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Considered to be one of the most classic films, Cowboy Bebop focuses on the day-to-day adventure of bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and his friend Jet Black. They travel across the globe as they take on new missions, and secure a variety of bounties. On their journeys, they’ll meet a variety of new enemies and make some new acquaintances. This is a fantastic show that every anime lover must take a look at!

Don’t worry If you’re struggling to find the same kind of anime as Cowboy Bebop! We’ve found 10 alternative shows that offer the same kind of experience as Cowboy Bebop.

Furthermore, for every series we’ve examined we’ve provided an online link that lets you see our complete thoughts about the show to decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Samurai Champloo

Similarities – Well-Choreographed Action

If you loved the stunning action sequences of Cowboy Bebop and thrilling action sequences, then you’ll love the sword-wielding action within Samurai Champloo. The anime has the same excitement as Cowboy Bebop. It has a great collection of well-loved characters as well as an audio track that will get your heart moving.

As with Cowboy Bebop, the Samurai Champloo is a little like an episodic. But, the adventures the characters of Samurai Champloo embark on have the same sense of wonder and awe as Spike and his team’s. As the story develops you’ll learn more about the protagonists’ dark life experiences.

Yet, this show has plenty of humor that is balanced with its more harsh undertone. If you’re in search of a fun adventure show with well-choreographed action scenes and a fascinating storyline, then check for Samurai Champloo.


Similarities – Sci-Fi & Western Setting

The universe of Trigun is remarkably similar to the worlds that you’d see Spike and his companions exploring. Both shows feature environments that feel western-inspired by their characters to their locations. Even with Trigun having its focus on unending deserts, you can anticipate its characters to use sophisticated weapons to take down their enemies.

Trigun is a sequel to Vash the Stampede who is said to be the toughest bounty hunter of all time. But, the rumors have less credence. In fact, Vash is a humble person who loves to laugh and revel in the peace and tranquility of life. All of this comes to a halt when an elite group of assassins seeks to take his head.

With his trusted friends Meryl as well as Milly, Vash must forgo his quiet life and transform into the fierce bounty hunter from legend. Despite its thrilling premise, Trigun provides a bit of amusement. The comedy in the show is a mix of jokes and visual gags. Much like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun does an amazing job of maintaining a balance between its humorous humor and its serious fighting.

Anyone looking for a different anime with a Western-style ought to consider giving Trigun an opportunity to watch.

Black Lagoon

Similarities – Bounty Hunters

Black Lagoon is a thrilling and humorous series that focuses on the bounty hunter. Similar to Cowboy Bebop, this show includes action scenes that are adrenaline-inducing with witty dialogue and a variety of colorful characters. The characters of the show have deep background stories that gradually reveal to viewers as the narrative develops.

Black Lagoon kicks off with an employee named Rokurou Okajima being snatched by a pirate group called The Lagoon Company. However, the managers of Rokurou refuse to pay cash in order for his release, which forces Rokurou to be a part of the Lagoon Company. Rokurou is forced to live with them in Roanapur which is a corrupt and violent city.

As with the Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon does well in building the chemistry that exists between Rokurou with his new crew. The situations they are in will make you laugh and enthralled for more. The action scenes in this show will make you scream, while the emotional moments could make your eyes shed tears. It’s a wonderful show to watch following Cowboy Bebop.


Similarities – Unique Story Structure & Distinct Fighting Styles

Baccano as well as Cowboy Bebop offer distinct and distinctive ways to tell stories. In contrast, Cowboy Bebop feels slightly episodic, and Baccano feels more like an anthology, but it wraps the storylines of each character together to create a solid end.

Every character we meet in Baccano is well-rounded and interesting. They each have their own distinct personalities that fans can gravitate towards and fascinating ways of solving the mysteries that pop up during their arcs. Baccano’s mystery aspect is in line with the fascination that develops when listening to Cowboy Bebop.

In that regard, Baccano contains excellent jaw-dropping scenes of gunplay and martial arts. The scenes will leave you captivated and in awe. The same level of comedy that’s comparable with the kind of humor you’ll see on Cowboy Bebop. If you’re in search of an extraordinary mystery show with a unique style of telling stories, Baccano may be the series for you.

Megalo Box

Similarities – Action & Setting

Megalo Box is a fascinating masterpiece that surpassed many viewers’ hopes when it debuted in the year 2018. Megalo Box captured the raw passion of classic boxing series such as Hajime No Ippo and Ashita No Joe. Similar to Cowboy Bebop, Megalo Box has this futuristic look to it that a lot of fans of old-fashioned anime might enjoy.

Megalo Box takes place in an era of futuristic technology in which underground fight clubs such as Megalo Box thrive as a way to entertain citizens. Megalo Box is a form of boxing in which its players use mechanical limbs known as Gear for fighting. In the middle of this, all is our hero Junk Dog who decides to take on his opponents by hand, with pure force alone.

He is caught at a point where he’s going to play a game with the intention to make money for himself. After a devastating beating by Yuuri, the Megalo Box champion, Yuuri Junk Dog’s enthusiasm for the sport takes off. In a state of high determination, Junk Dog takes on the name “Gearless Joe” and enters Megalonia which will decide the greatest Megalo Boxer to ever play.

Megalo Box is a well-written masterpiece that will inspire anyone to chase their wildest desires. Like Cowboy Bebop, this series has a remarkably catchy soundtrack, as well as intriguing characters. If you’re seeking a pounding action-packed, spirited anime, Megalo Box is worth watching.

Lupin The Third

Similarities – Crime & Mischief

Lupin The Third captures the same thrilling and sporadic excitement as Cowboy Bebop. The show follows criminals that are constantly traveling to various locations to find rare objects. The group’s leader Arsene Lupin III is funnier than Spike The fans shouldn’t ignore the thief’s sly personality.

Our story centers on Arsene III, who is the grandchild of the famous thief Arsene Lupin. As his grandfather, Arsene III adores stealing valuable items and getting into trouble with the police. His infamous status draws the attention of Inspector Zenigata as well as other criminals.

Alongside his lady Fatale Fujiko and the other members of his group, Arsene III plans to keep on his pursuit to find every rare item that is known to the world. Similar to Spike and his team, Arsene III’s gang gets involved in troublesome situations regarding complex puzzles and escaping away from Zenigata and his gang.

Although these adventures Arsene III and his team encounter are enjoyable fans will find the characters to be its most enjoyable feature. If you’re in search of a crime-themed show that can make you smile and laugh look into all of Lupin’s The Third entries and films.

The Big O

Similarities – Characters & Tone

The Big O was one of the series that gained by being broadcast on Toonami. Similar to Cowboy Bebop, this anime seems to be a bit reminiscent of the western style. Some consider this show to be the anime’s answer to Batman because of its emphasis on criminality and American cartoon-like style of art.

“The Big O follows an agent named Roger who is a fan of working on cases within Paradigm City. Some classify him as a woman’s man, and others praise his love for funeral black. The cases that he is able to tackle aren’t friendly, because Roger is likely to encounter situations in which the city he is defending from adversity and crime.

Roger isn’t on his own in his pursuits. He’ll be joined by his chauffeur Norman as well as his android friend Dorothy. Along with his companions and his precious Relic Big O, a jet-black mechanized robotic, Roger will seek justice for every villain who threatens Paradigm city and its residents.

Roger shows the same tough-guy, calm and independent personality as Spike. However, The Big O features characters that are similar to Spike’s female counterpart Faye Valentine. Apart from the characters, this show is a melancholic show that has the same tone throughout its entire run and is filled with action scenes that keep you entertained.

Code Geass

Similarities – Action

Code Geass is a fun sci-fi action film that is packed with amazing excitement, games of the mind as well as plot twists. The action scenes bring excitement to viewers and its psychological battles will keep viewers entertained throughout every episode. Much like Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass’s characters are well-developed, and some have tragic histories.

The viewers might not like the art style used in the show. Character designs look to be pencil thinned, and appear like they’ve been ripped from the same world as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, it’s not something that fans should ignore.

From the fluid mech battles to the effects that are attributed to Geass, the main character’s ability, and the effects it gives to Geass, you’ll be amazed by the anime’s stunning visuals. Our story is about Lelouch, a young man who is entangled in a conflict between his country’s Britannian Imperial Empire as well as Japan’s previous rulers. In the days before the infamous Britannian soldiers kill him, Lelouch makes a contract with a mysterious lady.

The woman named C.C. provides Lelouch with an innate ability known as the Geass. This ability lets Lelouch control anyone to follow his orders whenever they stare at his eyes. This ability is what sets the action going in this show, resulting in several intriguing scenes that keep fans guessing.

Outlaw Star

Similarities – Space Adventures & Colorful Characters

Who doesn’t enjoy space-related adventures and hilarious characters? While Outlaw Star might be funnier in comparison to Cowboy Bebop, this show is able to draw attention to its serious aspects. This show has exciting action scenes with stunning firearms and pirate-style techniques.

The western themes of this show are reminiscent of the influence of a western culture that is present within Cowboy Bebop. The worlds our main characters Gene and James travel through on out of Outlaw Star look impeccable. Each one is unique and exciting the characters can get lost in it.

The characters of this show might take time to become popular with the fans. Gene isn’t exactly the brightest of characters and is portrayed as an unruly character. But, Outlaw Star does an excellent job of giving Gene out and putting him in situations in which he’ll require him to take his responsibilities more seriously.

Space Dandy

Similarities – Setting & Themes

Director Shinichiro Watanabe could have some hit-or-miss products. But, Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop are among his most memorable work. The first film has the same setting and atmosphere as the latter. The main character Dandy appears to be an energetic person who likes exploring space and cashing on wonderful treasures.

Dandy isn’t traveling on her own. As Spike Spiegal, Dandy is one of the hilarious, but dysfunctional groups of bounty hunters. Dandy is a space explorer with his cat-like alien companion Meow and QT the robotic vacuum cleaner. The group is known for its bizarre and sometimes humorous activities.

However, Dandy will get involved in serious accidents similar to Spike and must take matters more seriously. The show features a variety of high-tech space battles featuring firearms, mechs, and even mechs. The viewers will find these episodes exciting as many get their hearts pumping. If you’re looking for an amazing space adventure with more of a comedy angle take a look at The Watanabe’s Space Dandy.

So there we have it, our 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch when you’ve caught up with Cowboy Bebop!

Are you a fan of our choices? Do you think we’re right? Are there any notable errors? Tell us about it via the comment section below!


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