Best Anime Based On American Comics

There are plenty of television shows available and in this new day of streaming TV, there are more choices than ever before. been so extensive. How can you cut through the clutter and discover the “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to help you celebrate and spotlight some of the most recent best, most stunning, and most memorable shows throughout the decades.

In an ongoing set of posts that highlight the top anime, our focus is now on shows that are based on American comics. The shows range from X-Men to Batman There’s a great option to quench your thirst.

Of course, if we’ve left out some of your top picks, you can leave a comment below and we’ll include them in the future when we are able!

X-Men (2011)

Best Anime Based On American Comics

X-Men (2011) It is an exquisite adaptation of the cult superheroes who are mutants. The anime has a deep knowledge of the source material and presents our heroes with a fresh perspective. It is true that fans should enter X-Men (2011) hoping for a Japanese version of American superheroes.

This series, for instance, includes our main cast members traveling to Japan to deal with mutant problems and the businesses in the region. They are also able to rescue mutants that have powers that are not from Japan’s traditional front. The show does make mistakes with the most well-known arcs of comics but doesn’t stray too away from the original material.

In terms of the characters, everyone has distinctive characteristics that range from Beast as a genius to Wolverine causing trouble to everyone the chance comes his way. The show does concentrate on one villain that isn’t quite as well-known as Magneto, Apocalypse, and other characters. But, he does have an objective that is sufficient to keep the viewers interested in watching his demise.

Batman: Gotham Knight

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Batman: Gotham Knight is an interesting take on the cape crusader. The anime is conceived as an anthology movie and covers many intriguing stories that revolve around Batman’s everyday adventure. The majority of episodes are enjoyable and provide a bit of intrigue and are worth the time.

Certain shorts aren’t as good and can leave viewers with mixed feelings. This film is, however, positioned as a prelude for The Dark Knight, so it’s probably recommended that viewers lower expectations when watching this. Although it’s not expected to have many iconic villains to show in these self-contained stories, however, they do touch on some of the lesser-known themes within the series.

The show has a real knowledge of the character of Bruce as well as the Batman characters. The series focuses on Batman’s daily and criminal-fighting activities while describing the public’s view of his actions. Although the limited runtimes restrict their imagination to explore Bruce/Batman’s story more The content is remarkable enough to merit your attention.

This is a great rendition of Batman featuring jaw-dropping graphics and exciting action scenes. Although it’s not able to capture Batman in its full beauty, this animated adaptation makes a good alternative to the Batman collection.


Best Anime Based On American Comics

For those who aren’t aware, Witchblade is an American Comic developed by Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri and written by Brian Haberlin and Christina Z with artwork created by Michael Turner. Although the original material is filled with strong sexual themes and violence, the anime version produced by Studio Gonzo isn’t much.

Fans of anime who aren’t big fans of anime with a theme like ecchi can be happy because the main character’s striking appearance doesn’t constitute the main focus of this story. Simply put, this show tells the story of a mother who’ll go to any lengths to safeguard her child. She’ll come across selfish organizations and mad scientists that will keep the viewers and her on their alert.

This show doesn’t provide an exact adaptation of its source material but does provide subtle homages that delight fans of the comic. The pace of the anime is good however, it has some issues with the ending. Some will think the story was rushed. Others will ignore it due to the situation the main character is placed in.

The characters and fight scenes were the main focus of the show. The show spends a lot on fleshing out the character of Masane and giving certain characters distinct identities to make them make an impact. The battles feature fluid animations and stunning visuals that will keep fans excited. Although it’s not a perfect remake of the work of Silvestri however, it does a good job of bringing a smile to both our new and old-fashioned fans.

Ironman (2010)

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Ironman (2010) is the story of Tony Stark, who gets taken prisoner by terrorists after being injured by shrapnel in one of the weapons. While in captivity Ironman creates the famous Iron Man suit and escapes. He pledges to transform the world to improve and travels to Japan.

After a few years, Tony heads to Japan to help with his involvement in the Arc Station project. Then, Tony announces his retirement as Iron Man as he wishes to create robotic warriors known as Iron Men to handle his heroism for his.

The ceremony, however, doesn’t take off as planned, and he’ll be targeted by the Zodiac Organisation’s combat mecha. The story doesn’t provide anything totally new in its theme and premise. Similar to the previous Iron Man films, this series sees Tony fighting a myriad of figureheads that want to steal his technology.

The character designs were decent and the animation presented viewers with impressive visuals to keep them entertained. The anime’s version of Tony Stark may offer some similarities to the western version however Tony Stark displays different mannerisms and makes various decisions. If you’re in search of an Iron Man anime that offers certain similarities and distinctions from the original source material, you should go through this one.

Cannon Busters

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Cannon Busters is a Netflix Anime series based on LeSean Thomas’s American Fantasy comic. The anime adaptation has likable characters and a well-written story with enough action to keep you on the screen. The series is split into 12 parts.

It follows the story of two robots as well as a dangerous escapee. Their lives aren’t boring as they’ll be followed by numerous criminals, assassins, and criminals. While at the same time the show builds on our characters steadily as they concentrate on their quest to find the future heir to an enthralling kingdom.

Like the characters, the show superbly expands its world throughout time. Cannon Busters balances its action and comedy well. The fans will be filled with adrenaline watching our characters go to combat and will be laughing hysterically at the jokes that are presented in the movie.

If you’re in search of an action-packed and entertaining anime that has enough adventure elements to keep you interested take a look at Cannon Busters.

Read our thoughts about Cannon Busters in our full-season review here!

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Imagine imagining the idea of Pokemon however instead of the creatures it is the Avengers. This is exactly the result you get from Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. The show isn’t something to be taken seriously since it was designed to appeal to a younger audience. It does have an adult-friendly element.

The plot of this anime revolves around the children of a group who capture and summon heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk through magical disks. Their aim is to stop criminals like Loki from destroying the world. Marvel Disk Wars evokes an intense, adventurous vibe to it.

Consider this as the first Dragon Ball days, when Goku and his companions looked for the dragon ball to stop them from falling into the hands of their foe. But it is true that the Marvel heroes aren’t able to retain all their power from movies or comics. But, they’re not pushovers either.

If you go into this anime hoping for a great show that will feature epic battles, you’re sure to have a good experience.

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher is an unsatisfactory anime. It introduces romantic elements that are not very well-developed and aren’t handled properly. However, there is a certain richness to it. Certain scenes are a bit ambiguous and the story reaches an unexpected conclusion.

The relationship between Black Widow and the Punisher felt fantastic. Although Black Widow’s character may not be as well-liked as the Punisher The two characters play off one another very well. The fans will be thrilled to see their views on justice clash. Punisher tends to use more logic than Black Widow does.

The character’s designs are a good balance between comic and MCU variations. There are plenty of thrilling action scenes and fight scenes to keep viewers interested too. If you’re in search of a good show to watch, that is based on Punisher along with Black Widow as the main characters take an opportunity.

Blade (2011)

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Blade (2011) follows the legendary vampire hunter who visits Japan for missions. The story takes place in Japan, Blade confronts the person who murdered their mother of his, Deacon Frost. Then, he’ll confront Existence, a group comprised of vampires reformed by Frost. At the end of the day, Blade hopes to rid himself of Frost and his associates.

It’s a straightforward revenge story told well enough. It’s got some excellent emotional moments that’ll keep fans in a frenzy as they approach the final scene. The entire series can feel repetitive at times because it’s like Blade taking off on an adventure that isn’t over the course of the show. But, it does provide enjoyable bloody fight scenes.

Some scenes are unnatural, but they are entertaining enough. If you’re able to get beyond the repetitive fight scenes and plot elements, you’re sure to have fun with this anime.

Lady Death: The Movie

Best Anime Based On American Comics

For those who aren’t aware, Lady Death is a fictional goddess who appeared in American comics produced in company of Coffin Comics. Her creator was Brian Pulido and made her appearance in a comic book series titled Evil Ernie in December 1991. From then on, she’s been featured in numerous other comics.

As with the other Marvel or DC superheroes, Lady Death eventually received an anime version from a studio that has since gone out of business known as A. D. Visions. The story takes place in the 15th century in Sweden and is about a girl called Hope who is accused of being the wife of the Devil. She is sentenced to die however she is granted a second chance to live a normal life with her father.

But, she’d need to give herself up to him and enter Hell. The father refuses to accept her offer and turns into the formidable fighter Lady Death. So, we follow Lady Death as she sets out to confront Lucifer to claim Hell as her own. The story is among those adaptations that change some aspects of the original source material.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading any Lady Death comic can hop into this show with no worries. Although it does alter some things from the original material, it also offers something fresh. The style of the anime and animation is a delight to watch. The film is filled with intense bloodshed and gruesomeness. If you’re looking for a brutal, violent, and disturbing anime to watch, with an engaging narrative take a look at Lady Death: The Movie.

Catwoman is hunted

Best Anime Based On American Comics

Catwoman Hunted (Hunted) The Catwoman series is an anime that’s more recent that has received mixed reactions. This series is a self-contained plot that follows some of the DC’s more infamous characters. The show is about Catwoman that is on a mission to steal a valuable jewel.

But this job isn’t an easy one because she’ll have to cross the paths of powerful antagonists like Interpol and Batwoman. The fans are split over the show due to its depiction of Catwoman and the fact that some fight scenes seem more conversational than action-focused.

On the other hand, Hunted offers an eye-catching opening scene and a stunning art style. The entire cast looks amazing in motion, as the characters show amazing facial expressions as well as reactions. The voice acting could be either good or bad.

It’s a refreshing show that shows DC does not have for its top-of-the-line characters to tell an entertaining story. If you’re a huge fan of Catwoman and would like to see how she would look if she were wearing an anime lens take a look at Catwoman Hunted.


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