10 TV Shows/Anime Like Vinland Saga

Take a look at these historical and brutal animated films!

Vinland Saga was one of those mangas that many fans dreamed of having a decent adaptation in anime. While other anticipated anime projects didn’t come close to meeting the expectations of fans, Vinland Saga was a series that could convey the same excitement that the fans felt about its original material.

Vinland Saga takes place during an ongoing conflict in the middle of England with the Danes. While the Danes are losing the battle, the third group of Vikings is enjoying every moment of it. They’re all happy, except for one boy called Thorfinn. Thorfinn isn’t one of the supporters of the war, but the boy does want bloodshed. Their goal of his is to kill Askeladd, a menacing soldier who killed his father.

Vinland Saga takes place during the ongoing conflict in the middle of England as well as the Danes. While the Danes are losing the battle, the third group of Vikings is enjoying every moment of it. They’re all happy, except for the boy who goes by the name of Thorfinn. Thorfinn isn’t a big fan of war, however, he is a bloody hunter. His aim is to kill Askeladd, the menacing warrior who killed his father.

Do not worry If you’re struggling to find anime that is similar in style to Vinland Saga! We’ve found 10 other shows that offer the same experience as Vinland Saga.

Furthermore, for every series we’ve examined we’ve added an online link that lets you see our complete thoughts about the series and determine whether it’s worth the time.

Without further delay here are 10 TV shows to make you hungry after you’ve completed watching Vinland Saga!

Attack On Titan

Similarities – Same Animation Studio & Tone

Before it was created through Studio MAPPA, Attack On Titan was among the most adored works of Wit Studio. From its iconic opening sequence to its fluid animation that’s why fans sometimes miss Wit Studio is in the control of the process of adapting. The visuals aside, Attack On Titan has lots of similarities with Vinland Saga.

Both series revolve around the main character’s quest for revenge against those who have caused harm to their family. Both show the difficulties the protagonists face in order to obtain their vengeance. The characters on the side in both shows aid the main character in reaching their goals while paving the way towards their goals.

Attack On Titan is a little more horrific than Vinland Saga, though. The show also includes an element of the supernatural that acts as one of the greatest highlights, namely the terrifying humanoid Titans. If you’re in search of an episode like Vinland Saga and don’t mind supernatural elements, then Attack on Titan is worth a look.


Similarities –

Dark FantasyBerserk is a huge trendsetter who went through the years to influence a wide range of media other than manga and anime. Between Dark Souls to Devil May Cry, Berserk is regarded as one of the most maturest manga and anime to date. Much like Vinland Saga, this series is founded on violence, abuse as well as emotional trauma.

Berserk is a follower of Guts, one of the men who become involved in a powerful syndicate headed by a ferocious fighter named Griffith. After a while, Guts becomes the leader of the group and assists Griffith win every combat.

Although everything seems to be fine, Guts learns that there’s undiscovered darkness that lurks in the shadows. It’s a violent anime with amazing visuals and an amazing story. Vinland Saga fans who don’t enjoy bloodshed and a menacing show must try Berserk an opportunity.


Similarities Stories

Dororo follows Hyakkimaru who is a young man trying to live in this brutal world by using weapons and prosthetics. He sets out on a mission to improve his character and retribution in order to eliminate any demon standing in his path. Similar to Vinland Saga, this anime isn’t afraid to use violence.

It is possible to see many creatures and human beings suffer from demons. While the characters look childish, however, their experiences aren’t exactly happy. The storyline and historical setting. The animation’s visuals are in line with those within Vinland Saga.

The most enjoyable aspects of Dororo are derived from Hyakkimaru’s inner journey. When the show progresses you’ll see him develop more human-like traits and behaviors. The change alone can make an worth it as you’ll find yourself attracted by the way Hyakkimaru responds to his surroundings in each episode. If you’re in search of a great adventure series with captivating characters, you should check out Dororo.

91 days

Similarities to Historical Setting and Revenge Plot

Are you looking for a historical series with a mafioso-themed theme and a story of revenge? 91 Days has you covered. Much like Vinland Saga, fans will appreciate the characters and characters captivating. The plot itself is reminiscent of the story of Vinland Saga as its protagonist seeks revenge on a certain group that killed his family.

The most notable distinction is that the plot of 91 Days is a mafia-themed film as Vinland Saga tackles Vikings. In other words, viewers can count on the show 91 Days to provide dramatic plot twists, thrilling action, and a satisfying emotional arc. 91 Days does an excellent job of creating tension through every episode.

It is likely to be a great mix of both brutal and sweet images to keep viewers guessing.

The Saga about Tanya the Evil

Similarities – Disorienting images and exhilarating action

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is an interesting series that follows a character that viewers will either like or hate. Tanya Degurechaff is not a saint, and she will plunge into combat at every opportunity she has. Although she appears to be an uncontrollable addict, the show succeeds in creating a character that is fully realized at the end of the story.

The story follows Tanya who is a notorious soldier who is famous for her predatory behavior as well as her lust for blood as well as tactical battle. But, Tanya isn’t just any sexually violent female toddler. She was once a man in another world but everything was ruined when she fell into a battle with a self-proclaimed God known as Being X.

When she lost in the fight against X, Tanya ended up being transformed into the war-focused female toddler that we know her as. Thus, as she climbs into the ranks of her nation’s army, Tanya hopes to find Being X again and make him pay for the things that were done to him.

It’s clear that this show goes all out in its bizarre story and has Tanya facing a variety of harsh tasks which put her skills to the test. If you’re in search of an anime that has an enthralling protagonist who is a lover of war and destruction, you should check the Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

Similarities to Action, Themes, Characters

The Mobile Suit Gundam series is one of the original series that brought a large number of fans early in the 80s to this Mecha genre. This series is popular for its fun battles between robots and sci-fi ambiance. The action of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is similar to what you’d expect from Vinland Saga.

The story is set in the distant future. It follows Casval whose life is turned upside down after he discovers his father has been killed by a person. When the soldiers who defended his dad help Casval along with his sibling Artesia The children are removed from their homes separated and made to serve as soldiers.

In the course of an intergalactic war, which transforms Casval into the legendary pilot, he is forced to fight a militarized version of the ideology of his father. It is evident that this series follows the same revenge plot as the Vinland Saga. Thorfinn and Casval both Thorfinn and Casval are able to serve the man who killed their father, and they must get fame if they wish to have the chance to carry out their revenge.

If you’re in search of an excellent anime in which our protagonist is on the path to revenge, then check for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.

Golden Kamuy

Similarities Adventure, History, Characters

Golden Kamuy is a fun adventure series with themes from the past and relatable characters. The main characters of the show are caught in a variety of intriguing situations that need them to use some punches and kicks to get through. Be aware that Golden Kamuy leans more into its humor.

“Where Vinland Saga feels serious the entire time. Golden Kamuy doesn’t shy away from portraying its characters in a positive way. However, viewers shouldn’t dismiss this show as having the most joyful setting. The characters will encounter situations that anger them, prompting them to lend a hand.

In addition, Golden Kamuy delivers stellar landscapes and encourages viewers to stare at the various landscapes, terrains, and structures. In addition, if the motivation of Thorfinn appealed to you, and you’re feeling at home with the Golden Kamuy protagonist Saichi. Anyone looking for an anime that has a great mix of action and comedy ought to consider giving Golden Kamuy a go.

Hunter x Hunter

Similarities Vast Worlds Characters, Action

This world created by Hunter X Hunter is incredible. With its numerous fleshed-out heroes and antagonists, unique technology, and great use of shonen tropes this show will keep you on the edge of your seat after its first major storyline. But, Hunter X Hunter offers more variety to its world than Vinland Saga does.

Each arc has something different for the characters to grapple with, the show’s creator Yoshihiro Togashi is able to connect everything under an elegant bow. Fans shouldn’t discount the show because it follows an infant protagonist. Gon the main character of the show starts out flat but then becomes more lively during the course of the show.

A similar can be said for the side characters of the show. Each character brings something new and fresh to the plot to keep the viewers interested. For example, Gon’s friend Kurapika has a similar character arc in Thorfinn. Instead of seeking revenge on an individual, Kurapika wants to murder the gang responsible for killing his clan’s members.

Ringing Bell

Likenesses – Story & Characters

From one cartoon with a sweet character to the next that has a cutesy protagonist, we finally get Ringing Bell. It’s a more gritty version of Bambi as if he were an insane psychopath. Ringing Bell is an extremely violent film with a comparable revenge storyline to Vinland Saga.

This animated series is about Chirin, a lamb born in the spring, who is happy living alongside his mom in the meadow. However, the wolf Wor killed Chirin’s mother. In order to avenge his mother’s murder, Chirin becomes Wor’s apprentice to gain enough strength to force him to pay.

Although the concept is straightforward, Ringing Bell doesn’t hold the line with its brutal depictions. It’s not an animated series to show your kids unless you’re looking to terrorize the children. The show is filled with adult themes and images.

Watching Chirin change from a childish lamb to a brutal killer is what propels the plot forward and keeps viewers interested. If you’ve always thought of seeing a dark approach to Bambi take a look at Ringing Bell a shot.

Class of Assassination

Similarities between Mentors and Student Relationship and Theme

In line with the current trend of mentorship and murder, The result is Assassination Classroom. The show is filled with fun action as well as character development and school-related activities. This series follows a group of criminal who is assigned to kill their teacher from another planet before he destroys Earth.

The task isn’t easy because Koro-sensei is able to move at Mach 20 speeds, and is an expert assassin. This show focuses on Koro’s relationship with his students and shows that his abilities aren’t as bad as some claim.

As Thorfinn and Askeladd the series establishes the connection between Koro-sensei’s students and his. Although they come from different areas of the past, Vinland Saga fans will discover many similarities between Koro’s lessons and of Askeladd’s.

The Assassination Classroom will make me feel a connection to Koro-sensei and his students. While some characters on the side don’t receive much attention, however, those that do get a lot of attention are fully developed and fleshed out over each season.

If you’re searching for an anime that’s similar to Vinland Saga that offers similar concepts, but with more humor take a look at Assassination Classroom.

Here we go the top 10 anime and TV show alternatives to watch after you’ve watched Vinland Saga!

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