as Interview With The Vampire been renewed for Season 2

Cancelled Or Renewed?

Interview With The Vampire is an interesting adaptation that takes the novel by Anne Rice and modernizes the plot while keeping the heart of the novel. Drama, romance, and thrills are all present; it’s certainly worth watching.

In case you’ve watched this series, you might be wondering if it has been renewed or canceled. Don’t worry about it! We have the following information about renewals:

What exactly is the Interview with the Vampire About?

Interview with the Vampire is expected to be the latest sensation on Sunday nights on AMC. It is a modern reimagining of Anne Rice’s groundbreaking gothic story, which follows Louis de Pointe de Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt, and Claudia’s epic tale that explores love as well as the dangers of immortality.

Louis is unable to turn down Lestat’s offer to become his vampire, particularly given the limitations of being a Black man during the 1910s. Louis’s new abilities come at the cost of a steep price and the arrival of child vampire Claudia puts the trio on a long road of atonement and revenge.

We are covering the ongoing story of Interview With The Vampire across the site, as well as episode-specific recaps of each episode. Check it out HERE. here.

Have Interview with The Vampire been renewed for season 2?

As of the time of this writing, Interview With The Vampire is renewed officially for season 2. The announcement was made a few weeks after the series debut on AMC. In this report from Variety, The staff at AMC are extremely pleased with the way this show is going. According to a statement from it:

“The scope and breadth of this show, and what Mark and Rolin have delivered, is just stupendous,” said Dan McDermott, president of original programming for AMC Networks and AMC Studios. “They have rendered the rich and vibrant world of Anne Rice’s Interview in a wonderful way, and we’re incredibly proud. From the set build to production design, costumes, and more — no detail was overlooked. This stellar cast delivers powerful performances that emotionally connect us to these characters and their humanity. We look forward to sharing the final product of this extraordinary effort with audiences in just a few short days and are thrilled that this story will continue. This is only the beginning of an entire Universe featuring enthralling stories and characters that capture the spirit of Anne Rice’s amazing work.”

This is a great thing for the fans of the show and Interview With The Vampire certainly is a good fit for it. The extent to which the audience continues to grow during the first and second seasons however is yet to be determined.

In the meantime, we are able to be sure we are sure that Interview With The Vampire will return.


What we know about season 2 thus to date:

The second season is most likely to shift in tone and place and travel to Europe for the eight-episode sequel. All of our characters are expected to be back, as well as an abundance of romance and drama too.

All things considered, it is expected that the second season to start filming in the near future and possibly be prepared for a 2023 or 2024 premiere.

Are you eager to see Interview With The Vampire return for the second season? What are your thoughts on this show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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