Badass Female Leads in K-Dramas You Should Never Mess With

Badass Female Leads in K- Dramas You Should Never Mess With

K-dramas have always been based on a tried and true and foolproof plot in which the female character is depicted as a frightened damsel with two gorgeous hot men looking to get her interest. The entire plot of the female protagonist was to deal with the advances in romance and choose one of the attractive men to marry. This is a dilemma that many of us aren’t familiar with but would like to have to happen to us. Oh! What would you do for the chance to play Geum Jan-di from Boys Over Flowers?

The female leads were often used to facilitate the development of characters for the male lead, however, this isn’t the situation any longer. The cliché of a woman who requires to be saved is gone in the present, and screenwriters are creating female leads with a purpose and a persona that is more than their relationships with theirs. Here are some of the best female characters whose characters speak of the power of women and bring a bossy attitude to the screen.

Yoon Jiwoo in ‘My Name’ (2021)

Han So Hee plays the role of the character Yoon Ji woo comes from an unfortunate background. She witnessed her father’s murder at the age of 17 on her birthday. In a desperate search for anger her father was murdered, she is a part of Dondcheon a gang of criminals, and is undercover as an officer of the police to get revenge on her father. She displays determination and courage throughout her adventure and consistently displays that she does not require help from anyone else to protect her. She’s uncompromising as an official and dangerous as a criminal.

Tokyo in ‘Money Heist: Korea’ (2022)

The Korean version of the iconic Money Heist gives the viewers many badass characters, like Tokyo who is which is played by the actor Jeon Jong-Seo. As a former member of the North Korean Military, Tokyo is a formidable ammunition expert and the ability to control chaotic circumstances. Tokyo has a strict no-bullshit policy which makes her a target for the other members of the gang during the heist before launching the process of a coup against Berlin. Although she is strict against the nonsense of others and appears cold-blooded, she’s a kind person who assists wounded hostages and assists, Rio, to overcome the fear of blood.

Tae Al-ha in ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ (2019)

Tae Al-ha, the character played by Tae Al-ha Kim Ok-bin, who plays the role is a formidable one to be reckoned with. She has been trained to become an operative from the age of 13 at the direction of her father, Tae Al-ha depicts a blood-sucking, power-seeking woman in a society that is dominated by males. Tae Al-ha is a formidable fighter and isn’t afraid to brutally take on her adversaries and challenge stereotypes.

Go Ae-shin in ‘Mr. Sunshine (2018)

Kim Tae-Ri plays the character. Go Ae Shin is an aristocrat’s child, a noblewoman during the 1990s who became a sniper at night. She is a member of her fellow soldiers in the Righteous Army following the footsteps of her parents who were freedom fighters who were killed in Japan after being sacked by a colleague. Her grandfather is training her to be a sniper, and she is a pro at using a gun. Contrary to the norms of society’s expectation of noble women Go Ae-shin can be described as her own Righteous army’s sniper, with an urge to defend her family and people.

Yoon Se-ri in ‘Crash Landing on You’ (2020)

Disowned by both her parents and siblings, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-Jin) leaves her family’s business and starts her own business. Se-ri’s decision leads to the success of her fashion and beauty company because of her strong leadership and business skills. Se-ri is a woman who fights for her beliefs and deserves, them despite the endless obstacles in her path.

Her lover, Ri Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin) is captivated by her sassy, determined, self-assured, and independent personality. She is not content to sit waiting to inherit the wealth of her father, but instead establishes herself and eventually becomes a self-made millionaire.

Go Hae-ri in ‘Vagabond’ (2019)

In her normal day-to-day routine Go Hae-Ri played by Bae Suzy is a great character who is addicted to her drunken actions. But, her rookie appearance should not be a deceiver as she transforms into a gorgeous, smart woman and takes control of her assignments, and assists to uncover a major conspiracy.

Kim Myung-hee in ‘Youth of May (2021)

Female characters who are sexy do not necessarily refer to throwing kicks and punches but also conquering life’s obstacles. An excellent instance is Kim Myung-hee (Go Min-si) in Youth of May. Myung-hee could be described as an ardent warrior, a nurse who is determined to stand up for her patients in spite of the potential impact on her profession. She takes care of her family and will make sacrifices for the loved ones she loves.

Jang Man-wol in ‘Hotel Del Luna’ (2021)
Jang Man-wol has been in existence for a long time and is the owner of a ghost hotel. The management of a hotel that is inhabited by ghosts isn’t easy, but JangMan-wol as played by IU who plays the role, makes it seem so simple. She is the hotel’s proprietor who is convicted of a previous criminal record when she committed the murder of a child. She’s unfriendly and cold, but she is aware of what she wants and nothing stands in her path. In any case, she is determined to take care of wandering spirits as well as human requirements.

Oh Soo-Jae in ‘Why Her’ (2022)

Oh, Soo-Jae, portrayed by Seo Hyun-jin is the perfect example of not giving up and remaining determined to accomplish one’s goals. From a humble background, she strives to be one of the top legal professionals in the TK law firm. She fights discrimination, gender inequality, sexual harassment, and sexism and never lets the fights drag her down. She is adamant and determined to win her battles.

Her experience at home and work are not easy, but she put her safety at risk to make sure justice is done. What could be sexier than a confident wealthy, rich, unruly, powerful immortal who is

Do Ha-na and Chu Mae-ok in ‘The Uncanny Counter’ (2020)

Do Ha-na (Kim Se-Jeong) is a sweet and vulnerable appearance that can cause one to doubt her. However, she has amazing fighting skills that she employs to defeat human demons and even possessed creatures as well as read their minds simultaneously.

Similar to Make-ok, (Yeon Hye-ran) is a powerful superhuman strength to break opponents’ bones and repair them through her healing abilities. Make-ok serves as the group’s anchor. Ha-na has the ability to see spirits that are miles away. Together, they make an impressive pair. They’re tough, but honest and bring a much-needed human touch to the action.

Ko Moon Young in ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ (2020)

Ko Moon Young played the amazing and stunning Seo Yea Ji, an actress you do not want to play with. She is a renowned children’s book writer with an antisocial personality disorder. She falls in love with the moon Kang-Tae. She is the very description of what if looks can be deadly, just cross her and you’ll understand how heels can become weapons.

She continues to inspire our style choices to this day and we are awed by her pure love confession. She was adamant and uncompromising in her quest for love, and she won Kang Tae’s heart in the final moments. She was awed by it, she loved the idea and got it!

Kang Sae-Book in ‘Squid Game’ (2020)

Sae-Book, portrayed by the beautiful actress HoYeon Jung is the player 067 of Squid Game. Although she’s young she is able to make it an official finalist in the game. She is shy but is determined and driven because of the love she has for her brother who is younger. She joined the game to save her family members of her. Even in the end, she fought for her life with all she could carry.

Hong Cha-young in ‘Vincenzo’ (2021)

The list is not incomplete without our favorites that are played by Jeon Yeo-been. Cha-young is a brutal lawyer who is both a famous and money-driven lawyer who serves the wealthy while fighting to ensure justice for those less fortunate. She’s not afraid to be a shrewd and naughty lawyer and to outplay the strategies of her criminal opponents. This is a source of frustration for her lawyer rival Choi Myung Hee (Kim Yeo-Jin) and her former manager Han Seung-hyuk (Jo Han-Chul). She fights against the conglomerate which caused the death of her father and isn’t afraid to go to any lengths in spite of the possibility of putting herself in danger.



Here are our top choices for the hottest women in K-drama.

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