Andor – Season 1 Episode 11 “Daughter of Ferrix” Recap & Review

Daughter of Ferris

The 11th episode of Andor begins with Cassian trying to escape the Empire by escaping with another prisoner, Melish. They are stuck in the midst of a cliff. A stunning fade edit jumps across to a different scene that involves B2EMO located on Ferris the planet, who is required to aid to save the Daughters of the planet. Marva is dead.

A large funeral will be held to mark the loss of The Mother, however, the Empire is always vigilant and keen to ensure that no problems occur. Meero decides to give them to have permission for this two-day event and explains the rules to the other officers.

While they’re at it, Andor and Melshi make the most of it with the intention of achieving the quad jumper and then leaving the earth. But they stumble into a trap when the net opens and traps them both. Two aliens stare with bemused expressions. Their names of them are Free and Greedy After conversations They admit that they’re content with the local prison that has taken all their water and forced them to squabble over scraps. Luckily Cassian and Melshi can talk about how to escape danger, and leave aboard the ship for more secure surroundings.

One person who’s not doing well in this situation is Bix and she’s still feeling the consequences of her horrific incident. She’s not given much about herself, but she’s a total mess. In her shattered state, she’s questioned questions about Anto and his connection to Cassian Andor. She starts to cry but doesn’t break. It’s not happening yet, at least. But how long will she be able to hold?

In the meantime, Vel learns about the trouble Then, Vel discovers the mess Mon Mothma is currently in. The uprising isn’t cheap and she admits that she’s pulled 100,000 credits from the trust each month to fund the uprising. The whole thing seemed to be going well until a couple of months ago, she was approached by one of her bankers in her home country informing her that Imperial inspectors would be looking at an in-depth look at her accounts.

Mon admits she’s done everything she could to pull everything she could get to the main account. However, she didn’t have enough. The ledger that was empty was left unbalanced and, to fix the issue, she employed Tay Kolma to replace the credit. Naturally, this is an unforgiving slope, and there are 400,000 missing credits – and the entire world will be focused on Mon in the near future due to the situation.

Luther does not even realize how serious this is however, he did warn her. Vel is a little squinty and acknowledges she can’t figure it rid of… however, Mon is able to come up with an idea for a solution. It’s not an ideal one, but it’s an option nonetheless. It could have a chance of negotiating with the corrupt Davo Sculdun.

Sergeant Mosk calls Syril with information about Andor. He mentions that Maarva has passed away, and therefore, it’s an ideal time to get Andor since he’s likely to attend the funeral.

When it comes to showing the scene, Lutheran warns Saw Gerrera about the imminent trap the Empire has laid out for them. He’s prepared to burn Kreegyr as their ally to ensure that everything they currently are in. The mole within the Empire is valuable and Lutheran recognizes this. However, it’s Saw’s decision. Are they going to allow Kreegyr to fall or take on the game for eternity? Or do they tell him to stay away to save his life but then end everything?

Lutheran is aware of how the Empire is run and believes that letting this deed happen will create the Empire feel like they are invincible – confident even. This confidence boost would enable the Empire to exploit any weakness the Empire has an attack more forcefully. In the alternative, it would make the Empire more preoccupied than ever before and make a counter-attack much more difficult.

Lutheran receives a call on the way to his home Imperial Star Destroyer – an early model based on the look of it – and is armed with a powerful tractor beam made of several large satellite dishes at the front. Lutheran will not be able to escape however, even though his fake ID proves to be valid at the checkpoint, the commander on his Destroyer decides to search and board Luthen’s belongings, saying that they “need to practice.”

If Lutheran versucht escaped from the tractor beam using countermeasures, TIE Fighters attacked. However, Lutheran uses lasers along the sides of his ship that completely break through them with ease. What if they have a blast through even the Star Destroyer too? It’s not too late to find out, as Lutheran is able to jump into hyperspace and manages to avoid the Imperials.

While he’s at it, Andor tries to send an email to Marva But the message is delivered that Maarva has passed away. Andor is devastated and after giving his gun to Melshi who promises that they’ll make the public aware of the horrible events that are Narkina 5, Andor is faced with a difficult choice to take.

The Episode Review

The final episode of Andor’s series lays the seeds for what will be an extremely intriguing conclusion to be revealed next week. There’s a lot to appreciate about this episode and the calm way in which Maarva’s death was handled definitely an interesting feature that fits perfectly within the setting of the story.

All roads take you to Ferrix, with Ferrix being the location of the Empire certainly keen to throw its weight around. But, Syril is the wildcard with this particular funeral, and it remains to be determined what happens at this funeral.


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