Alexisonfire – Otherness

Tracking List
Invoked to the Otherness
Sans Soleil
Conditional Love
Blue Spade
Dark Night of the Soul
Mistaken Information
The Survivor’s guilt
Reverse the curse
The World Stops Turning

In this day and age, the music of Alexisonfire is required now more than it ever has been. It’s music that is pulsating and electrifying with a complex and powerful drive as well as lyrics that tell fables that are close to the bone, but also instructive and insightful.

This Canadian institution, a group traveling through the turbulent winds of their anxieties and phobias, has produced an album that is a masterpiece of creativity and most importantly an album that is ablaze in the execution. What we hear is

refers to the finality of this world and the soul’s torture.

The moment is one of the most memorable for Alexisonfire since their brilliant album Crisis and, even though Otherness takes a completely distinct musical direction but it’s still up to its awe-inspiring quality.

Even though there’s a lot of noise in the music, there are also moments where tenderness is evident and eases the tension. The musicians showcase their talent as well as their musical skills in such a way that it’s difficult not to be struck by their talent.

The band is among the pioneers and the most admired in this saturated scene. The music they play is impossible to duplicate because it’s adorned in a unique style that is unmatched.

Otherness is packed with the signature guitar sound, as well as the terrifying screams, and Dallas Green offers clean vocals. Green who has among the more well-known voices on the scene is able to engage his voice in the speed of the music. Green plays the guitar with pride while using his voice for an inconspicuous call to action.

There are 10 tracks on this album. Sweet Dreams of Otherness starts with a harsh guitar sequence until Green appears. Green speaks of wartime and the harshness of the world. The song is a dramatic one, and the chorus intensifies the tension. “Sans Soleil” can trigger pessimism but it’s also a dreamy track, and it’s an ideal moment for this group. It’s a sad song that is built around the acoustic charm.

The song’s title is softly opened with a gentle sway, and Green sings with passion and sincerity while describing the love state.

Alexisonfire has created an album that is worth listening to. It’s different from other albums, but it has its own distinct style, however.


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