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There are plenty of TV shows on the market and, especially in the current time of era of streaming TV, there are more choices than ever before. been so extensive. How do you filter through the clutter and locate what’s the “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to celebrate and spotlight some of the most recent amazing, stunning and memorable shows throughout the decades.

In the ongoing collection of articles that showcase the top anime, our focus this time is on shows based on video game properties. Beginning with Microsoft’s Halo to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, there’s an ideal choice to satisfy your appetite.

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Halo Legends

Street Fighter II

If you’re disappointed with Halo Live-Action, the original live-action Halo series If so, Halo Legends could scratch your desires for a great adaptation. The film is an anthology that chronicles the lives of both old and new characters of Halo Legends. Halo universe. However, the film is not without its moments of profoundness packed with chapters that are a bit absurd.

A different studio was involved in each chapter. Certain scenes are traditionally animated while others are created with complete CGI. While fans can expect to watch Master Chief, Cortana, as well as other characters from this series, it provides viewers with perspectives from less well-known individuals. Certain characters in the show come from the classic Halo graphic books.

Although some of the CGI appears outdated and sloppy, however, the 2D animated models have fun illustrations and animation. The stories in the project have a strong focus on comedy, action, or drama. Each chapter is focused on one particular aspect of the Halo universe that some consider appealing. If you’re in search of an animated movie that provides an interesting tribute to Xbox’s FPS character, then check out Halo Legends.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Street Fighter II

A lot of people may not have played Cyberpunk 2077 prior to Cyberpunk Edgerunner’s success. The show captures the essence of the game and creates a stunning world filled with vibrant characters and stunning structures. Many argue that it handled an of the game’s most famous antagonists, Adam Smasher, better than the original material.

As a Netflix original series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners follows closely Castlevania for its outstanding video game-based series. The series is filled with tension, action, and suspense. There are numerous fight scenes in this show that will make you shiver and teary scenes that will have you crying. These scenes make this anime a tough one for a lot of viewers.

Unfortunately, certain characters aren’t given enough opportunities to stand out in the show. The show spends the majority of its time establishing the relationships between the protagonists, David and Lucy. However other characters get enough attention to make fans feel empathy. If you’re looking for an amazing anime that is based on video games take a look at this one.

Animal Crossing: The Movie

Street Fighter II

Animal Crossing: The Movie captures the tranquil and serene mood of its source material very well. The film is filled with unforgettable characters and a brand-new protagonist whose personality mirrors that of the character. The film follows a young girl known as Ai who lives in an anthropomorphic village of characters that tackle human-related tasks and activities.

Ai will encounter a lot of familiar faces, from the famous feline Rosie to everyone’s favorite business raccoon, Tom Nook. The characters in the show resemble the characters from video games yet add something different to the plot of Ai. Fans will love watching Ai have fun with these animals. Certain activities she takes part in come straight out of the game.

From fishing for food to taking part in activities at festivals the anime presents an engaging and exciting world. Everybody can appreciate this film regardless of whether they’re massive Animal Crossing fans.


Street Fighter II

This series is based on Konami’s incredibly successful NES game with an identical title. The aim of the anime was to alter viewers’ views of video game adaptations, and it succeeds on a number of fronts.

This is a show of fun and excitement. You’ll have a difficult time getting over the amazing characters and writing. Although both seasons have several memorable moments, some have rated the third season as among the best.

If you’re already familiar with the game the anime provides an underlying premise. The story revolves around an angry vampire called Dracula who unleashes an army of demons on Wallachia. Wallachia. So, it’s up to our antagonist, the Belmont protagonist to throw an end to Dracula’s plans.

Although the show doesn’t begin off with guns firing, however, it eventually turns into something exciting and intriguing. If you’re seeking an online game adaptation with deep characters and well-thought-out world-building, this show is certainly worth watching.

“Kirby”: Straight Back at Ya

Street Fighter II

Kirby’s adventures typically begin innocently but turn into something terrifying. Kirby The Right Back At Ya not only keeps that momentum alive with its show, but it also includes many new elements that will appeal to the new fans of the series. Similar to other anime based on Nintendo, this one has a great mixture of comedy and action.

From Kirby’s power-ups and his long-running rivalry with King Dedede There are some stories that were not present in the games of the time, which will leave fans baffled. The humor that you can expect from this series includes hilarious jokes as well as hilarious humor.

The fans will be thrilled to see King Dedede’s schemes being defeated with Kirby and his gang. The voice acting in this series is superb as everyone gives their best rendition of the characters they love. There are times when the anime employs bizarre CGI to create character designs or background elements.

But, the characters aren’t too disturbing enough to cause people to avoid the show. If you’re in the market for a Nintendo-themed show about one of its greatest franchises, then look no further than Kirby’s “Right Back” At Ya.

Sonic X

Street Fighter II

Sonic X is a wonderful adaptation of the blue blur. This animated series has a great soundtrack, engaging narrative arcs, and stunning depictions of Sonic and his family. Our story starts with a confrontation with Sonic as well as Dr. Eggman over the series’s most well-known artifact: The Chaos Emeralds.

The brief trip results in Sonic being taken to Earth. After a series of encounters with the police of Earth, Sonic falls into the pool of the famous Thorndyke family. Fortunately, Thorndykes’ son Chris is able to save Sonic and shield Sonic from the world. On his way to get back home, Sonic promises Chris that the world will be safe from danger.

The anime is filled with rapid action scenes, heart-warming moments of character, and tension. The show pays homage to the gaming genre in exciting ways. A lot of the arcs feel like straight adaptations of Sonic’s adventures in games such as Sonic Adventures 1 and 2. However, it provides fresh and thrilling sub-plots that transport our characters into space.

While the series is not without problems with some characters, there’s an abundance of scenes within Sonic X that will impress you.

Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Detective-Solving Files

Street Fighter II

In light of how popular Professor Layton’s games have grown throughout the years, the fans were anticipating the possibility of an anime-based series similar to the competitor Ace Attorney. Although fans were treated to a fantastic movie in the year 2009, many would be pleasantly surprised to find out that Professor Layton’s Professor Layton games get another animated project a few years afterward.

But this time the focus isn’t on the funny professor and his chum Luke. The 2015 edition of Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat’s Mystery Solving Files. The show follows the daughter of Professor Layton Katrielle Layton who is the head of a detective firm that assists its clients in solving the bizarre mystery. Together with the help of her partner Noah and her dog Sherl as they unravel many cases that are presented to them.

Although these cases provide some entertainment, the main storyline involves Katrielle trying to unravel the reason for his disappearance. The investigation is treated as something to be eaten, as the cases, she solves throughout each episode are the primary course. The show revisits the disappearance case several times so that it doesn’t come off as a relic in the minds of viewers.

If you’re in search of a great show with an episodic format and intriguing cases that provoke thought check out this one.

Tekken: Bloodline

Street Fighter II

Tekken: Bloodline is an enjoyable and entertaining adaptation of Bandai Namco’s adored combat game. The show ran for six episodes, each with a duration of around 25 minutes. The show is available on Netflix. Although the plot may have its lapses at times there are enough memorable action scenes to merit fans paying interest.

This anime is based on the plot of Tekken 3. The story is the story of Jin Kazama, a skilled combatant, who is haunted by an incident that involved his mother, Jun. He’s taught by his father, Heihachi, to unleash his potential. This eventually leads Jin to join into the King of the Iron Fist tournament.

Jin wants to get revenge on his mother and defeat the mighty fighter Ogre. But, Jin must focus on eliminating his inner demons, along with other formidable enemies that stand in his path. As we said earlier the storyline of the anime may cause mixed reactions because there’s not enough tension or excitement built into the storyline.

What viewers see are numerous episodes that have little impact and are of lesser quality. However, the show blends 3D with 2D segments very well. If you’re looking for a small show that is faithful to the source material, look into Tekken: Bloodline.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Tekken isn’t just the one fighting game that has received an adaptation in the form of anime. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is like an ode to the beloved fighting game’s IP. It is a captivating story with great visuals, as well as fight scenes, and shows our villains and heroes with respect.

The story revolves around M. Bison’s plot to make the world’s most powerful martial artists make the fighters fight his group, Shadowloo. For the purpose of stopping him, Interpol Agent Chun Li joins forces with Guile who is a major in the U.S. Air Force. With Bison getting closer to Ryu, the mascot of the franchise Ryu Chun-Li Guile as well as Ryu’s best Ken’s friend Ken will take whatever measures are necessary to stop Bison’s plan.

Everything that fans enjoyed in Street Fighter finds its way into this animated movie. From the signature moves of the character to their way of acting in the movie, this film was able to grasp the task and resulted in a true project. If you’re looking for another action-packed series that adapts the original material with aplomb, look no further than Street Fighter II: The Movie.

Pokemon Origins

The Pokemon franchise has inspired a variety of projects aside from video games. Since its debut, Pokemon has brought fans different forms of entertainment, including trade cards, games for mobile games, and television shows. While many love Ash Ketchum’s adventures as a protagonist, his adventures weren’t a reflection of the experiences of players playing the games as well.

Then there’s Pokemon Origins, a 4 episode mini-series that follows Pokemon Red and Blue’s narrative to good effect. The anime follows the same storyline as the games and also features appearances from significant characters like Professor Oak, Trainer Blue, and Kanto’s gym’s leaders along with the region’s Elite Four. The anime is a bit older than the adventures of Ash in the mainline series.

In this show, you can anticipate Pokemon to shout bloody murder. The mood this series creates can be uplifting, but also dark at moments. The way that our protagonist Trainer Red combats gym leaders, trainers, trainers, and other notable characters is more like the games. By resembling the HP system, to trainer Red employing strategies from games, this anime is more true and akin to games.

However, the storyline isn’t great considering the fact that it only has four episodes to create an interesting story. If you’re able to look past its numerous time skips as well as odd choices and a few sloppy decisions, you’ll have an enjoyable time in Pokemon Origins.


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