hoping that she will convince him to stay, but Tessa is uncompromising. She demands Hardin to swear that he’ll not adhere to her, and also provide her with the amount of time that she requires. Hardin walks away.

Are Tessa and Hardin having a breakup?

Tessa is currently living her normal life at home in New York where she works as a waitress. Hardin is graduating from college and has signed up for the Alcoholic Anonymous support group. He reads through his journal, where Hardin was recording his relationships with Tessa.

Five months after that, Hardin visits Landon in New York and meets Tessa at the hotel she works serving. The couple attempt to get to know each other. Hardin wants to know Tessa to come home when her shift is over and, afterward, Tessa finds Hardin waiting for her outside, and they return home together.

Do Hardin and Tessa get back together?

They are caught up in their lives as they return home to Landon’s. The sofa is occupied, and Hardin is having a nightmare when Tessa comes across him. She sits on the couch and helps him sleep. The next morning, Tessa is dismayed to find out that Hardin isn’t waiting for her at the end of her shift. When she returns to her home, Hardin runs up behind and they return to their home.

Tessa informs Hardin that he is different while they prepare dinner together that evening. After a few days, Tessa finds a transcript of Hardin’s novel and goes through it in full. When he returns from the meeting, Tessa confronts him for stealing her life and story. They argue and Hardin apologizes, saying he did not want the book to be published.

Do you think there will be another after Part 5?

The author claims that there are bidding wars for his novel, however, Tessa is still angry about the reason he didn’t seek her consent prior to destroying her privacy. Hardin claims the story is about forgiveness and unconditional love. She’s not able to forgive him, and she declares that they’re done. Hardin gets a deal to publish his book and the novel is popular with readers.

Tessa finds out that there’s an event for reading books in New York that Hardin will attend. She attends the event and sees Hardin as well as his editor looking at each other. Tessa departs without greeting Hardin and he catches her leaving. The film concludes with a ‘To be the continued message.

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At the same time, he is there for her and makes a change. Tessa attempts to keep Hardin from being too far away and tells him she is not interested in any other thing to do with him.

Is Tessa pregnant? Are there any chances of having kids in the future?

After returning to Seattle, Tessa talks to Kimberly and informs her that she’s shifting to New York and getting a fresh beginning with her new life. Ken and Hardin talk about the fact that Christian is Hardin’s father, and how Trish (Hardin’s mom) was lying to both of them throughout the years. Ken affirms that, regardless of what the truth is, Hardin will always be his son.


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