Best Anime About Science

There are many television shows available and, in the time of the era of streaming TV, the options have never been so extensive. How do you sort through the noise and discover the “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to help you celebrate and highlight some of the most recent amazing, stunning and memorable shows throughout the decades.

In the ongoing collection of stories about the top anime, our focus this time is focused on shows that are based on science. From superhero-powered adventures to time travel-related and a plethora of other mischiefs, there’s a great selection to satisfy your curiosity.

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Dr. Stone


Dr. Stone is a scientific animated series that provides a fun and entertaining comedy as well as intriguing characters and an exciting world. However, Dr. Stone’s execution may make some fans a bit skeptical. There are instances where it’s completely absurd and other times when it’s brilliant. It is a hilarious show that does not shy away from presenting the audience with scientific data.

Our story is about Ooki who wakes up in a strange world. Ooki is reunited with his science-loving friend Senkuu who has plans to revive civilization with science. But, a few creatures break free from the petrification and are planning on contesting Senkuu’s beliefs despite everyone’s turn to stone. Ooki was asleep for years.

Senkuu represents every intelligent man who is known to mankind. His interaction with the world around him is entertaining and fans will enjoy watching Senkuu interact with his fellow fans. The secondary characters have adorable personalities and have their own objectives that help to make an impact. If you’re not averse to overly dramatic resolutions, hilarious situations, or smart characters, then check Dr. Stone.

Cells at Work

Cells at Work

From a show that has mixed educational value to one that is brilliant and educational, we’re now to Cells At Work. It’s akin to the anime similar to Marc Hyman’s animated film of 2001, Osmosis Jones. The story is about two blood cells who must perform a variety of tasks to keep the health of their human hosts.

Similar to Osmosis and Osmosis, these two cells are faced with many challenges including fighting off dangerous allergic enemies to performing tiny missions for ordinary everyday. The two cells are very serious about their work to ensure peace. Every cell of the human body functions in a different way, but has an important function.

The fans will be amazed by the accuracy of this depiction of human anatomy. It’s clear that the show’s creator Akane Shimizu was a researcher and her imagination will amaze you with specific aspects. Cells At Work will make people realize that taking proper care of our bodies is crucial. If you’ve been in search of an entertaining anime with good educational value, you should take a look at Cells At Work.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Brotherhood is considered to be one of the top Shonen Jump properties. The show is an update of the original adaptation from 2003. The remake is an improved rendition of Hiromu Arakawa’s work as well as superior animation and graphics.

This show is awash in alchemy. From brutal rituals to astonishing abilities it’s a fascinating scientific adventure show that adventure enthusiasts should not overlook. While doing so the show explores the bond between its two protagonists, as they embark on a quest to repair their bodies.

The building of worlds, fighting, and laughter are through the roof in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The show will leave you laughing and resentful throughout the series. If you’re looking for a sci-fi series with an amazing adventure, thrilling cast, and epic battles, then take a look at Fullmetal Alchemist:


Steins; Gate


The place Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood offers an intriguing alchemy storyline, Steins; Gate provides the viewer with a tale that is full of the mystery of time travel and fun. The plot’s secrets are revealed over time and offer viewers a wealth of rewards. The pace of the story isn’t the most efficient.

The show is among those which get greater and more memorable with time. If you’re interested This show is about Rintarou an aspiring scientist who loves his work. With the support of his friends, Rintarou develops his own Future Gadget Laboratory to make greater technological advancements.

A few days later, the man is at an event centered around time travel and is confronted by a strange incident using the Phone Microwave trinket. It keeps sending his text messages that are from his past. These events draw the attention of an unknown organization, which results in an epic conflict with Rintarou and his deteriorating mental health.

With a captivating cast and exceptional time-warping features, Steins; Gate is an enjoyable watch.

Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation

Steins; Gate

You’re looking for something that has more dead bodies, and a greater emphasis on bones? Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation is a perfect choice. This is an enjoyable animation that blends science and mystery with great success. It takes place during an encounter between our main protagonists, Shoutarou and Sakurako.

Shoutarou makes the mistake of assuming Sakurako is a criminal and is shocked to discover she’s an Osteologist and bone researcher. To clarify his mistake, he joins Sakurako in various cases that involve bodies decomposing. Despite their odd pairing, Shoutarou and Sakurako make an amazing team.

They get enough growth and knowledge to merit their fans’ approval. Sakurako is among the smart detectives such as Detective Conan’s Edogawa or Monster’s Tenma. She is able to solve any case regardless of how complicated it might seem. The show can be a bit fun and lighthearted.

The show doesn’t provide a lot of frightening images when compared with other shows. In addition, the episodes have a consistent theme of corpses and bone fragments. The story’s pace could draw some mixed reactions from viewers. If you can overlook these minor flaws and you’re sure to be having a blast in Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation.



Steamboy is a story about Ray an inventor whose life takes an unexpected direction after receiving an unopened package sent from the United States. His grandfather gifted him with the Steam Ball, a device that can power every machine in the world with unending effort. His grandfather teaches him to guard the ball against evil-doers such as the powerful O’Hara Foundation.

In a race to determine the fate of his world, Ray must utilize his talent to save the grandfather’s Steam Ball. This is a stunning military sci-fi flick with stunning characters and fun action scenes. Ray is portrayed as an appealing hero, however, he doesn’t have a fully full-bodied background. This is the same as the other characters in Steamboy’s characters.

Visually, the anime is like a feast for the eyes. It is a strong reminiscence that is reminiscent of The Victorian Age and represents that beautiful period with its buildings as well as vehicles and clothing. The machines featured in this show perform as you would expect and help bring the universe to life.

Space Brothers is a comedic slice-of-life-style anime featuring two siblings called Mutta as well as Nanba who wish to become astronauts. Mutta wants to go to Mars while Nanba wants to go to the Moon. As they grow older Mutta’s journey takes an enormous turn.

Instead of looking for Mars Mutta is stuck for an auto company. Hibito He’s set to be very to be the first Japanese man to walk on the Moon. In the end, Mutta gets fired from his job following his application to be an astronaut is accepted by Japan’s Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Mutta isn’t planning to miss the chance to change his life and sets out on a grand adventure to live out his childhood fantasies. The series is awash with realness and appeal. It depicts the difficulties and obstacles that astronauts who want to become astronauts have to overcome in order to be able to perform their job precisely.

The love story of Hibito the Hibito and Mutta is discussed to great lengths, too. If you’re in search of an amazing anime that has a mix of science, drama, and realism, you should check for Space Brothers.


Comical Psychosomatic Medicine


From one gem that is under-appreciated to the next, We are talking about Comical Psychosomatic Medicine. It’s an episode you can watch in one day. The show has 20 episodes that have an average of five minutes for each chapter. Despite the small-sized episodes, there’s plenty to admire about this series.

The show is a short series that follows Ryou and Asuna who are a psychologist and nurses who will explain many aspects of mental disease to viewers. They discuss issues related to the prevalence, legitimacy, and causes of mental illness. They discuss the information in a humorous way through puns, jokes, and pop culture references.

The show covers a variety of the most common ailments, including schizophrenia, to horrid crimes like pedophilia and stalking. Each episode has a similar topic in that Ryou and Asuna discuss these issues in detail while discussing strategies to tackle these issues face-to-face.

They offer real-world solutions to treat patients that range from medical advice to tips for therapeutic use. When watching the first series of series, audiences will see that the creators spent a significant amount of time researching the conditions in light of the information included in the show. This is an excellent mini-series that explains the importance of being aware of your mental health. If you’re looking for helpful tips, Comical Psychosomatic Medicine awaits your attention.

Rascal Doesn’t Think of Senpai Bunny Girl

Moving gears a bit, Rascal Doesn’t Want to Think of Bunny Girls Senpai (Bunny Girl Senpai) is an amazing romantic comedy with some science-based elements. The show has 13 episodes and an additional film. It focuses on romance more, yet it has sufficient drama that keeps viewers interested.

Bunny Girl Senpai revolves around the pivotal meeting of two high school students known as Sakuta along with Mai. Mai is afflicted by a puberty disorder at school and is compelled by Sakuta to aid her with her issues. As he becomes close to Mai, Sakuta finds himself receiving the same attention, which results in his appearance in a variety of unresolved situations.

As if he’s sick, Sakuta can’t seem to get out of his situation. This anime provides a charming portrayal of life in high school. The characters are subject to inner and outer conflicts that occur in the high school atmosphere. The tension gets more dramatic and intense as we get closer to the end of the series. There is tension between Mai and Sakuta is gradually increasing over time.

This is a romantic and scientific combination that’ll leave a lasting impression on you.



No matter if you’re a retro or a newbie fan of anime It’s difficult to be impressed by the influence of Akira’s work on the world of entertainment. With the iconic motorcycle slide routine and terrifying body terror, it’s an important and iconic event in the history of anime.

The story is set in the future Japanese setting known as Neo-Tokyo where our main character Kaneda lives. Kaneda is the leader of a group of misfits known as the Capsules which are in a battle with a notorious motorcycle group known as the Clowns. In one of their fights Kaneda’s ally Tetsuo meets a rogue esper.

Tetsuo is able to develop mysterious telekinetic abilities following the encounter. The result is the government’s decision to ban Tetsuo from entering the country because they do not want him to unleash his power. With Tetsuo being on the loose It’s the responsibility of Kaneda to locate and stop him from losing his grip.

The film is jaw-dropping and designed for older viewers. It explores deep topics and includes grotesque imagery not appropriate for children. While certain scenes will have your jaw soaring in amazement while others are designed to freak out. If you love old-fashioned anime with an edgy setting, hardcore violence, and a pulsating soundtrack, you should check this one out.


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