Behind Every Star – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

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The first episode of Behind Every Star starts with Mr. Kim Jung-Don who is Cho Yeo-Jeong’s agent, hurrying up to a woman named Chun Je-In. After presenting his company card to the lady, he waits for Yeo-Jeong to show up in time for her audition. She’s told to keep her focus while dressing up in vintage attire to take part in a photo shoot.

After boasting about her big part in Tarantino’s upcoming movie, another message arrives through that shakes everything. Tarantino isn’t keen to work with Yeo-Jeong anymore, because she’s not old enough for the role. Uh oh!

Method Entertainment is our setting and Jung-Don returns to the office feeling overwhelmed. Ma Tae-Oh. A slick camera tracks the entire office and all the people and women who are rushing around and busy working. Jung-Don is devastated by the news of Yeo Jeong’s rejection and is unable to inform all the other employees about the situation.

A woman known as So Hyun-Joo, shows at the office to meet Director Ma however, after receiving a cold welcome from the receptionist she’s quickly placed in the director’s place after the Director has agreed to meet her without prior notice. Hyun-Joo was a graduate of the University and is in Seoul for the past three weeks. In actuality, she’s moved to Seoul from Busan to Seoul, much to the anxiety of Director Ma.

Hyun-Joo is determined in proving her worth and is keen to become an agent in the entertainment industry. She’s committed to this, however, Director Ma is not having it. He gives her some money for her and asks her to go quickly to return to work.

Ma arrives just in time to attend the big gathering and president Wang takes charge of the proceedings. In front of everyone, Jung-Don is reluctantly revealing that Tarantino has turned down Yeo-Jeong’s job… and he hasn’t told her about it yet!

The meeting goes down in flames, and when one of the agents decides to quit, Hyun-Joo has the chance to show her qualifications. And it’s effective too! Chun Je-In is able to see potential and provides her with 3 months of an apprenticeship and an ongoing job after relying upon her performance of her. She’ll need to work extra hours and keep her phone on throughout the day. In addition, she’ll be working immediately. Hyun-Joo accepts!

Everyone is playing around with Yeo-Jeong’s situation and Choi Jin Hyeok accidentally receives an email to her from the other, she hurries straight in the direction of the desk. Jun-Hyeok isn’t a great lying liar and collapses under pressure, while Jung-Don runs to hide behind the desk. As he makes it onto the lift and down, Hyun-Joo discovers herself in the same elevator as Yeo-Jeong who she clearly loves. While on the way she divulges some details about Tarantino and isn’t very secretive. Oh! no!

When Jung-Don finally catches her up with Yeo-Jeong and Yeo-Jeong, she exposes Yeo-Jeong for lying and ultimately decides to leave after having had enough. Jung-Don is angry and returns to work, opening his mouth and eager to find out who has spilled the beans. It was Hyun-Joo according to the reports, and she’s dropped as an apprentice due to this.

In the event that Yeo-Jeong’s options are restricted, she’s advised to have plastic surgery to make her look younger. Director Ma also decides to exit the agency with her in order in order to protect his most important client. He is determined to have the two form their own company instead.

Jung-Don doesn’t want his customer to go now and pursues Yeo-Jeong to attempt and save what they have. He’s shocked when he sees her sitting at the back of a wooden horse and realizes that she’s lying about riding her horse. This opens up conversations between them who communicate clearly. Jung-Don reaffirms that she’s the best actress he’s ever seen, no matter the role she takes.

The simple encounter serves as an epiphany to Yeo-Jeong who decides to skip the procedure and go out with a smile. Jung-Don waits to see her out the door and there’s a wonderful positive vibe when the pair decide to revisit the friendship they’ve shared, returning to their client/agent relationships time and time again. Yeo-Jeong is aware that she’s old enough already, and she doesn’t need to undergo surgery in order to attempt and make herself look younger for anyone.

Hyun-Joo, on the other hand, tries to correct her mistakes in Yeo-Jeong’s case and swipes Hee-Sun’s script exactly as Je-In requested. By doing this she discovers potential in Hyun-Joo and allows her to continue her training after passing the examination. But there’s more negative news to be announced. Mr. Wang passed in his death, leaving the job vacant.

The Episode Review

Behind Every Star starts off with a solid first chapter which establishes all the main characters while being masterful at the mood, which strays with more somber character drama and humorous, witty comedy. The characters are like archetypes currently, with a particular focus on characters like Choi Jin Hyeok and Director Ma but it’s hoped that this can be rectified when the episodes get underway.


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