Bad Sisters – Season 1 Episode 10

Saving Grace

What was the method by which John Paul’s remains were found?

In episode 10.1 of Bad Sisters, the police examine John Paul Williams’ dead body. He’s sitting on his dirt bike which appears to have crashed into the trunk of a tree.

Grace has said they celebrated her birthday dinner together. If she decided to go in earlier, he became angry and went to the bar to watch a football game.

Did Ben murder John Paul?

Then, the other Garvey sisters mumble between themselves. They debate who actually was responsible for the murder of John Paul. Then it becomes clear to Ursula that she has left her pills in the area where Ben could have found them.

Ursula visits Ben to inquire about what he did on the day John Paul died. Ben laughs at her and is disgusted by the things she’s saying. It frightened him that she was threatening to murder JP the night before. That’s the reason he left. This is why they haven’t talked since.

What does Grace discover more about Claflin’s brother’s” investigation”?

Matt remains investigating the matter. He knows that the Garvey sisters were lying about where they went that night. Then, he talks to Roger who reveals what John Paul did to him and how he ripped away his life to make fun of himself. He confesses to Matt that he was in the cabin that night John Paul died. He was there so that it would be possible to forgive him.

Matt takes a walk across the street to chat with Grace when she’s about to go into the house. He informs her of the details he’s figured out. “He wasn’t a proper man was he?” He demands John Paul. Grace is unable to ignore him, and she is nervously walking toward her home.

She walks into John Paul’s study, and writes on his computer, finding his past of pretending to be Oscar.

In the meantime, Matt sneaks around to her shed, and steals a trash bag, and then takes one of the pages from Tom’s book. Then, he enters the cabin. In the garbage and finds, a newspaper on the football game John Paul supposedly went to go to the pub to watch. The match took place on the night before his death. Matt is able to conclude it was because John Paul lied to Grace about the place he was going. Why is that?

Grace finds the postmortem and sees her signature is there. Then she realizes that her sisters were aware of the postmortem. They finally confess to her what they think the Claflin brothers were really doing. They believe John Paul was murdered and that one of their sisters was responsible for it.

Who was responsible for the death of John Paul Williams?

Bibi confesses to the fact that they didn’t kill him, but they did try. They all wanted to kill him so that they could save Grace. Grace is then stricken and begins crying. She apologizes. “It was my birthday,” she says.

Her memories take us to the place night of JP’s death. The following night, Grace leads John Paul up to the loft so they can enjoy sexual relations. If JP isn’t performing his part, he gets angry with her, causing the girl to cry. He informs Grace to forget about her. “A fly. A shadow.”

Then he tells her that it’s not possible to have sexual relations with her since Eva was a trap and seduced him when he was drunk 10 years ago. He was convinced it was Grace and has suffered from that experience for the last ten years. Eva later miscarried however, the blame falls on her for being so drunk.

Grace is able to discern the truth in his story and kicks him. He kicks her in her stomach, and she then starts screaming that everything they own is an untruth. She is adamant about him being an evil person.

As he turns his back, Grace takes his pajama pants and strangles him. “You blamed me!” she screams.

When she is done telling the tale, Eva cries. She claims she didn’t follow the things he told her to do. She was in the bathroom, but couldn’t secure the door. She then went out. As she looked around, she saw him. She was unable to stop him. She didn’t know she was pregnant at the time.

What happens when Matt finds out the truth about John Paul’s demise?

In the cabin, Matt is playing the DVD inside his DVD player. He plays a video of the film which shows a woman who is taken captive. He is then aware that Grace took the film to inspire her. She made use of the yarn from the trash bag that he took in her plan to murder.

The sisters are taking care of the mother. Grace claims she was knitting and was watching a film the night before, which made her determine which way to handle JP’s physique. She covered JP in a red scarf, and then put the scarf on the wheel, just as in the film. After that, she laid him to rest in her murder weapon – her pajamas.

Matt phone calls Becka to inform her that his visit to the lodge and is aware of the story of John Paul. Becka insists to her sisters that she should meet Matt on his own.

Does Becka attempt to narc Matt?

She visits Matt at her house and insists that she’s JP’s murderer. However, he is aware that she’s lying and refuses to take her word for it.

In Eva’s home, Ursula is freaking out. Her drugs aren’t being found. The sisters are aware that Becka may have taken them, and they race to the vehicle.

It’s true, Becka excuses herself to the kitchen where she makes two drinks. In one of them, she pours white powder. She goes back to the table and gives one beverage to Matt.

Becka informs Matt she is in love with him and observes as he sips his drink. She demands he leave and then gazes at her own bubbling cup. She did not offer him a drink that was laced with drugs.

When Eva comes into Becka’s room, Becka is crying over her own glass. Eva takes it from her hands before bringing Becka into her arms. Becka declares that she can’t accomplish it. Then she cries out her guilt over murdering Minna.

Whatever comes in the future,” Eva says, “you must forgive yourself. You must.”

As Bibi and Ursula arrive, Becka tells them Matt is aware that Grace killed him and he suspects they concealed it.

Does Matt decide to surrender the Garvey sisters to the police?

Matt returns, just as Bibi says that they only did attempt to destroy JP several times. Matt isn’t looking too shocked. The sisters sit, waiting to see what Matt is going to do.

Then, Matt is alone at the beach. He throws everything against Grace in a fire including the DVD and yarn, papers, and documents.

Then he finds his brother, who is now a father, in the hospital. Teresa and the baby are both in good health. Matt will then share with him the joy that they won’t need to pay. Grace removed the claim. Matt says to Tom that it must remain an unrevealed method of achieving this and Tom is happy with this.

What is the way ‘Bad Sisters” come to an end?

Grace and Blanaid leave their house to reside with Eva. However, first, Grace talks to Roger. She thanked him for the work she did for him. The next night, he helped her to move the body of John Paul. He tells her he did an excellent job and asks them not to forget about him.

Bad Sisters ends with the sisters having an afternoon at the beach, as they used to do before John Paul started interfering.


All of them jump into the water law

Episode Review Episode Review

Isn’t it hilarious that all the efforts the Garvey sisters invested in helping Grace resulted in her being implicated in a crime she committed? I believe that if the other sisters hadn’t been involved in any way, Grace could have covered her own tracks quite well. A messy path of murders wouldn’t have resulted in her. However, for her, fortunately sometimes, the law doesn’t have to prevail. Sometimes compassion can.

Bad Sisters concludes its story with a convincing conclusion that connects all the pieces together. Recalling some of Grace’s actions during the initial episode was an excellent touch. Such as the way she buried John Paul in pajamas, and also how she deceived herself about having a date together with the sisters. It’s easy to interpret Grace’s erratic behavior throughout the show as timid, but the conclusion changes the way things are framed.

In the end, Bad Sisters is an engaging crime drama that explores the ways that toxic and abusive people can cause havoc to everything they impact. It’s a story about the resilience of family, love, and strength that can be extremely moving. That is if you’re able to let go of any ethical doubts regarding the murder of a child (which this show makes simple in doing).

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