Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

There are plenty of TV shows on the market and, especially in this time of the resurgence of streaming TV there are more choices than ever before. been greater. How do you filter through the clutter and locate that “Best of” for any selected topic? We’re here to help you celebrate and spotlight some of the newest best, most stunning and memorable shows throughout the decades.

In this ongoing set of articles that showcase the most popular anime, our focus this time is focused on shows that have themes of battle royale. From thrilling action to captivating battles, there’s a great selection to whet your appetite.

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Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

If you’ve played battle royale games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite You’ll know how thrilling it is to walk through a huge Sandbox in search of players to take out. Btooom brings the same feeling of tension and survival.

This story is about Ryouta who awakes on an island that’s been abandoned without remembering what transpired prior to his arrival. He finds out that he’s been chosen to take part in a contest that is similar to his favorite game on the internet, Btooom. He has to beat seven other players and take their crystals in order to go to his home.

Ryouta isn’t violent He meets a fellow player with the same stance against murder. With her assistance, Ryouta plans to escape the island, and seek revenge on the person who brought the island on his own. Our characters meet a variety of strange and shady people in this contest.

This is not a series for those who aren’t able to handle it because it is a brutal series that features gruesome scenes and images. If you’re able to endure the grueling scenes then take a look at Btooom as an opportunity.

Magical Girl Raising Project

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

Magical Girl Raising Project happens when you combine battle royale elements and magic girls. In this animated series, children take part in a group game known as the Magical Girl Raising Project. The center of the game is our main character Koyuki who loves playing the game with her pals.

A few days later, Koyuki is chosen to transform into a fairytale girl, just like her avatar in the game Snow White. After accepting the invitation, Koyuki and the others complete their work and get an odd message on their mobiles once they’ve finished their mission. The game’s administrators plan to decrease the number of beautiful girls that exist in the world.

The player who has the lowest number of Magical Candies will lose their status as magical girls as well as their lives in the real world. With survival being the main concern they will do everything to survive. The series has a good amount of both internal and external conflicts that will keep viewers interested. If you’re looking for a sassy approach to magical girls, take a look at Magical Girl Raising Project.

Rainbow Criminal Seven of Compound Two Cell Six

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

Rainbow Criminal Seven of Compound Two Cell Six (Rainbow) is an amazing story about the bonds of brotherhood and sacrifice. While viewers will need to go through the show’s mountain of sad stories but they’ll discover an amazing story about friendship at the end.

The story follows six teens sent to a school for reform for their crime. In this school, the students will have a meeting and make a connection with an ex-boxer named Rokurouta. They start to see their hopeless circumstance in a positive way under his guidance.

When the plot is related, it could be violent and sad at times. The students will be subjected to severe punishment at this school and it is painful for viewers to watch them suffer for their actions. The show is not depressing but it does provide some laughter, motivation, and lighthearted scenes.

Rainbow is an anime that is character-driven in its fundamentals. Fans will love rooting for the characters as they fight to avoid the pain that is brought on by a cruel guard called Ishihara. If you enjoy stories that explore themes such as survival and friendship, take a look at Rainbow.

Law of Ueki. Law of Ueki

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

The Law of Ueki takes place in the midst of a godly event that will determine who is the ruler of The Heavenly World. This tournament hosts 100 Heavenly Beings, referred to as God Candidates that must find middle school students and give their power to them.

The students chosen will compete with each other, and will be God Candidates. The winner can select any special ability they want and their winning God Candidate will be king from The Heavenly World. The central figure in the competition is Kousuke who gains the ability to transform trash into trees.

Kousuke is on a quest for justice adventure and plans to assist his God Candidate to become King. The show has a basic concept, but it gives its characters remarkable backstories and memorable moments. The series has a variety of battle scenes to satisfy fans’ appetites. The characters are incredibly well-rounded and have goals, giving fans the motivation to support their triumph.

Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

Basilisk Kouga Ninpou Chou (Basilisk) insists on killing to the 10th degree. Although it is a refreshing version of the classic Romeo and Juliet tale, it’s a lot more action-oriented. The romantic sub-plot gives space for people to breathe. However, the characters and their world is saturated with blood. The plot revolves around two clans fighting for dominance, Iga Kouga and Iga. Kouga.

The clans fight in constant combat but cease when an imposing warlord is added to the fray. After a while, both clans the heirs of Gennousuke and Oboro begin to feel a connection with one another. They come up with plans to finish the war by marrying the other, but their plan is stopped by a second war that is caused by the warlord’s 2 grandsons. They request an army battle royale to announce the new heir of the Shogunate.

This makes the nation pick its top 10 fighters who will represent the nation. Thus, the show is a follow-up to Gennosuke and Oboro’s efforts to create peace among their families and improve their respective duties. In addition to its battle royale elements, Basilisk delivers a decent representation of Japanese history and culture. The majority of the ninjas are depicted as brutes rather as opposed to morally driven human beings.

Every warrior has something new to offer in terms of style or appearance. If you’re a fan of anime that features bloody, full-on fights that have an element of romantic and historical significance take a look at Basilisk.

Fate Zero

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

Fate Zero is considered to be the Fate series’ most memorable work by a few fans. The show has a dark and somber atmosphere that continues throughout the entire show, much like the Ufotable Garden of Sinner films. With its engaging plot, tight dialogue, and a focus on preparation Fate Zero is a well-crafted battle royale anime that has mature themes.

This series begins in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War, where a wealthy family sits waiting. The family is certain they’ll win this battle because they have The Holy Grail. Additionally, they have recruited a warrior called Kiritsugu to fight in this battle on their behalf. They also bind him through the marriage contract they signed with their sole daughter Irisviel.

Kiritsugu will have to beat the obstacles in this bloody battle with his family Saber. With six skilled adversaries on their side, Kiritsugu has no plans to fall. This series features many of the most stunning action scenes you’ll ever see in anime. It’s all due to Studio Ufotable. Studio Ufotable, as they’re known for producing the most stunning visuals available in the market, right alongside Studio Mappa and Madhouse.

While visuals aren’t the only thing that matters, every battle is a combination of combat and strategy. Although it has a plot that is action-oriented the show knows how to create characters. If you’re looking for an engaging show with the theme of battle royale I’d recommend giving Fate Zero a shot.

Battle Royal High School

Best Anime With A Battle Royale Theme

Battle Royal High School is an equivalent to those horrible B-movies you’d find at video stores. This show offers a bizarre cast, and wild fight scenes and also harks back to 1980s-style anime. While it may appear as a bit boring to some, however, this 50-minute OVA is entertaining enough to keep you engaged.

The storyline of this anime is just as absurd as the characters. It centers around two devious spirits from different dimensions who inhabit students’ bodies. The central character in the story is Riki an ordinary student who enjoys train in kung-fu.

As his classmates are transformed into monsters of the night and he has to use his abilities to get through the bloody high school. This is a horrifying film with crazy fight scenes. This series features everything from naked fairies to people’s intestines expanding from their bodies.

It’s a visually stunning show that a lot of people enjoy. If you’re looking for a thrilling series to watch because of its brutal combat take a look at Battle Royal High School.

Death Parade

The Death Parade will leave you thinking about a saga of desperation. With its mind-bending games, intricate characters, as well as funhouse-y vibes It’s an animated series that will inspire anyone who is watching it. In this world of anime, the majority of humans either ascend to heaven or go to hell. In certain instances, they’ll end at Quindecim bar. Quindecim bar.

In this bar, they’ll meet with the Arbiter Demix who’ll make them participate in deadly but entertaining games. When they are competing against one each another, Decim analyzes the player’s morality, personalities, and the way they make decisions. Decim must decide if they should go into the void, or be revived. In the end, Decim will meet a woman who’ll alter his view about life for the rest of his life.

This aside, the conflict between contestants in Death Parade is entertaining to watch. While certain characters’ looks suggest innocence, their sour color scheme is evident when they take part in the games of Decim. These instances make Death Parade interesting to view because you’re not sure what will happen from the beginning.

From insane mental breakdowns to horrifying background stories, Decim’s mind-numbing fable is guaranteed to keep you captivated.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is one of those shows that got a slight boost in popularity during the Toonami revival period of 2010. The show was a hit with viewers due to its awe-inspiring opening episode that saw our protagonist being charged in court for the murder of his classmates.

Ganta is taken to a prison amusement park, Deadman Wonderland, where he’ll combat others similar to his who possess blood-bending capabilities. With the assistance of his childhood buddy Shiro, Ganta must uncover the truth about the sinister being responsible for locking him in this gruesome place.

It’s an action-oriented anime that wasn’t able to earn its dues. This is due to the fact that the show was not able to adapt the source material correctly and could not ever see an ongoing. In addition, the show ends on a weak cliffhanger which gives hints of a future season. The show’s shortcomings aside, Deadman Wonderland offers enough shocking violence and interesting people to keep you interested.

Bokura no

Bokura no is a series that explores the mind of its young protagonists and gradually reveals how they fall into chaos in a virtual world. It’s painful to watch the psychological suffering the children suffer. But, Bokura no’s an exciting show to watch due to the way our characters deal with these difficulties.

This story is set in a summer camp that concentrates on 15 kids. They are in an ocean grotto and come across Kokopelli who is a single-game designer. Kokopelli presents his video game, which features giant robots and aliens. Kokopelli asks children whether they would like to play his game and all except one take up the invitation. They’ll regret having done that because they’re taken straight into the game’s realm.

Kokopelli warns them that if to lose within the simulation, then they’ll also die in the real world. There is no escape route to be found, the kids have to devise a plan to take on the alien threat by using the power of a mech. This is a bone-chilling animated series that will test our kids to the breaking point. As the series progresses the children grow older and savvier.

Although it provides some positive action, it’s a stimulating piece that draws people to think about their thoughts. With its gentle sound and atmospheric music, Fans will not be disappointed with this gem that is underrated.


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