Andor – Season 1 Episode 9 “Nobody’s Listening!” Recap & Review

Nobody’s Listening!

Episode 9 from Andor begins with Meero being captured by Bix and encouraging Bix to join in. If she doesn’t then there’s Dr. Gorst who has very…unique methods of getting his subjects to speak. Meero doesn’t like spending time, and she wants to know all about Cassian Andor and also the missing Imperial equipment she’s worked on before moving forward.

Salman Paak who is Bix’s contact has already squealed and revealed six meetings face-to-face which Bix has a difficult time of confirmation. “When was the last time you spoke to Cassian Andor?” Meero asks. Bix is still silent. This means she’s left with Dr. Gorst who begins his torture. It’s not long before Bix can speak.

On Narkina 5, Andor gets into his position and begins to guide the group and work with the other members, and helping Ulaf who is really struggling. Andor is working to conceal his injuries. Then, Andor has been slowly cutting through a pipe of metal just a few feet from their workstation. They are contemplating whether they can remove the guards with force.

Andor waits for his turn to speak and talks to Kino about guardsmen and the fact that they’re not giving enough credit to the Empire. They don’t care about the low-level grunts. However, Kino isn’t willing to divulge how many are at every level.

The next morning there was a rumor that the Empire has taken over the Empire after frying an entire bridge that was worth people. This is close to a hundred people who are able to walk! In the meantime, Kino tells them all to shut their mouths and continue to work until they are able to understand exactly what’s happening. However, Kino looks rattled.

In the meantime, Mon’s cousin Vel is now in town. She’s been traveling for six months, and she’s determined to join the revolution. She informs Mon that she’s seen things happen but Mon is in a state of anxiety. It’s a brief visit but after dinner, she’s to go on her way and tells Mon the determination she has to change the course of her life.

In the case of Mon, She’s trying to communicate with one of the Senators and requires the help of a loan. Tay could have the answer. Tay has a theory that Mon requires a meeting with the Chandrilan banker with treasury relations and a “book of business incomprehensibly huge.” Davo Sculdun is the one to call. He’s the most wealthy thug there, and an excellent option, but Mon isn’t convinced that it’s a good option. But time is the most important factor.

Syril is there to greet Meero and expresses her gratitude for the opportunity she’s given him. Meero insists Syril is following her and allegedly following her around however he rebuts and says she’s with her and seeing that she is a judge is precisely what he requires. Meero is able to get past him and warns the man to keep away and promises a cage on the Outer Rim if he continues.

When Meero enters the office she discovers from her colleague that they’ve arrested an armed rebel pilot. He’s been using an unclaimed Imperial device and it’s not been long before he’s started to shout. The exact Imperial masking device works with a dazzling effect for the two.

The man is part of Kreegyr’s gang and has informed the Imperials that there’s a route planned for a power plant located at Spellhaus. The man was headed to Kafrene when his car was seized and if he doesn’t turn up his face, the rebels are sure to find the man.

Meero believes she has a chance to discover the base. She concludes that they have the dead pilot in the cockpit because of an issue that the ship has and let it drift through traffic. So, they can observe from afar while the ship is pulled into Karen.

the Episode Review

In the last episode, I stated that the show was slow and sluggish It was the same for the plot in the final chapter which slowed and didn’t move in any way. In this episode, however, there’s a constant sense of progression and momentum making this one of the most enjoyable episodes in the entire show.

Andor is a show that’s similar to this in numerous ways, with the pace varying between extremely slow and then building to something larger. I really believe Andor is a fantastic choice as a binge-watch, and without a doubt, the reviewer will go back and watch the entire show before writing an entire season’s review!

In terms this episode is concerned, Andor does a great job of bringing the tension up and revealing the workings in Narkina 5 while simultaneously progressing the plot and cramming the scenes featuring Meero And the Imperials and getting more in-depth with the reality of Andor as well, which is an excellent addition. The ending suggests that we’re preparing for a prison break and guess what? This should be total fun!


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